Zoho Lets Salespeople Access CRM Straight From Their Inbox

Betanews (Published 7 months ago)

“With Zoho (you) get everything you need to build, integrate and secure apps.”

Zoho Builds Commission-Free App Store for Small Business ISVs:

CHANNELe2e (July 2016)

Zoho SalesInbox Launched: World’s First Email Client Designed Exclusively for Salespeople

CMS Critic (July 2016 (Updated: 08/2016)

“Zoho SalesInbox Launched: World’s First Email Client Designed Exclusively for Salespeople. Zoho SalesInbox works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho Mail and other standard email hosting services.”

Transforming How Salespeople Interact with Email

“Zoho SalesInbox reinvents the conventional email inbox and organizes emails according to how important those emails are for a salesperson, enabling them to prioritize and focus on important customers and deals.”

Hands-free Email Prioritization & Organization

“With an innovative multi-column inbox layout, Zoho SalesInbox automatically organizes incoming emails according to the information stored in the user’s CRM account…”

Context in Every Email

“With Zoho SalesInbox, salespeople can view the timeline of previous conversations with a particular contact, the size of their current and past deals, overdue tasks, missed calls, support tickets raised, social media mentions and other relevant information related to the contact – all from their email client.”

CRM Updates Right from the Inbox

“Salespeople can now take actions that previously required logging into their CRM, right from their inbox.”

“Most email clients allow users to set-up reminders for emails they need to get to. Zoho SalesInbox is unique in that it lets salespeople set reminders for emails they need to receive.”

“Thanks to its integration with Zoho CRM, Zoho SalesInbox users can receive detailed insights into how the emails they send are performing. Users can also see statistics about what email templates are performing best with customers and can…”

Zoho CRM Goes MultiChannel

CMS Critic (August 2016)

“Zoho has just rolled out the latest major version of Zoho CRM, making it, “the industry’s first multichannel CRM” in the process. Zoho CRM: Multichannel Customer Engagement supports email, social media, live chat, and phone communications, enabling salespeople to engage their customers and prospects across all major channels.”

Zoho Boosts CRM with SalesInbox and Multichannel Tools

Sci-Tech Today (August 2016)

“Zoho has come out with multichannel communication and marketing-focused email management. designed to help companies build better relationships with customers who communicate with them in a wide variety of ways.”

“SalesInbox reinvents the conventional email inbox by enabling salespeople to organize messages in ways that prioritize.”

“Another addition with this release is Gamescope, designed to enable sales managers and other users to create team-focused contests and games that award points, trophies or badges for sales calls, closed deals and other accomplishments. The new tool complements Zoho Motivator, the sales-promoting gamification software launched.”

“With the Zoho Marketplace, salespeople using Zoho CRM can also add extensions for a variety of other third-party cloud applications such as DocuSign, Eventbrite, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey and Zendesk.”

Zoho – The Consummate Bootstrapper

diginomica (August 2016)

“Zoho has over 300,000 active business customers and over 20 million end users. It has 5 global data centers and is adding new customers at a furious clip.”

“Zoho’s product line is continuing to grow in breadth and depth. Monthly sign-ups are well over ½ million and growing which bodes well for the company. In fact, it’s the ever accelerating growth curve that convinces me that ZOHO is beginning to hit the hockey stick growth phase of its lifecycle.”

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