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5 Signs of a Successful Software Company

5 Signs of a Successful Software Company Zoho has 5 Stars!

Business have been searching for the CRM “holy grail” for as long as I’ve been selling CRM, and I’ve been consulting on CRM for over 25 years.  With Zoho the search may be over.

Approximately 5 years ago when I began searching for web-based CRM solution to offer my prospects and customers I was as overwhelmed as they are with the choices.  I chose to add Zoho to our line of offerings for all the reasons our customers should choose it as their CRM.

Zoho started as AdventNet, Inc. in 1996 but changed its focus to cloud-based services for small businesses in 2005. Since then, Zoho’s growth has been extraordinary .

Zoho has over 50 million users around the world and they continue to grow rapidly in a highly competition software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketplace. Zoho has proven to be a trusted partner for small, medium and enterprise sized organization.

Zoho makes the bold claim that is the “Operating System for Business.”  They back it up with the most robust selection of applications of any software firm – over 45 applications.

FIVE SIGNS OF ZOHO’S SUCCESS – Each of these is a reason you can trust Zoho.

1. Awards

Zoho PC Mag Award

Awards in the software industry celebrate excellence and innovation. Zoho CRM is a top ranked software product worldwide, as rated by users. Rankings are decided by reviews from millions of users from diverse businesses.

Zoho Gartner Peer Insights

Zoho CRM was named the 2019 Editor’s Choice Award by PCMag for providing easy-to-use marketing and reporting tools and excellent user experience at competitive prices. Users of Zoho CRM rated it the best for reliability, lead capturing, custom reports, and workflow. Apart from this, Zoho has received numerous awards, such as:

1. Zoho CRM named an April 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Sales Force Automation.

Zoho Awards

2. G2 Crowd named Zoho Assist as a Category Leader for Remote Desktop Software and Remote Support Software. Zoho Assist got the title of “Users Love Us” based on customer ratings and satisfaction.

3. In 2012, Zoho CRM was awarded by The Market Awards as the winner in the Small Business Suite category, which was conducted by the CRM Magazine.

4. Zoho was selected as one of the 2012-2013 Awesome Applications by The Sleeter Group. In 2008, it received ’25 Most Innovative Products Award’ for Zoho Notebook from PC World.

Zoho products have been awarded ISO 27018 Certification, which is a testament to Zoho’s commitment to industry standards regarding data-handling, accountability, and data security. These awards given to Zoho prove that the company has proven its commitment to customers and provides technology that delivers results.

2. Positive Reviews

97% of customers read online reviews before making a buying decision. Users share positive reviews only when they have good experience with a product. Positive customer reviews make you trust a company more. 63% of consumers trust businesses with overall ratings of 4 or 4.5 out of 5 stars. And, Zoho is a software company that makes the greatest efforts to develop top business apps and satisfy its customers.

Zoho is trusted by more than 50 million users globally.  And Zoho has the highest retention in the CRM industry.  Why have so many organizations made Zoho a part of their digital transformation journey? Because Zoho apps solve business problems. It’s many business applications are designed for mobility.  The Zoho platform is industry tested for security, privacy, and compliance practices to meet every need of a business.

Here are some reviews from Zoho customers who are using Zoho daily to manage their business and close more sales.

Zoho ReviewZoho ReviewsZoho Reviews

3. Prolific Development

Zoho invests heavily in R&D and constantly innovating. Zoho’s unrivalled selection of applications is the result of listening to its customers’ needs and requirements.  Product updates are based on customer feedback. Zoho’s applications enjoy high customer satisfaction which leads to positive analysis reviews and referrals, which in turn lead to the growth of Zoho’s customer base.

In addition, Zoho doesn’t just keep up with industry trends, they lead in areas such as social media, mobility, analytics, AI and other areas.

Zoho’s leadership and success has attracted a large number of best-of-breed software companies to develop integrations in order to capitalize on Zoho’s dominance and customer base.  In the Zoho MarketPlace Zoho customers will find ready integrations to the biggest names in practically every space in the software industry.

4. Expanding Users

Zoho is one of the fastest growing software companies in the world.  Zoho has an ever-expanding customer base.  The company reached its first 1 million user base in 2008, 15 million users in 2015, and 50+ million users in 2019.  It caters to businesses of all sizes and industries – including names of the most respected firms in the United States and the world.

Zoho’s technology solutions are innovative and affordable. Zoho always believed in investing in its people and products while avoiding high input costs as it will force the company to increase products costs. Zoho has built its own more economical cloud and data centers, to reduce the input costs of competitors like AWS, Azure, and Google cloud. It passes its savings onto its customers.

At Zoho Day 2020, Sridhar Vembu (founder and CEO of Zoho), revealed his plans to adopt cloud-enabled rural revival plans. Cloud connectivity and distributed working approach will not only make Zoho operations cost-effective, but they will also revive rural economies.

Zoho’s longstanding values, affordable software products, and purpose-driven approaches attract a large number of SMBs and even bigger enterprises. One can understand why Zoho’s user base has been accelerating at a rapid rate.

5. Vibrant Community

Zoho has one of the most vibrant communities of user groups, developers and authorized technology partners of any software firm in the world.  Each adds value to Zoho and users in important ways.

An Authorized Zoho Partners such as First Direct Corporation can help you customize, integrate, and implement Zoho apps to enable them to run their businesses in a better way. Zoho also has certified partners who can use Zoho Creator to build custom application on the Zoho platform.

Zoho User Review

The Zoho makes its Restful APIs, extensions, and custom CRM solution and application development capability) available build fully scalable business applications which can run on the Zoho  cloud anywhere in the world.

Zoho lets customer extend their CRM functionality by integrating with thousands of third-party applications out there like G Suite, Zapier, Visual Visitor, etc. Learn more about Zoho’s Integration Marketplace here.


Zoho has all the signs of success. It is easy to implement or customize and intuitive to use. Zoho’s value is unmatched.  Zoho’s customer’s success is their success. business’s success.

At First Direct Corporation, we offer consultation and implementation services for Zoho products and services. Contact us today at (845) 221-3800 to get one-on-one support.

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