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Zoho MarketingHub

  • Advanced Analytics

    You can measure all your marketing goals with the MarketingHub's Analytics tool. Get web attribution reports, lad behavior analytics, website or application behavior reports, conversion journey, and more.

  • Analytics

  • Assist

    Zoho Assist is a remote access software that helps you manage remote devices effortlessly, provide on-demand remote support sessions, transfer files, and offer video or voice chat support to customers.

  • Behavior Marketing

    With Zoho MarketingHub, you can study your leads, understand their needs and offer them the best possible experience. Behavior marketing gets easier with MarketingHub.

  • Books

    Zoho Books is the preferred online accounting software for businesses that are looking to manage their receivables, payments, inventory, timesheet, reports, banking, and contacts at one place.

  • Campaign Planner

    MarketingHub's Campaign Planner is a great tool to calculate your budget and ROI for marketing activities. State your goals and calculate costs versus profit with this tool.

  • Campaigns

    Creating, sending, and tracking email campaigns now become easier with Zoho Campaigns. This email marketing software helps you reach and engage your customers.

  • Checkout

    Start collection payments with a branded, customized payment page built using Zoho Checkout. It handles coding and hosting, and your business can offer a secure way to pay to your clients.

  • Cliq

    Zoho Cliq helps you bring people, actions, communications, and everything else in one place. Streamline your communication, workflows, and collaboration.

  • Connect

    Communicate faster and collaborate better with Zoho Connect. It keeps your employees happy, engaged, and productive by automating team processes.