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A Better Way to Manage Your Sales Leads

A Better Way To Manage Your Sales Leads – Part 2

         An all new better way to Drive Sales with Effective Lead Management

Every organization, small, medium or large enterprise, is on the lookout for new leads to keep their pipeline fresh with new prospects. With an increase in the flow of leads, you need a better way to capture and manage leads. You can give your sales and management team the power to convert leads to qualified contacts and ultimately into paying customers with lead management software. The more effectively an organization uses their system, the greater its productivity, more solid its lead pipeline and the better it will be at converting leads into sales revenue. Zoho CRM has powerful functionality for managing the entire lead generation and management process. Implemented and used properly, the result you can expect from Zoho is both a return on your CRM investment and a more successful business.

With Zoho CRM you are able to score (rank) leads using different criteria. Rankings can then be used for more focused sales efforts and better use of your sales people’s valuable time. Ranking can also drive marketing automation, better reporting and analysis.

A common problem with lead management is lost business because leads “fall through the cracks.” With Zoho’s ranking features you’re ensured that leads are not overlooked.

Leads can be manually entered, imported from lists and captured from web forms. Additional features in Zoho allow you to integrate your CRM database with Social Media and even observe and engage with visitors on your website.

Let’s take a deeper look at the different stages of lead management in conjunction with Zoho functionality. We’ll take a moment to speak to the following steps in the lead handling process:

Lead Generation

Lead Distribution

Lead Engagement

Leads Ranking

Lead Conversion

Lead Effectiveness

LEAD GENERATION –It refers to the capturing of consumers’ interest towards products or services who might be looking to make a purchase. Zoho CRM provides you with different methods to generate leads: Form Filling, Quick Create, Importing, and Developer API.

Smart Web Forms Filling – Zoho CRM offers pre-built and customizable web forms to help your sales team produce quality leads. It turns marketing campaigns into lead generation machines. Without writing a single line of code, you can build forms and capture leads into your CRM. You will also be able to easily host pre-built web forms in Google Sites, Unbounce, Joomla, and other content management systems.

Leads App Generation – Use the leads app to scan business cards and QR codes and instantly push new contact information into CRM. You can either save it as a contact in your phone or as a lead in Zoho CRM. This allows you to follow up right away, automatically incorporate new contacts, and integrate with your other tools such as a Card Scanner.

Live Chat –Right from your chat window, engage with your website visitors in real time and convert them into leads. You can assist by proactively chatting with them. You can also find whether a visitor is a recurring customer or a new prospect. It’s easy to see your traffic segmented into leads, prospects, and customers. Such segmentation aids in personalizing future interactions.

Social Media –Let the power of social media combine with your sales process to build stronger relationships, create brand awareness and help you close deals faster. You can manage your social media platform profiles under a Brand. From sharing content to closing deals, you can manage all social media conversations in real time with Zoho CRM. It also lets you focus on social media conversations important to your business.

LEADS DISTRIBUTION – Manually distributing and assigning leads to specific individuals may become a tedious task. Zoho CRM Lead Management allows you to create a pre-defined workflow that lets you assign the leads automatically to the sales representative on the basis of specific criteria such as geography, product or department. Round robin queues can be utilized to optimize your customer follow-ups and route leads equally. This makes sure that you do not miss out important leads just because of improper engagement methods.

LEAD ENGAGEMENT –It becomes difficult to deal with the large chunk of leads on a daily basis. With Zoho workflow automation, email integration and task delegation, your team can engage leads more efficiently. Improving responsiveness has been proven to be one the most important determinants of success.

LEAD RANKING –Businesses may find it difficult to determine which leads are worthy of the greatest efforts. With Zoho Scoring Rules you can use the technology to rank leads. The system can help everyone make a determination of your most promising leads based on powerful criteria.

Zoho is able to apply weight to a range of interactions, such as emails, calls, surveys, or social media activities to achieve a rounded picture of the quality of your leads. Rules allow you to both raise and lower a lead’s rank. For example, an opened email can lift the score while an unopened or bounced email can lower a leads ranking.

LEAD CONVERSION –Key milestones in a relationship can be tracked, such as the conversion from a lead to a more qualified contact. Leads and contacts can be associated to “deals” as well as to “accounts” including other contacts from the same organization. While converting Leads you may also create follow-up tasks. At this point, the lead management process is complete and you don’t have to go back further to start from the beginning.

LEAD EFFECTIVENESS –Through different marketing sources, you can keep track of your Return on Investment. Key performance indicators like conversion ratios, cost per deal, and more, gives you an insight on how to improve your campaigns and the performance of your team.


360 degree view of the lead’s life cycle

Capture leads online using web-to-lead form

Import leads from external sources

Facilitate faster sales lead distribution

Qualify leads to next stage based on the information captured

Customize lead management process

Standard reports and dashboards

Export leads data to spreadsheet software

Zoho provides you comprehensive set of tools to manage leads and relationships from “end-to-end” in every way organizations are engaging with their universe of contacts – in one place with one system that your entire organization is able to collaborate through.

Let’s talk about the impact Zoho can have on your organization. Reach out to First Direct today at (845) 221-3800 or click here to contact us. We can start you on a free trial immediately.

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First Direct Logo - ZOHO Partners
ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
(845) 221-3800