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A Better Way To Manage Events Online

A Better Way To Manage Events Online – Part 3

Zoho Backstage is a comprehensive end-to-end event management platform which makes managing events easier for event organizers, agencies and corporations.

Hosting an event is a cumbersome process. Planning, running and executing the event requires a different set of tools at each stage. From preparing an event plan, email marketing, event registration, on-site check-ins, to creating event reports, managing an event requires a number of tools throughout the event lifecycle. One such unified online platform that automates the event from start to finish is Zoho Backstage. It allows organizers to market the event, register attendees and engage the audience using one product. It is a holistic event management system to organize a great event.

Zoho Backstage makes it easy for organizers, corporations, and agencies to plan, promote and run events such as conferences, trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, and product launches. With Zoho Backstage, you can create a rewarding experience for the visitors by engaging, entertaining and educating them. From ticketing, event promotion to attendee registration and more – Backstage adds a new marketing channel to Zoho’s integrated suite of apps, Zoho One.

What can Zoho Backstage do for you?

  • Design Your Event to Impress Attendees
  • Promote Your Event to Reach More People
  • Connect With the Audience to Create a Satisfying Experience
  • Assess Reports and Analytics to Gauge Event Performance

Event Design With Backstage

  • Create Your Dynamic Website – Zoho Backstage allows the organizers to create a dynamically rich website from scratch within minutes – without hiring website developers or having to write a single line of code. The integrated website builder has everything that you need to design and launch a branded event website. Choose the tailored templates, provide content and an SEO-enabled website will be provided.
  • Intuitive Agenda Planner – The user-friendly agenda planner helps organizers create unique schedules for a particular event and organize various sessions and presentations throughout the event. Simple just “drag & drop” functionality makes it fast and easy to build the perfect event chart for the attendees with visible the time blocks.
  • Make Changes While On The Move – With the help of Backstage, you can change anything, anytime, from anywhere – Cancel a session, make corrections in the speech of the speaker or delay an event, and more all with just few clicks. It is a cinch to edit the content, check the preview and republish content.

Promote Your Event to Reach More People

Marketing Made Easier – Backstage is equipped with promotional tools which can be used by organizers to spread the word and reach out to the prospective attendees with latest news and updates, advertisements on third party sites, banner ads and selling tickets online. Do not skip the social media – spread the word on all social platforms.

Open Your Box Office – The best way to sell more seats quickly is by advertising to the right people. The online ticketing system of Backstage lets attendees buy tickets from your event page. It also allows bulk registrations for teams, groups and friends. Make accessibility hassle free for everyone!

Incorporate Social Media Marketing – Reach out to the prospective attendees over social media. Spread the word about your event on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Do not just promote your event, instead share valuable information to attract a larger number of people.

Display Banner Ads for Your Event – Never miss out on a prospect through banner advertisement! This form of advertisement is intended to direct traffic to your website by linking to the advertiser’s website. Using Backstage, just pick the banner type and size and copy paste the embed code provided in your blog or website. You can even create the landing pages to bring people to your event page when they click on your ads.

Connect To Your Audience to Create an Experience for Everyone

Add Engagement to Your Event – Make your website and mobile app a virtual personal guide for attendees. Make sure that the attendees can follow live updates and personalize the agenda as per their needs and likes.

Create a Digital Tour Guide – Make your event website or app responsive so that it can be accessed from any device. It will allow attendees to get all the information about your event just at the tap of a fingertip. A mobile interface will keep them updated about the venue, where each session is being conducted, at what time the session will commence and everything else. It will be a virtual guide of the event.

Transform the Way You Present – Zoho ShowTime is a presentation delivery tool integrated into the Zoho Backstage software. Upload the presentations on the tool, and let speakers do rehearsals so that they can present with confidence. It even allows monologues to be transformed into dialogues with few clicks.

Freely Personalize Your Agenda – One agenda does not fit all! Personalize the agenda for each guest so that they can pick sessions as per their likes and dislikes and create a custom schedule for the day of the event. Let them tweak the agenda as per their requisites.

Assess Reports To Understand Your Event Performance

Sneak Peek in Event Performance – Use Zoho ShowTime to take an in-depth tour of how successful the event was. Once the event gets over, go through the summary of the attendees, analytics of each session and applauds received by the speaker. This will create value and will help you improve the quality of future events.

Helps You Deliver Better Sessions – The detailed post-session analytics in Zoho Backstage will help you determine what worked the best and what didn’t. Go through the feedback received from the attendees. Take into consideration the mistakes highlighted by them. Work upon them to create a successful event next time.

Refine Your Agenda – The engagement analytics give you a detailed insight on who all attended the event and how many of them actively participated. It also tells you which session, presentation or topic ignited the conversation so that you can improve your next event. You can even gather ratings or feedback given by each participant for different sessions.

A Separate Guestbook for Your Event – Get to know more about your attendees with an event guestbook, which will contain information about registered attendees, and who turned up for the event and who didn’t. Create a separate list of attendees who have shown maximum participation during the event. Keep in touch with them even after the event and call them to your next occasion.

Benefits of the Zoho Backstage Software

Enables you to build a detailed agenda for your event

Personalize your event website in minutes

Capitalize on the power of digital marketing and social media

Manage event registration and ticketing online, hassle-free

Assess your event’s performance with easy-to-understand charts and reports

Manage your events efficiently, without breaking the bank

Zoho Backstage is a smart, convenient and advanced event management software that helps you save time and money. It has multiple solutions that you need to plan, organize and execute your event in one place, which will enable you to create authentic experiences.

For those who many already have an Event Management system, you may integrate it with Zoho. In the Zoho Integration Marketplace are a number of predeveloped integrations to some of the most popular systems in use today.

If you have questions about how to implement Zoho Backstage Software, then reach out to our Zoho experts at (845) 221-3800 or (800) 935-4386. As an Authorized Solutions Partner, First Direct Corp. helps clients achieve greater success with the best solutions. Visit our website to know more:

Stay tuned, if you want to know what’s the “better way to track your pipeline.” We will discuss about it in our next series.

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Bob Ritter
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