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Zoho’s MarketingHub is one seamless, easy-to-use marketing automation software that streamlines all your marketing  processes across multiple channels. This all-in-one powerful suite features intuitive, intelligent, and smart marketing tools that help your teams to manage leads efficiently, convert more leads, and build long-term relationships with customers.

Marketing Automation Software that helps you get more leads and manage customers effectively.

Zoho MarketingHub combines the power of distinct marketing tools to fulfill one purpose – to simplify marketing for your business and enable faster sales. This cohesive marketing platform brings your sales and marketing teams closer so that you can attract more website visitors, turn them into leads, convert the leads into customers, and retain your loyal customers.

MarketingHub integrates with some of the popular in-house Zoho apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Backstage, Zoho Survey, Zoho Sites, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Commerce Plus, and Zoho Forms. Want more? You can integrate this platform with third-party applications as well such as Salesforce, Twilio, G Suite, WordPress, Zendesk, SugarCRM, and more.

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Lead Generation

Seize every opportunity to generate quality leads. With MarketingHub's lead generation tools, capture as many leads as

Refine Touchpoints

Improve conversion rate by refining your touchpoints. Track the sources that are driving leads to your website and app.

Lead Management

Know your leads better, engage them in the best possible way, and evaluate their coversion potential before you can transfer

Behavior Marketing

When you know the interests of your leads and study their website browsing activities, you can provide them the best possible

Multichannel Marketing

Reach your audience across multiple platforms with MarketingHub. Email, SMS, and Social – go wherever your customers are

Personalize Journeys

The Journeys tool in the MarketingHub helps you humanize the engagement activities with your leads. Track each lead's journey,

Campaign Planner

You can plan, budget, and calculate ROI for all your marketing campaigns across multiple channels at one place using the Planner tool

Advanced Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts against your business goals with accurate analytics reports. With MarketingHub

SMS and Email Marketing

MarketingHub comes integrated with Twilio and Clickatel to help you create automated workflows and send SMS messages to your

Social Campaigns

Utilize the power of social media to increase brand awareness and reach existing customers with the help of MarketingHub. Create social posts

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