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Founded in 1996, Zoho has become one of the biggest SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies in the world with 12,000+ employees and an estimated $700M in annual revenue as we write this in October 2021. Zoho has been recognized as the Best Managed Company in India by Deloitte Private. With headquarters in Pleasanton, CA, and offices in Chennai, London, Tokyo, Austin, New Jersey, and Beijing, Zoho offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning business, communication, productivity, and collaboration applications.

Sridhar Vembu

“Computers don’t buy products people do. And people have a reason, need a reason to buy it.” – Sridhar Vembu, Founder of Zoho

“Your Life’s Work, Powered By Our Life’s Work”

Take a look at Zoho’s corporate video to know how this slogan, unique philosophy, culture, and hard work helped this company get to where it is today.



We will dig deeper to find how this software company reached to the top, its team, products, culture, vision, and why we chose to sell Zoho products.


  • Zoho Team
  • Zoho Core Values & Culture
  • Zoho Products & Services
  • Why Did We Choose to Sell Zoho?

Zoho Team

The senior management of Zoho includes its Sridhar Vembu (CEO and Founder), Mani Vembu (Chief Operating Officer), Vijay Sundaram (Chief Strategy Officer), Raj Sabhlok (President), and Raju Vagesna (Chief Evangelist). M.Saravanan, Rajesh, and Radha Vembu are senior managers at Zoho Corp, who have spent decades in this company. As mentioned earlier, Zoho has 8,375 employees right now and hire 1,000-1,500 engineers every year for research and development.

Sridhar Vembu

“We are a state of the art tech company with a very old-fashioned approach to company building.” – Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho Corporation

Zoho Products and Services

Zoho believes in investing and focusing on what matters most to the customers – its products. Zoho spends money on developing products rather than on sales and marketing. It saves money on advertising and passes the savings onto customers by making Zoho products affordable.


To date, Zoho has launched 45+ online applications — from Zoho CRM to Zoho One, an entire online office suite (Zoho Office Suite), project management, online invoicing and accounting, web conferencing, and many more across all platforms – web, mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop.

Zoho offers a powerful suite of software that runs your entire business.


It is the operating system of your business. It also provides IT management software called ManageEngine. This comprehensive software includes IT service management, IT operations management, endpoint management, IT security management, and active directory management. To enable businesses to connect their IT infrastructure, Zoho offers an enterprise-level IoT platform called WebNMS (IoT division of Zoho).

Trusted by more than 50 million users globally. From small companies to big brands, Zoho has simplified, streamlined operations of businesses and helped them work and sell faster, better, and smarter.

Brian Aiken

They are devoted to making world-class products and they are even more dedicated to providing the best customer satisfaction. Zoho does not believe in binding their customers with costly multi-year subscriptions and contracts. It keeps the prices of all products affordable with flexible month-to-month contracts.

Know more about Zoho products and pricing.

Zoho Core Values and Culture

Zoho attributes much of its success to its customers, products, employees, and culture. Zoho’s mission is to build the best software products in the world. To achieve this goal, the company focuses on 8 core values:

• Be ambitious, but act with humility
• Be aggressive but act ethically
• Go global, but be proud to be Indian
• Strive to be private but profitable
• Aim for the long-term view
• Do not compromise on customer-privacy
• Do not be pushy with your sales-approach
• Provide incredible technology at an impossible price

Rajendran Dandapani

“The most important thing the Zoho product suite does is to liberate the managers from the chokehold of mundane processes that keep them busy but unproductive, efficient but not effective.” – Rajendran Dandapani
Business Solutions Evangelist at Zoho Corp

According to Sridhar Vembu, Zoho is not just a company but also as a community. They don’t just hire people, they work together to retain everyone for the long haul. Zoho provides its people with a strong culture that they can identify with. Zoho’s corporate culture revolves around humility, trust, belief, and insane ambition.

Vembu says, “If you are only trying to motivate a person with money, it will fail. There has to be a broader meaning to it. And that boils down to the culture.

Amid the pandemic and the widespread adoption of operating remotely, Sridhar Vembu has started implementing a cloud-based rural revival by moving staff to suburbs and rural communities. Zoho is taking its offices back to the land. It has opened six new farm offices in India and will open four new offices in small towns near Austin. Vembu’s rural revival vision aims to employ local talents and boost the local economy while nurturing nature. Reviving rural communities with the help of digital business and employees – this is pure Zoho and no other company would even contemplate.

First Direct’s choice to represent Zoho

First Direct Corporation has operated in the CRM business for more than 30 years. Now that you know who Zoho is better I hope you will appreciate why First Direct chose to represent this amazing organization and their solutions.  We are as excited about Zoho’s passion for their craft and customers as we are about their products.  Zoho’s vision for transforming the way businesses work, combined with continuous refinement and improvement of their software products, ensures that we all have a brighter future.  The fact that Zoho puts customers before profits and invests so heavily in quality and R & D is aligned with their mission to make customers happy.  Zoho’s industry low churn rate is evidence of their success.  Zoho fully appreciates that the best retention strategy for them is to help their customers increase customer retention.

With Zoho, there is a direct relationship between their own internal employee retention philosophy and practices, corporate culture and core values with their ability to deliver on the promise they’ve made in the marketplace.

Our customer’s choice to use Zoho and First Direct’s choice to sell and service Zoho are closely aligned.  Please contact us at (845) 221-3800.

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First Direct Logo - ZOHO Partners
ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
(845) 221-3800