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    Don’t Give Up on the First Try – Use Child Campaigns with Zoho

    | September 5, 2019, By Bob Ritter.

    Zoho Child Campaigns

    Most firms are using broadcast emails to reach their target audience. After teaching Direct Response Advertising (direct marketing) for over 10 years to advertising majors at a respected college with a highly rated communications department, I can tell you about many direct Response Advertising best practices.

    First is the quality of your list – the target audience. By the same token, the wrong offer to the right audience is futile. If your list is appropriate and your offer is strong, but your headline fails to capture the attention and interest of your audience, then your results will be marginal. So there is much to get right!

    Unfortunately, even if you hit every element of a strong campaign well, the response rate from one broadcast may not be sufficient to drive the volume of business that you need or desire. Furthermore, if you do not send a follow-up message you’re essentially giving up a business that you could obtain by simply sending a follow-up message.

    Zoho Software offers a solution called Zoho Campaigns. Within Zoho Campaigns is a tremendous standard feature that addresses this challenge. It is called Zoho Child Campaigns.

    Zoho Child Campaigns

    Child Campaigns are used to follow-up to the same audience as your original broadcast. The distinction is that you are choosing whether to send to those who either “opened” or “did not open” your original broadcast email.

    With a child campaign, you could resend the same message, or you could try a different message. Perhaps a different headline will do better. You can add compelling points or even make a new offer. Repetition will lift response to your overall campaign.

    Your follow-up email to those who had the initial interest and opened your first email may be different from those who received your first email but did not open the email. You could even distinguish between those who clicked on a link in your email and those who did not.

    Zoho Child Campaigns

    Zoho Campaigns also can do what is called a “Chain Campaign.” A chain campaign allows you to target the recipients of a previously sent campaign. Chain campaigns are not restricted to just one follow-up campaign, you can create as many campaigns as you want, in order to achieve the desired results. Again, you can specify based on whether they opened your message or not.

    Zoho Chain Campaigns

    Zoho Campaigns has many advanced campaign capabilities. Here’s a list of some of the advanced Zoho Campaigns features that you must know:

    • A/B Test Campaigns – A/B testing (known as split testing) is a tool to help you compare two different versions of an email campaign.
    • Coupon Campaigns – Offering coupons is one of the best ways to increase your site traffic and boost your sales. With a Coupon Campaign, every recipient receives a unique coupon code.
      Survey-based Campaigns – Zoho Campaigns integrates with SurveyMonkey and Zoho Survey to send survey-based email campaigns. This not only provides valuable feedback on your service, but is also a great way to get the pulse of the market for your future strategies.
    • Webinar-based Campaigns – Zoho Campaigns integrates with Zoho Meeting to send webinar-based email campaigns.

    Zoho Campaigns is a robust marketing application that is included with Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One. With Zoho Campaigns, you’ll be able to create, send, and track effective email campaigns that help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

    Zoho has other applications which compliment Zoho Campaigns including Zoho Marketing Automation, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Survey and more. To learn more about Zoho’s award-winning CRM and related solutions contact First Direct Corporation – a Zoho Authorized Partner.

      The latest news, tips, and best practices on Zoho, in your inbox.

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