It is only May and already Zoho has released nearly 40 meaningful improvements to Zoho CRM. Advances have covered broad aspects from the UI, Automation, AI, Administration, Database, Business Process, Integration, Mobility and More. Zoho maintains a helpful timeline of it’s CRM releases with links to more details.

Features released in February in Zoho People

Zoho People has introduced new features that can simplify the HR management process. The new features include validation of employee identity with facial recognition, organization of pre-course and post-course activities, course cloning feature, and task watchlist and notifications.

Zoho Facial recognition

Zoho People’s recent announcement on Facial Recognition within it’s HR product Zoho People has made a buzz. The feature validates the identity of employees at the time of check-in or check-out, thereby preventing “attendance proxies” and guarding against threats to security, identity theft, etc.

Zoho survey ad trackers

According to a survey conducted by CRM Essentials and commissioned by Zoho revealed how frequently unethical data collection tactics are used to capture information. The findings exposed glaring gaps in policies that do not adequately protect consumers or give them control over how their data is collected when they go online or use business software.

Announcing 500+ useful extensions for Zoho CRM

Zoho announce that they offer 500+ Zoho CRM plug-and-play extensions in their Zoho Marketlace. These no-code extensions integrate other apps, enhance functionalities, power up the lead generation process, create proposals, schedule online meetings, and a lot more. From query to conversion, the extensions will help you at each stage of your sales.


After Zoho Flow, Zoho Bookings adds Zapier to provide users an easier way to get the integrations they need. You can connect your business apps to Bookings via Zapier. There are many zaps that you can use with Zapier and Bookings. Read more to know what are those zaps.

To help businesses improve their collaboration, task management, and communication, Cliq is offering 10 new useful integrations, including OneDrive, GoToMeeting, Twitter, COVID-19 Bot, Pipedrive, ScrumBot, GitLab, GoToWebinar, GitHub, and Todoist.

Zoho Flow helps you connect your business apps without any code. It has launched 500+ apps and 1,000+ prebuilt workflows since its launch. It also introduced 3 new troubleshooting features to help you manage your flows efficiently including executing glitches with auto-rerun, rerunning failed tasks again, and visiting earlier versions with ease.