As companies are working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, Zoho is increasing the storage limit for WorkDrive’s Starter and Team plans to make remote work easier for all businesses. The storage limit is now 1TB for the Starter plan and 3TB for the Team plan. If you have more than 10 users, you will get an additional 100GB of storage for the Starter plan and 300GB for the Team plan for every new user.

Integrate Workdrive

Streamline information flow across all business apps that you use by integrating Zoho WorkDrive with Zapier. Zapier helps you create custom workflows that automate repetitive tasks and save your time. For instance, a Zap can save the attached documents in WorkDrive and send you email alerts about all your latest file uploads to WorkDrive.

Zylker Sandbox

Zoho CRM has introduced two new enhancements: 1) Now you can execute Lead Conversion Mapping in Sandbox. Map the fields from the Leads module with the respective layouts in the Contacts, Accounts, and the Deals and deploy it in the production account once you are sure about the mapping. 2) You can attach files or folders from Zoho WorkDrive to a record in Zoho CRM. These attached files can be accessed by users based on the permission given to them during the file attachment.

Zoho CRM Plug-in

The sign-in process for Zoho CRM Outlook plug-in has been modified. Users can use OAuth for signing-in to the outlook plug-in. It is a more secure method of authentication. The marketplace category is now available as a tab in Zoho CRM. The marketplace category will be available in all Tab Groups by default.


The Delete User Option in your Zoho CRM gets new updates which will allow you to transfer the open records, the assignment configurations, and all the rule-based criteria of one user to another before you delete them from the CRM account.

In an exclusive interview with Brent Leary, Sridhar Vembu (founder and CEO of Zoho) shared his thoughts on the growth of Zoho company in the last five years, the bigger purpose of cloud technology, how cloud can be transformative technology for rural revival, and how the company is adopting sustainable practices to build data centers in order to deliver software products and services to its customers. Vembu also explained how surveillance is a bad practice and we need to protect the data and respect the privacy of Zoho’s customers.


Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that helps you to build custom apps to run your business. In Zoho Creator 5, a number of changes and updates were introduced in 2019. Some of these changes are navigational buttons in calendar, auto refresh, field-level permissions, gauge, panel builder, custom Kanban report and OAuth connectors, integration of Zia functions, DKIM and SPF email authentication, Siri shortcuts, smart data import, data cleansing capabilities, and many Deluge updates.

Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms has introduced an upgraded version of its Theme Builder with inputs given by users. This new builder will let you design forms without any coding knowledge. It lets you customize 75% of the form, such as color, font, text size, style, etc. It also provides well-curated selection of images and a lot more.