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Zoho MarketingHub

  • Advanced Analytics

    You can measure all your marketing goals with the MarketingHub's Analytics tool. Get web attribution reports, lad behavior analytics, website or application behavior reports, conversion journey, and more.

  • Analytics

  • Assist

    Zoho Assist is a remote access software that helps you manage remote devices effortlessly, provide on-demand remote support sessions, transfer files, and offer video or voice chat support to customers.

  • Behavior Marketing

    With Zoho MarketingHub, you can study your leads, understand their needs and offer them the best possible experience. Behavior marketing gets easier with MarketingHub.

  • Books

    Zoho Books is the preferred online accounting software for businesses that are looking to manage their receivables, payments, inventory, timesheet, reports, banking, and contacts at one place.

  • Campaign Planner

    MarketingHub's Campaign Planner is a great tool to calculate your budget and ROI for marketing activities. State your goals and calculate costs versus profit with this tool.

  • Campaigns

    Creating, sending, and tracking email campaigns now become easier with Zoho Campaigns. This email marketing software helps you reach and engage your customers.

  • Checkout

    Start collection payments with a branded, customized payment page built using Zoho Checkout. It handles coding and hosting, and your business can offer a secure way to pay to your clients.

  • Cliq

    Zoho Cliq helps you bring people, actions, communications, and everything else in one place. Streamline your communication, workflows, and collaboration.

  • Connect

    Communicate faster and collaborate better with Zoho Connect. It keeps your employees happy, engaged, and productive by automating team processes.

  • ContactManager

    Organize contacts, deals, and tasks in one place using Zoho ContactManager. This contact management tool provides you more context to help you make smarter decisions.

  • Creator

    Zoho Creator gives your business powerful workflow automation. Create apps for the web and mobile, or start by customizing pre-built apps. Zoho Creator gives your business powerful workflow automation. Create apps for the web and mobile, or start by customizing pre-built apps.

  • CRM

    Zoho CRM is the only tool that gets you more leads, helps you close more deals, and enables you to track sales and marketing opportunities, with a 360-view of your business.

  • Desk

  • Docs

    Use Zoho Docs to store everything online and collaborate with your teams in real-time. It comes with built-in Zoho Office editors to save and share spreadsheets, presentations and documents safely and easily.

  • Expense

  • Flow

    Deploy Zoho Flow's logic to create contextual workflows. Introduce decision branches to choose which actions to trigger, set waiting times between actions, and add your own workflow variables to refine each step along the way.Keep a centralized log of each workflow's history. Know how your flows are running, track the progress of each action, and identify problems as soon as they occur.Stop digging through different application interfaces to see how your processes work. The dashboard gives you complete visibility of all your processes and metrics that help you decide when to update your flows.Collaborate on automating processes by adding teammates to your account. Work together to coordinate plans across every department.Take a look at our collection of Flow templates to explore ideas for your business, and pick the ones that suit you best.

  • Forms

    Create and share online forms, receive email alerts, and get your team involved to manage your data—it's easier done than said with Zoho Forms.All the power of our online form builder is now within your grasp. With our mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can create, collect, and collaborate—on the goFrom simple textboxes to complex formula fields, our form builder has it all. Collect payments, perform calculations, use conditional logic, create PDFs, and personalize your thank you page. Personalize your forms with themes and templates to get just the look you need. Use your logo and a custom color scheme to let your brand shine through

  • Inventory

    Zoho Inventory is an inventory management software with powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and tracking tools. It seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books.

  • Invoice

    Zoho Invoice simplifies your business invoicing process. Automate invoicing process, get paid online, generate detailed estimates, track expenses, and track bill and time for clients.

  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation tool in Zoho MarketingHub gives you the power to capture leads from signup forms, pop-ups, onspot forms, webinars and eCommerce platforms, events, and APIs.

  • Lead Management

    Lead Management is your marketing automation software to attract more leads, engage them in the best way, evaluate their sales-readiness, and transfer them to the sales team.

  • Mail

    Zoho Mail's feature-rich, fast, and secure email service has been designed keeping your business in mind. Integrate it with Zoho CRM to get work done faster.

  • Meeting

    Zoho Meeting is a meeting and webinar solution that lets you organize webinars to connect with your audience and schedule meetings using video, screen sharing, and more.

  • Motivator

    Zoho Motivator is a sales activity management tool that captures your CRM data to provide real-time insights into sales activities. Get analytics to monitor performance.

  • Multichannel Marketing

    Zoho MarketingHub lets you manage multichannel marketing in an easy way from one place. Whether it is an email, SMS, social or other channels, we can track everything.

  • Notebook

    Different types of notes should be treated differently. Each Note Card type is designed to complement the type of note you're taking.Experience the beautifully simple note-taking app on the web today.Jot notes and ideas; keep your lists, photos, and files together. The Notebook web app brings digital notebooks and note cards to any browser. Customize notebook covers by dragging images from your desktop. Color code your notes inside your notebooks with provided colors, or by creating your own. Different types of notes should be treated differently. Jot some text and combine different types of notes in a Text Card. Drag images from your desktop right into Notebook, automatically creating a Photo Card. Stay on top of things with a dedicated Checklist Card. Add PDFs, documents, and more as unique File Cards.. Extend Notebook across the web, with Notebook Browser Extensions available for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Clip text and images. Remove ads and save whole articles using Clean View. View all your notes back in the Notebook web app.

  • PageSense

    Zoho PageSense helps you track your business goals and visitor behaviors to increase conversion rate. Run A/B tests and optimize conversion rate to skyrocket your revenue

  • People

    Zoho People is a 360-degree HR solution to keep your employees happy. From onboarding, appraisals, time tracking to attendance management, Zoho People manages everything for you.

  • Personalize Journeys

    Create personalized engagement plans for every lead, nurture them in the right way, and build logical journeys with MarketingHub.

  • Projects

  • Recruit

    Zoho Recruit helps you streamline your hiring process. Perfect for a staffing agency, corporate HRs, and modern temp agencies, it helps you hire candidates, manage vendors, schedule and track things, and more.

  • Refine Touchpoints

    Identify, analyze and refine customer touchpoints for better lead conversion. Drive traffic, know traffic sources, convert visitors into leads, and analyze to improve performance.

  • SalesInbox

  • SalesIQ

    Zoho SalesIQ is one platform to offer live chat support to your customers and track and engage with your customers. You also get real-time lead scoring and actionable analytics.

  • Sheets

    Zoho Sheets is an online spreadsheet software that aims to make team collaboration easier and faster. It is compatible with Excel, cloud drives and creates a backup of your files.

  • Show

    Zoho Show lets you create, collaborate, and publish presentations with smart elements, charts, tables, images, videos, and texts. Connect and deliver presentations collaboratively.

  • ShowTime

    Zoho ShowTime is a web conferencing software that lets you run cost-effective learning programs for a global workforce, manage trainers as an agency or independent trainer.

  • Sign

    Customize and send your signed documents. Send a private message, get notified when a document is viewed, signed, declined, or completed or send reminders Collect signatures from multiple signers in the order you want, assign signing to someone else, send out reminders to signers, and do more.Sign documents with confidence. Multi-factor verification, access codes, and audit trails add protection to your documents.Integrate Zoho Sign with other Zoho apps such as CRM and Writer to sign your business documents. Import documents from your everyday apps - Box, Dropbox, Gmail, and OneDrive to sign and send documents on the go.

  • SMS and Email Marketing

    MarketingHub integrates with Twilio and Clickatel to help you send personalized messages. Plus, it automates your email marketing campaigns with personalization and effective workflows.

  • Social

    Zoho Social helps you build the best social media presence for your brand. Manage multiple channels, schedule posts, collaborate with different teams, and more.

  • Social Campaigns

    Create and share promotional posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using Zoho MarketingHub. You can even analyze the performance of your social posts.

  • Sprints

    Going agile has been made easy by Zoho Sprints planning and tracking tool. Now your agile teams can track progress, improve with analytics, collaborate, and do much more.

  • Subscriptions

    Automate your customer subscription billing with Zoho Subscriptions. Set up billing cycles, stay tax compliant, process payments, customize billing APIs, and do everything related to subscriptions.

  • Survey

  • Vault

    Save and securely store your passwords with Zoho Vault. It gives you a safe way to share passwords, control access, track actions, and gain visibility.

  • WorkDrive

    Connect your team at a single place, give them easy-to-manage shared spaces, store any size of files, secure their activities, and do a lot with Zoho WorkDrive.

  • Writer

    Zoho Writer is a powerful word processor that works across all devices. Save in any format, get Zia support, integrate with WordPress and get change-tracking tools for review and approval.

  • Zoho marketing hub

    Zoho MarketingHub gives you complete control over your marketing efforts. Your all-in-one automation software to attract, engage, retain, and educate leads.

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