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An Investment in Zoho Applications Will Pay Off Now and Into the Future

The Strength of Zoho is the Breadth of Zoho

Zoho is a business software solutions company that began its journey with the Zoho CRM platform in 2005. In two decades, the company expanded to all different departments of business and enterprise. Today, Zoho offers 45+ products designed for multiple business needs across sales, productivity, finance, marketing, IT, HR solutions, business intelligence, operations and more. 

The Strength of Zoho

Zoho has gone from challenger to winner. The company’s sheer commitment to customer success, genuine fondness to learn and grow, and desire to challenge the status quo have enabled Zoho to exceed customer expectations and become the world’s most prolific technology company. From launching CRM in 2005, CRM Plus in 2014, and Zoho One in 2017, Zoho has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Zoho One is an unbeatable business platform for small business

Zoho Timeline

  • 1996: AdventNet Inc. was born

  • 2001: Expanded International Operations in Japan

  • 2008: Reached One Million user base

  • 2009: Rechristened AdventNet as Zoho Corporation

  • 2011: Zoho opened its first rural office in Mathlamparai with six employees

  • 2015: Reached 15 Million users

  • 2016: 20 Million users

  • 2018: 30+ Million users

  • 2019: 50 Million users

  • 2021: Zoho Corp completed 25 years

The Breadth of Zoho Products

The success of a business requires the unification of the underlying systems, teams, departments, data, and operations. Companies that are connected across all departments tend to get things done faster and more efficiently. This unified experience is provided by the breadth of Zoho apps that have depth in functionalities.

Whatever your business need is, Zoho has an app for it. 

The Breadth of Zoho Products
  • Manage accounting, finance and back office operations with Zoho Finance Plus solutions. 
  • Work collaboratively, more productively and efficiently as a team Zoho’s communication and collaborations apps including Zoho Desk, Projects, Campaigns, SalesIQ, Cliq, Connect, Workplace, Sprints, and more. 
  • Utilize data to make more intelligent business decisions.  Zoho Analytics makes it possible to identify trends and get out front of your market and competitors. Zoho Analytics lets you connect, prepare and analyze your data and discover hidden insights within minutes. With unified business analytics, you can make faster, smarter and better decisions.
  • With Zoho Canvas your applications can look the way you want them to.  Zoho even lets you build your own custom apps for unique needs. Catalyst and Creators, Zoho’s low code serverless development platform helps your organization quickly build and deploy applications and microservices at scale. Zoho’s entire technology stack consisting of software infrastructure, network infrastructure, and hardware infrastructure enables your business to leverage a technology to innovate and operate in ways your competitors can only dream of.  
  • Zoho unifies and connects its business apps horizontally and vertically by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into its software. Zia is Zohos intelligent assistant for Zohos operating system for business. Zia contextualizes data and connects all departments.

If your organization needs one comprehensive solution to run your entire business, Zoho offers a single operating system for your businessZoho One. Zoho One puts together all the applications a company needs to manage its entire business operations at one incredibly low price. Recently, Zoho released Zoho One 21 that offers vertical unification of apps, services, platforms, storage, and infrastructure stacks. The new Zoho One comes with a unified user interface, customizable dashboards, unified services, unified apps, and an extendable platform.

Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO of Zoho says, “Zoho One is now our highest revenue product closely followed by the CRM Suite.”

Mobile Device Management

Zoho’s other recent notable offerings include Zoho Commerce (that helps to build an online store easily), TeamInbox (efficiently manage emails in one shared inbox), Zoho Learn (to create a company-wide resource library), Data Prep (a self-service data preparation and management tool), Work Graph (a graph for every user and their connections), and Mobile Application Management.

Vembu says, “Our vision has always been to build products that can transform the way businesses work. As we gained capabilities, our products have gained increasing sophistication, more depth and breadth of product portfolio since we have expanded into broader markets.”

Recognizing that businesses value flexibility in choosing apps that serve their unique needs, all Zoho applications integrate with 1,000+ third-party solutions available in the Zoho Integrations Marketplace. Zoho has extended the integration capabilities by adding 100+ telephony providers to its Marketplace. Apart from new apps and 1000+ extensions, Zoho expands its unbeatable value with new enhancements and improvements to products year over year. 

Zoho’s breadth and depth is to your business advantage

Zoho’s portfolio is unmatched!  Zoho’s portfolio of solutions brings more value, scalability and interoperability than any other software firm in it’s space.  No other applications business can meet the breadth and depth of customer needs that Zoho does.  And Zoho does it while winning top awards, outstanding analyst reviews and high testimonial praise from customers.  All why Zoho has the highest customer retention and the lowest churn in the CRM industry. 

Zoho has a long-term vision to transform the way you work with its powerful suite of software to run your entire business. 


Zoho is priced and packaged to be the most economical solution on the market for small businesses!  


With 60+ million users in 180+ countries, annualized 5-year revenue growth of 34%, and a 97% customer retention rate, Zoho seems to be growing bigger every day. No other software company can match the breadth and depth of Zoho’s ever-evolving business apps. Zoho continues to enhance its vertically integrated technology stack and build horizontal integration where different departments, teams, and employees feel empowered and collaborate seamlessly.

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