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    Best of All the Worlds: The Best Company, the Best Zoho Products

    | June 8, 2022, By Bob Ritter.

    Best of All the Worlds- The Best Company, the Best Zoho Products

    Very few global corporations have managed to get where they are without ceding control to investors or shareholders. Zoho is the exception. For more than 25 years, Zoho Corp. has been committed to helping businesses run better, faster, and smarter with its SaaS products. Bootstrapped and privately held for 25 years, Zoho is serving 80+ million users with a customer-first business model.

    Zoho is built on values, not capital

    Zoho is built on values, not capital

    Zoho is a company that is built on good core principles and values. Zoho’s true capital includes the shared culture, skills, product engineering, software development, and dedication to customers. Zoho prioritizes R&D over sales and marketing. It treats privacy as a principle, not just a policy. Zoho never practices nickle-and-dime pricing or forces multi-year lock-ins. It believes in charging a fair price for valuable products. You will realize the true benefits of Zoho products when you start comparing Zoho prices to the prices of its competitors. 

    Zoho runs on Zoho

    Zoho exclusively uses its own Zoho products to run its entire business. 

    For a company with over 7,000 employees across the world, Zoho surprisingly doesn’t use any business software from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, or any of the enterprise software vendors seen as safe choices for larger companies. Why? Because Zoho believes in the products it builds. 

    Zoho Is In It for the Long Haul So Your Business Can Go the Distance

    When Zoho sees a need in its own operations, it starts creating software to meet those needs. Zoho then starts using its own product for its own operations before releasing it to the customers. That’s why Zoho is its own largest beta tester!

    Value is Built into Zoho products

    Zoho products give customers superb value with better features, better pricing, and better user experience.  Zoho has developed 50+ products with unrivaled value.

    Value is Built into Zoho products

    Products get better through research and development (R&D), not through marketing. When you buy software, you buy it for the engineering it’s built upon and the problems it solves. You don’t buy software for marketing ads.

    Zoho puts more money into R&D than into sales and marketing. The company puts 60% of its revenue back into R&D. This keeps the cost of attracting customers low and prices affordable. Most large software companies routinely spend close to 50-60% of their revenue on sales and marketing.

    Zoho Is In It for the Long Haul So Your Business Can Go the Distance

    Some Zoho products take months to build, some years (or even decades). The Zoho team continuously refines the products’ features, capabilities, simplicity, and overall user experience. Instead of acquiring companies and their products, and then patching them with Zoho products, Zoho has grown organically. 

    Zoho began with its Zoho CRM platform in 2005 and has expanded to all different departments of business and enterprise. 

    Zoho Is In It for the Long Haul So Your Business Can Go the Distance

    Zoho has customer relationship management applications to address the sales team, human resource applications for the HR teams, a marketing suite for marketers, an office suite for better team collaboration and communication, and finance applications for the accounting team. 

    Zoho increases value by packaging synergistic applications into software suits we call “bundles” — CRM Plus, Zoho One, Workplace Suite, Marketing Plus, and Finance Plus.  The ultimate bundle is Zoho One which includes all of Zoho’s 50+ applications.  Zoho One is truly the operating system for their business.”

    Zoho products are integrated that are integrated horizontally and vertically to provide unparalleled breadth and depth. 

    Which Zoho product is right for you. You can start with Zohos CRM and implement other Zoho apps and services over time when your business grows or needs change. Zoho connects its apps horizontally and vertically by implementing AI and machine learning into its platform. You get contextualized data where it needs to go intelligently. Services and apps have a rich implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that comes from years of R&D at Zoho.

    Zoho One is truly the operating system for their business

    Zoho also covers IT, with a help desk, mobile device management, monitoring applications, etc. Those are all ManageEngine applications marketed by Zoho.

    Zoho works on an agile development cycle, where small updates are made frequently, such as weekly or monthly. This allows Zoho to constantly innovate around the product and stay ahead of competitors. With continuous refinement, Zoho products have become the best CRM, the best sales and marketing tool, the best accounting software, and the best operating system for your business.

    Know more about Zoho products and pricing.

    Zoho is for every business

    Large enterprises have realized the true value proposition behind both ManageEngine as well as Zoho. Many large enterprises are now customers of Zoho. 80% of Zoho’s business comes from small and medium-sized businesses. At Zoho, SMB could be a 10-person company, an organization of 25-50 people, and companies with 200-1,000 employees.

    What’s Missing?

    You have the best products from the best company. You need to implement the Zoho products the right way based on your business requirements and unique needs. That’s where First Direct Corp. comes in. We are a Zoho Authorized Partner. With more than 25 years of experience in CRM and related technology, we know what takes to implement the Zoho products in a way that helps you get the most returns. We can guide you through every phase of your Zoho journey, starting from strategic planning to implementation, and customization to ongoing support.

    Need help in implementing Zoho for your business? Contact us now!

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    Get the best of all the worlds

    Zoho is emerging as a global leader in the SaaS industry. The company is leading growth through innovation, continuous product refinement, and research and development. At First Direct Corp, we believe the philosophy of the company and the products that we sell directly impact our businesss ability to achieve the mission – “help organizations market, sell, and service better.” When you partner with us to implement Zoho products for your business, you get the best of all worlds – the best company that is making the best products implemented by the best partner. Let us help you get the maximum value out of ZOHO for your business. Contact us at (845) 221-3800 or fill out our online form here to send your queries to us.

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