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    Identify website visitor’s from Zoho Campaigns

    | February 18, 2019, By Jay Dymond.

    You can identify your web site visitors that arrived from your Zoho Campaigns emails by adding the below-mentioned SalesIQ parameters after the hyperlinks/URL’s you insert into your Zoho Campaign emails.

    SalesIQ Params to be included after the callback links:

    ?siq_name=$[FNAME]$ $[LNAME]$&siq_email=$[EMAIL]$

    Example:$[FNAME]$ $[LNAME]$&siq_email=$[EMAIL]$

    Note: In case your URL contains a question mark (?) already then include the SalesIQ parameters preceded by an ampersand (&) symbol.

    Example: /index.php?module=Products&siq_name=$[FNAME]$ $[LNAME]$&siq_email=$[EMAIL]$

    Also, ensure that you have embedded the SalesIQ js code into your web site source file to start tracking.

    Now you’ll be able to identify the visitors to your web site by their  name when viewing your SalesIQ dashboard. This is true only for visitors that visited your web site from a link they clicked in your Zoho Campaigns email. However, every time those contacts visit your web site in the future they will still be able to be identified by their name.

    The image below is a screen shot of my SalesIQ account:

    The red square outlines where SalesIQ has identified me as one of the 2 visitors currently visiting my web site. The other visitor is an unknown contact, only identified by a number, their IP Address and what country they are from. SalesIQ allows you to chat with your web site visitors. Now you can proactively engage your web site visitors in chat more easily, now that you know who exactly is visiting your web site.

      The latest news, tips, and best practices on Zoho, in your inbox.

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