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A Better Way To Track Your Pipeline

A Better Way To Track Your Pipeline – Part 4

Zoho Pipeline Management Helps Embrace A Unique Approach To Help Your Business Grow

Looking for a software that can provide an in-depth detail of open opportunities such as the customer, opportunity size, expected date of close and the responsible team? The report should also display what actions were recently taken and what all are scheduled for future? One unified platform that is capable enough to show you the forecast your business can make in future is pipeline management. A well implemented pipeline management helps you stay well organized and also allows you to keep control of your sales figures. The team at Get A Better CRM can help you build and manage pipeline management that can turn your forecasted figures into tangible results.

Pipeline management is a daunting task!! The fully optimized pipeline management helps you know the exact stage your leads are at. It also gives you an insight into how many leads you have that can help you achieve your sales goals. The pipeline management gives you the full picture of your sales process and shows you the different stages of the sales process and further steps involved for improvement. Zoho CRM pipeline management solution enables you to capture all your lead data and makes it easy for you to manage and navigate your pipeline to achieve your goals.

WORKING WITH LEADS – Leads are the raw details gathered about an individual or representatives of an organization. They help the sales department in identifying potential customers. Collecting and managing the leads is the first step in the sales process. Once the leads are collected, it is vital to manage and follow them until they qualify to become prospective customers. The leads feature a perfect combination of the company (account), the person (contact), and business opportunity (deal) on the basis of your CRM requirement.

MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNTS – In a traditional Business to Business scenario, with the account it means a company or department within a company. It can be the organization your company is currently doing business with or planning to do business in the near future. This account stores the company information such as the address, number of employees, annual revenue and other required details.

During the pre-sales, you can associate an account with contacts within the company and prospective business opportunities. Once you’re done with the sale, you can also provide Customer Support & Service through Zoho CRM – Case Management.

WORKING WITH CONTACTS – Contacts are people with whom you contact either for business pursuits or personal reasons. If it is B2C scenario, contact is the most important information for acquiring customers. However, in B2B business, contact is part of the organization details that you are doing business.

Another important function of the contacts module is that they can be used for customer acquisition as well as for purchasing the products from the vendors. As per the business process, contact can be related to an account as well as vendors.

WOKING WITH DEALS – For sales department, deals play the vital role for it helps in generating the real revenue for the organization. In a typical B2B scenario, all the deals have to undergo complete sales cycle, which begins from identification of prospects to losing or winning those prospects. The activities involved in the sales cycle include sending product information to prospects, carrying out product demonstration, sending sales quotations and carrying out the negotiations.

CARRYING OUT THE ACTIVITIES – CRM keeps track of all the tasks, meetings, calls, events and activity records. The users are also able to organize numerous records with other activities such as follow up, pre-sales and post sales activities, phone conversations etc. This can be helpful in initiating and tracking action based items and recording the results of the meetings or events thereof. In the Activities module of Zoho CRM, you can create and associate business tasks, events and calls.

CARRYING OUT THE FORECASTS – Forecasts play a significant role for they allow you to carry out the future financial planning of your business. While the sales forecasting helps you to know the short term and long term sales performance. All these forecasts together help in the growth of the company and success. If the company is able to meet the set targets in terms of goals and profits, it means that the company is growing. Forecasts provide a real time insight into tracking sales and helping organizations tune the sales process and monitor sales pipeline.


Enables to set yearly targets and goals

Helps you win more sales

Helps in the nurturing of the leads

Tailor made pipeline management

It helps you manage your expectations in the most effective manner

Manage your sales team’s forecast

Track if your team is meeting the sales quota

Finally, our aim is simple – to help you work ON your business, not IN your business. We design, build, implement and deploy custom-designed business solutions that can help you in business growth. Still, have some doubts and question in regards to Zoho pipeline management, reach out to us at (845) 221-3800 or (800) 935-4386.

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