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    Built-in Zoho Campaign Reporting

    | January 23, 2019, By Bob Ritter.

    Built in Zoho Campaign Report

    Zoho is a comprehensive business solution. You will find functionalities that you won’t find in other CRM packages.
    Today, email marketing is an essential capability that businesses need to have. But that often requires a standalone email marketing service such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. While there are integration options available between these applications and Zoho, there is also the ability to use Zoho’s native Email Campaign functionality.
    Zoho Campaigns has robust functionality you’d expect from a world-class email marketing system. One of those is reporting.
    With Zoho Campaigns you’ll enjoy powerful built-in reporting. You’ll have access to the following types of reports:

      • Google Analytics – Once you’ve linked to your Google Analytics account, you’ll have Quick Links to reports on visits, source, traffic location, and pages visits. You can set goals and analyze results.Visit Reports
      • Summary Reports – It provides quick links to real-time data, campaign reach, opens by time, opens by location, and more.

    Summary Report

      • Advanced Reports – With Zoho’s advanced reporting features, you’ll have powerful performance management metrics for intelligent insights and stats on your campaigns and lists for better decision making.

    Advanced Reports

      • Activity Reporting – Zoho reporting offers functions to help your organization get more out of reporting. You can share your reports with users and even on social media. You can do follow-up campaigns with contacts from a previous campaign.

    Activity Reports

      • Advanced Tracking – With Zoho’s Advanced Campaign Tracking functions, you can report on a number of functions. Recipient activity, clicks, comments, bounces and auto-replies, and more.

    Advanced Tracking

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      The latest news, tips, and best practices on Zoho, in your inbox.

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