Zoho Announces SalesInbox

CloudPro (July 2016)

“Zoho CRM is now fully loaded to help the enterprises of today keep constantly growing. The new additions to our CRM speak to our growing commitment to being a key player for mid-market and enterprise businesses.”

Zoho Branches into the Mid-market with Latest CRM Solution Launch

Technology Evaluation Centers (August 2016)

“From this single solution, Zoho evolved into an industry giant that had—by 2015—more than 4,000 employees, seven locations, three product divisions, and more than 1,200 partners. It does business in more than 130 countries, with 300,000 solution adoptions and 20 million users. The vendor’s latest growth statistics (35{60f59b2fde42968da13695b586d75ab9e222f7e0fca52c49125d8c09d08f5200} year-on-year) indicate that its performance momentum will likely continue.”

“Zoho’s sales and implementation rely heavily on partner channels. In 2015, 85{60f59b2fde42968da13695b586d75ab9e222f7e0fca52c49125d8c09d08f5200} of its CRM and CRM Plus revenue came from partners.”

Zoho’s New CRM: Designed to Cater to Mid-market

“While Zoho has long been seen as one of the global multitenant cloud CRM leaders in the small and midsize business (SMBs) segment, it is rapidly expanding its footprint in the mid-market and enterprise spaces.”

A Strategy to Become the Operating System for Business.

“Unlike many of its competitors, Zoho has quite a unique business model. Its product strategy has always been to build a scalable technology and product stack, taking over market share via building gradual volume.”

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