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A better way to go mobile

A Better Way To Go Mobile – Part 6

Mobility is no longer an option or differentiator – it is now necessity!

Software applications are competing on the basis of their ability to support mobility.


Practically speaking, we’re all carrying smartphone.  Which means today, the population is almost always connected to one another, able to interact, transact and obtain nearly any information they desire.  The ramifications for businesses is as great as it is for individuals.  The consumer has been empowered in ways that we hard to imagine just a decade ago.  And, with 5-G beginning to roll-out, with transmission speeds that dwarf 4-G, the possibility are as profound as the imagination.


Here are some predictions about mobile use both amongst consumers and workers:

By the year 2022, around 43% of the total global workforce will be mobile savvy.

By the end of 2018, 79% of total global internet use will be on mobile devices.

66% of Americans now own a smartphone with 200 million number of users across all states.

90% IT decision makers hold the view that mobility helps in business growth, enhance productivity, customer engagement & competitiveness.

Technology is a sword that cuts both ways, across nearly all industries, fields of business and areas of life.  Those who are best equipped to leverage mobility will do the cutting.  Those who fall behind will feel the sword!


When it comes to business’s needs to collect, share, manage and use data to conduct business and serve customers, it has become mission critical to incorporate mobility.  The form factor, the interface, functionality and ability to support business processes must extend to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.   Organization staff and management demand ubiquitous access with the ability to perform their jobs from any locations, without being compelled to carry “hardware.”


Zoho’s software suite answers your mobility needs.  Mobile functionality is designed into Zoho products from the start.  The user can transition between their desktop and mobile device seamlessly.  The interface remains familiar and your capabilities, both in terms of the application as well as your job responsibilities go with you where you go.   As a result, Zoho applications are more popular than ever.  Zoho recently achieved the target of 2 million downloads for it’s iOS and Android apps – and it is rapidly increasing.



Mail – The Zoho Mail mobile app is a complete app suite that includes calendar, contacts, files modules, a daily planner, an address book, and much more.

CRM – The Zoho CRM Mobile app turns your smartphone into your personal sales assistant. It does not let you waste a moment and helps you close more deals on the move.

Notebook – Make notable entries and organize your knowledge. Powerful security features protect your information, which is true with all Zoho applications.

Invoice – The Zoho Invoice app makes mobile invoicing simple.


Zoho offers are robust selection of applications covering the gambit of what organizations are looking for covering needs for: Marketing & Sales, Customer Service & Help Desk, Collaboration, Communication, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Analytics, and more. Each the applications can be subscribed to individually or all together with the remarkably economical Zoho One all inclusive suite.  Each features the mobility users have come to expect from Zoho.  See a list of Zoho applications.


If your business is not ready for the future of mobility the fastest way to prepare is to adopt Zoho – the Operating System for Business!  As an authorized Zoho Partner, First Direct Corporation, is here to help you.  Contact us today at (845) 221-3800.

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ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
(845) 221-3800

First Direct Logo - ZOHO Partners
ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
(845) 221-3800