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An Investment in Zoho Applications Will Pay Off Now and Into the Future

Hitch Your Future of Zoho

An Investment in Zoho Applications Will Pay Off Now and Into the Future

Zoho is a 25-year old Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with 60+ million customers from 180 countries paying for what they use. With a focus on becoming the operating system (OS) for a business, Zoho has emerged as the leading enterprise software provider in the last two decades.

In the coming years, the dependency on business software is going to increase rapidly. Every business must focus on increasing customer base, productivity, agility, mobility, and connectivity. Zoho’s enterprise-level software solutions will help enhance your business functions with:

    • Feature-centric and customer-focused SaaS bundles
    • Affordable pricing and flexible plans
    • Regular feature enhancements
    • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence 
    • Expansion into the Internet of Things
    • Investment in Data Centres and IT management


About Zoho and its Products

Zoho currently has about 45+ software products bundled under broad segments — sales & marketing, email & collaboration, business and productivity tools, finance, human resources, customer support, and custom solutions. Zoho offers software products for each function, each department, and each team in your business. Whether you want to boost sales, step up team productivity, and manage accounting, carry out recruiting work, or optimize all day-to-day operations, Zoho has a powerful suite of software that runs your entire business.


The Zoho R&D Factor

Zoho’s business philosophy is that investing in R&D is the most effective way to acquire customers. Zoho spends a disproportionately higher amount in R&D versus marketing & sales than its competitors. 

“We would much rather take the money we would have invested in marketing, but that in engineering and give away a really good product… Our cost of customer acquisition is probably one of the lowest in the industry.” – Sridhar Vembu, CEO and founder of Zoho.

Zoho spends 60% of the revenue back on research and development (R&D). Zoho hires more engineers so that they can build products and pass on the efficiency to the customers in terms of lower prices and better solutions. As Zoho continues to gain speed, the company will increase its breadth and depth of investment in R&D. 

“We are the truly new model. We are very disruptive, the way we do business. Our sales and marketing spend are much lower, correspondingly the cost we charge the customer is much lower.

The way I tell the customer is this: we are not charging you for the privilege of selling it to you, “ said Vembu.

The products’ features, capabilities, functionalities, and overall user experience are continuously being refined by the R&D team of Zoho. Zoho’s dedication and investment in research and development differentiate its product line from its competitors.  Zoho employee Hari Narayanan provides more insight into this.

“Other companies make software as it comes out of a factory. We want to look at it as a craft,” he says.

“It’s the kind of environment where innovation can happen. The management tells me, ‘Take this budget, try [what you want to do], and if you fail, it’s okay. People give us the freedom to make mistakes,” Narayanan said.

Zoho Fits Every Business

Zoho’s business model has also enabled it to offer its applications at lower price points than its competitors. Zoho software solutions provide customers greater value and unquestionable returns for every type and size of business. 

While all of Zoho’s applications can be purchased separately, Zoho has created logical bundles of its application that offer even greater value (such as CRM, CRM Plus, Zoho One, Marketing Plus, Bigin, Finance Plus, Marketing Automation, Office Suite, etc.)  

Another way Zoho helps businesses is through flexibility. Customers can easily scale up and down the applications and the number of users. Zoho subscription plans do not lock a company into having to pay for software or users that it doesn’t need. 

ZOHO One is the Operating System for Your Business

Zoho aims to become the “Business Operating System (OS)” by offering the length and breadth of products that any small or medium-sized business would require to streamline sales & marketing, projects, customer support, inventory, finance, back-office, and everything else in a single system.

Zoho One is as much a suite of applications for enterprise-size firms as it is for small businesses with 3 people.  The price of Zoho One, approximately $1.5 a day per employee, is within the financial reach of any business.

When all tools in Zoho One are connected across all departments, it offers a unified experience to your customers and business. The integrated software suite connects all your departments horizontally and vertically by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into its tools. Zia is Zoho’s AI-powered assistant for Zoho’s operating system for business. Zia offers deep insights and contextualized data that can be shared with all departments to get things done faster, smarter, and better.

Padma Shri awardee and Zoho CEO, Sridhar Vembu said in an interview with PCMag,

The operating system for business that we envision is something that addresses the horizontal layer of things that are common across all businesses. And then you have applications that deal with the specific vertical layers of business.

Zoho’s Greatest Value is Yet to Come! 

Zoho’s famous for continuous improvement of it’s software.  The changes and updates to all of Zoho’s applications reflect the expressed requests of users, ever-changing technological advances, and business trends.  By simply being a subscriber to Zoho your organization is assured of staying current with the newest technology and solutions.

What’s more is that the improvements to Zoho occur at every level of the software – from the back-end to the User Interface (UI), from security to Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Great new features are constantly being added to Zoho, adding new capabilities and increased excitement.

Zoho eliminates problems like software maintenance and hardware management. With your Zoho subscription, you receive all the updates to the software without having to do anything – removing this workload and responsibility from your IT team.

Comprehensive IT Management

ManageEngine is an IT management division of Zoho that offers comprehensive solutions for the most difficult IT management problems. ManageEngine provides IT solutions for growing MSPs, IT operations, identity, and access management, information security management, service management, and advanced IT analytics. ManageEngine even offers cloud-native solutions for managing enterprise applications, detecting threats, mitigating risks, and more.

Zoho’s Expansion Plans for Internet of Things

WebNMS is Zoho’s enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Zoho has a major expansion plan for IoT solutions and started investing heavily in this segment. Currently, WebNMS offers vertical IoT solutions for industries like transportation, telecom, banks, smart cities, manufacturing, and retail. Zoho’s IoT application Enablement Platform is designed to offer custom solutions for unique customer needs and mission-critical operations, such as asset management, energy management, fuel management, location tracking, remote site management, and environment and logistics management.

Be a Winner with Zoho CRM


Hitching your business to Zoho – in other words subscribing to Zoho is one of the best decisions your organization can make for today and for the future!

Zoho is much more than just a single product or suite. Zoho’s applications are the result of a commitment to continuous refinement, applying technological advances, and a dedication to solving real business problems. Zoho’s decades of engineering expertise, priority in R&D investment, responsiveness to customer needs and never-ending quest for improvement combine to produce the greatest value in the software industry.

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