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Orchestrate Your Workflows with Zoho One's New Addition – Orchestly

Orchestrate Your Workflows with Zoho One’s New Addition – Orchestly

Zoho One, a comprehensive and customizable platform that acts as an operating system for businesses and can help you run your entire organization with one web-based software platform featured a unified console.  Zoho Software company has recently launched a new application within the Zoho One family called Orchestly.  Orchestly is a tool for business workflow management.

What is Orchestly?
Zoho One is a unified platform that boasts more than 45 apps spanning across different departments, from HR, analytics, CRM, operations, sales, marketing to accounting. The new application, Orchestly, is a code-free workflow management software. It can help you bring all your teams and tools together and automate everything in just a few seconds. You can streamline business processes and manage them from one platform.

Orchestly: Detailed Features
Orchestly is designed to automate everyday processes. It has a drag and drop interface, so you can define your processes the way you want, with no coding skills. It eliminates chaos and increases productivity. Check out its features to know how.

Orchestlty Detailed Features


1. Create Customized Forms Customize your forms with the sections and fields you want to use. Keep your data safe by marking them with PII.customized forms

2. Use Blueprint to Automate Workflow

Create flowcharts for your offline processes. Set accountability for each team or individual. Enforce compliance by using process constraints. Add user data to the processes to send notifications when required. Get inputs, documents, attachments, and data as you need it. Orchestly’s Blueprint lets you use webhooks and custom functions to pull data from other apps integrated with your Zoho One software.

Automate Workflow

3. Process Automation

Save time using Orchestly’s automate process function. You can set conditions using Business Rules. Setting rules for processes that do not need the approval of higher authorities is the best way to save your efforts and precious time. You can set rules to assign jobs, move purchase order to the next stage, send hiring request, reimburse expenses, and more. Orchestly boasts webhooks that can be used to send notifications to third-party apps upon completion of a task. Build custom widgets at different stages of a process and use them to access data from other apps without even opening those apps.

track and manage requests

4. Track and Manage Requests

Whenever a team or individual requests for a particular service, it creates a job. This job will be reflected in each stage of the process until it is fulfilled. With Orchestly, you can create a Service Catalogue for all jobs that users can request. You can pick up or assign jobs and get the status of all jobs in real-time. You can follow and manage requests, whether assigned to you or submitted by you. With job status tracking, anyone can see the different stages of a job and determine what’s coming up next.

optimize process

5. Optimize Processes

Automating isn’t enough, you must optimize your processes to get most of the work done on time. Orchestly features Blueprint Duration Analysis, Blueprint Usage Report, Stage Utilization Chart, Stage Duration Chart, Job Distribution Chart, and custom reports that give you powerful insights into each stage, each process, and each work.

Orchestly for Different Departments

If you have gone through Zoho One reviews online, you would know that Zoho One is an all-in-one software suite for businesses. It is a fully-featured software that facilitates smooth workflows in all departments and across different teams.

Orchestly has been designed for all departments in your organization, from HR, finance, marketing, sales to IT.

Orchestly for Finance

Orchestly for Finance: With Orchestly, your finance department can determine team strength, assign tasks, and set priority and deadline. You can easily complete tasks related to tax filing and financial planning, create financial statements, build a blueprint for monthly expenses, and so much more.

Orchestly for Marketing

Orchestly for Marketing: Bring all your marketers under one platform to analyze your marketing campaigns, do a SWOT analysis, nurture leads, track content, and automate emails. You can even identify anomalies in a process and correct them. Prepare reports for each team to see which team works with which client.

Orchestly for Operations

Orchestly for Operations: Eliminate chaos and bring efficiency in your organizational operations. Remove manual entries from your processes and digitize everything with Orchestly. Keep track of requests, prepare reports, get contextual information when you need it, improve communication and collaborations between cross-functional teams, improve operational KPIs, and more – all with Orchestly.

Orchestly for Human Resources: Build a blueprint according to hiring requirements and department’s needs. Assign hiring jobs to the right HR and get it done easily. Organize inductions, meetings, and activities hassle-free. Orchestly lets HR professionals upload resumes to the respective workflows, build and assign tasks related to verification, create high priority tasks for employee grievances, and build default Blueprint for exit interviews.

Orchestly for Information Technology

Orchestly for Information Technology: Whether you are dealing with software development or customer support department, you can create your own workflow based on roles, tasks, and needs. Improve communication to accelerate web development, optimize network management, and manage IT risks and multiple user accounts.

If you go through the Zoho One reviews online, you will find how various businesses and professionals are taking advantage of the vast functionalities of Zoho One. With integrated applications, smart services, and customizable tools, Zoho One can eliminate silos and boost performance across your organization.

At First Direct Corp, we believe in empowering our clients in improving their business processes. If you are looking to enhance the way you manage your business workflows, then consider implementing Zoho Orchestly. Call our Zoho experts at (845) 221-3800 to get started today!

Zoho has other applications including Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho Books, Zoho Desk, and more. To learn more about Zoho One and related services, contact First Direct Corporation – a Zoho Authorized Partner.


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