Zoho Bigin

Now users can migrate data from their Zoho CRM account to Bigin account in a single click. Integrate web forms in your Bigin account with your Zoho Sites website. Bigin also features Email Authentication to prevent your emails from going into customers’ junk or spam folders.

Zoho Creator

The Zoho team will be upgrading all accounts to Creator 5. With this update, you will be able to preview files in reports, display published components inside published pages, host widgets externally, support record templates in the detail view, and integrate Creator with Zoho Directory.

Zoho WorkDrive

Data management is important and even more important is finding the right data at the right time when making decisions. Zoho WorkDrive has introduced Labels that will help you organize and personalize your files in a way that is right for you so that you can find what you are looking for in seconds.

Toolkit by Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail introduces Toolkit that can be used by anyone with an Internet connection and not just account holders. This Toolkit can be used to find details for DNS records, perform IP-based lookups, open ports and encode/decode URLs, and analyze message headers.

Zoho CRM Adds Facebook and Twitter Workflows

Social media is the best platform to engage with your customers. By using Zoho CRM’s new workflow tools for Facebook and Twitter, you can automate the steps required to perform when you receive comments, reactions, replies, or likes from the customers.

Backstage On Air

Zoho Backstage is an event management system. Now it has added new features to provide users with a virtual event management solution. Zoho Backstage OnAir allows you to live telecast events, add polls and questions to sessions, and analyze session engagement with analytics.

Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace is an enterprise collaboration platform that consists of nine integrated applications for better collaboration, communication, and productivity. This platform is now supporting 15 million users globally. Zoho Workplace is seeing unprecedented demand from business users looking to replace siloed tools and seeking integrated business applications.

Zoho Campaigns Now Integrates with Bigin

Bigin is a CRM solution for small businesses. If you are using Bigin and Zoho Campaigns, you can integrate them seamlessly. After integration, you can track contacts and send personalized email campaigns to them with less efforts.