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    Why Zoho CRM is a Winner: Reviews, Features, Pricing & More

    | May 21, 2021, By Bob Ritter.

    Why Zoho CRM is a Winner: Reviews, Features, Pricing & More

    Complete CRM

    Zoho CRM is a complete cloud-based customer relationship management solution.  It addresses the full CRM lifecycle including marketing, sales customer service, analytics, and team collaboration. 

    Zoho CRM empowers businesses small to large manage leads and closes more business faster. Zoho’s CRM has intuitive easy-to-use functionalities, high-level data security, substantial features, and third-party integration capabilities, all at great prices.  

    Zoho’s functionality and tremendous value have made it a top CRM choice with users and a favorite with analysts. 

    PC Magazine Editor’s Choice: Excellent – 4.5 rating

    “Zoho CRM does a great job of delivering an excellent feature mix at a competitive price as well as integration with a long list of compatible Zoho products; all in all an easy pick for Editors’ Choice.”(Source: PCMag)

    Zoho CRM is the winner of PCMag’s Business Choice Awards

    Zoho CRM is the winner of PCMag’s Business Choice Awards. 

    According to the PCMag survey, Zoho is the most recommended CRM and the only one with a positive NPS score among other leading CRM vendors.

    Zoho CRM has been featured in Capterra’s:

    • Top 20 Sales Force Automation Software (2020)
    • Top 20 Real Estate CRM Software (2020)
    • Top 20 Lead Management Software (2020)
    • Top 20 CRM Software (2020)
    • Top 20 Contact Management Software (2020)


    Who Uses Zoho CRM

    Zoho’s award-winning CRM is trusted by 150,000 global businesses of all sizes, types, and industries in more than 180 countries. 

    B2B to B2C businesses in all types of industries find Zoho CRM works for them.

    B2B to B2C businesses in all types of industries find Zoho CRM works for them.  From a business with just one entrepreneur to SMB, all the way up to enterprise-size organizations fit Zoho CRM is the right fit. 

    Zoho CRM’s flexible tiered pricing plans provide sensible options that scale with you. 


    Zoho CRM Features

    Zoho CRM offers a wide range of features across different functions, from sales, marketing, analytics, prediction, social media, to team collaboration. Below is a breakdown of the categories business need their CRM to perform in: 

    Salesforce Automation

    Contact & Account Management Opportunity & Pipeline Mgmt.
    Task / Activity Management Territory & Quota Management
    Product & Price List Management Quote & Order Management
    Customer Contract Management Workflow Automation

    Marketing Automation

    Email Marketing Event Management
    Campaign Management Lead Nurturing
    Lead Management Google Ads Integration
    Customer Segmentation Marketing Attribution

    Process Management

    Multi-page layouts Assignment Rules
    Blueprint Escalation Rules
    Approval Process Review Process
    Scoring Rules Validation Rules
    Email Parser

    Sales Enablement

    Quotes and Finance Sell on the move
    Portals Wizards Partner Relationship Management
    Calendar G-Suite and Office 365 Integration
    Documents Library

    Predictive Sales

    Lead & Deal Prediction Prediction Builder
    Voice Assistant Data Enrichment
    Anomaly Detection Intelligent Automation
    Zia for Emails Zia – Assignment Suggestion
    Best time to Contact Recommendation Zia – Workflow Suggestion

    Team Collaboration & Performance Management

    Feeds Tags
    Chats Groups
    Remote Work Suite Project Management
    Sales Forecasting AI Prediction
    Territory Management Gamification


    Reports Quadrants
    Charts KPI
    Anomaly Comparator
    Cohorts Funnels
    Target Meters Capabilities


    Page Layouts Views and Filters
    Custom Components Currencies
    Subforms Translations

    Omnichannel, Security, and Mobile

    Email Mobile CRM App
    Telephony Business Card Scanner
    Social Media Analytics Mobile
    Live Chat Profiles and Teams
    Self-Service Portals Compliance
    Web Conferencing Data Security
    Realtime Notifications


    Zoho Goes Beyond

    In addition to Zoho CRM’s native capabilities, there is a robust community of integrated third-party best-of-breed software providers that have integrated with Zoho products. Zoho has created an Integration MarketPlace with 150+ applications to choose from.  

    When the need calls for it, Zoho’s platform can be extended to entirely custom applications and special integrations using Zoho Creator and/or Zoho’s APIs.  First Direct can provide certified Zoho Creator developers for those situations. 


    Zoho CRM: Reviews and Ratings

    Zoho CRM has been highly rated by critics and users. 

    “Zoho CRM is a solid CRM for SMB’s / SME’s!”
    John M., Director OF Marketing and Advertising, 1-10 employees
    Used the software for 2+ years
    Overall: Very good. I use it on several different businesses. (Source: Capterra)
    Overall Rating 5/5    Ease of Use 4/5     Customer Service 4/5     Features 4/5   Value for Money 4/5

    “Hands down, Zoho CRM is the best CRM on the market” (Source: G2)
    Jason SDirector of Operations
    Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

    “Easy to set up, learn, use, and teach.” (Source: G2)
    Stephanie, Administrator
    Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

    “The most helpful CRM” (Source: G2)
    Larisa M, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

    “I have had an amazing experience using this software. So much so, that I recommend this CRM to all my business development clients when starting their companies.” (Source: Capterra)
    B. W. B., Owner of Business Supplies and Equipment, 1-10 employees
    Used the software for 2+ years
    Overall Rating 5/5       Ease of Use 5/5       Customer Service 5/5     Features 5/5        Value for Money 5/5

    “Zoho CRM is good. You get what you pay. I like the software and it is easy to use. I think it makes sense to having a CRM consultant before setting it up at the beginning to make sure that you don’t need to migrate things, and also it may help you optimise your costs.” (Source: Capterra)
    Faruk A. Head of Growth Computer Software,
    1-10 employees Used the software for 2+ years
    Overall Rating 4/5        Ease of Use 4/5     Customer Service 5/5      Features 4/5       Value for Money 4/5

    “I would strongly recommend ANY business to try it out. Check out the free version and you’ll still get a lot of value out of it. Their Paid versions are absolutely worth it..” (Source: Capterra)
    Shawn B. IT Architect Information Technology and Services,
    11-50 employees Used the software for 2+ years
    Overall Rating 5/5      Ease of Use 3/5        Customer Service 5/5        Features 5/5        Value for Money 5/5

    “We use Zoho CRM to manage, measure and streamline our different marketing initiatives, and follow-up correctly with our clients. It integrates all of our channels in a centralized platform, providing visibility, practicality, and automation in our sales cycle, as well as valuable insight in detail and decision-making overview.” (Source: TrustRadius)
    María Fernanda Cruz, Coordinator of Hold Marketing
    11-50 employees, Score: 10 out of 10

    “A tool that helps your small business grow. It is a complete platform for anything we can think of. It is very affordable and we save a lot of money and effort.” (Source: TrustRadius)
    Thomas Slamaris, Leading Sales Trainer & CEO
    iwant2help Training&Coaching, 1-10 employees
    Score: 10 out of 10

    “The value-to-cost ratio is incredible, and the applications are incredibly user-friendly. That being said, the seamless integration of the CRM with other Zoho products was ultimately the paramount feature for us.” (Source:
    Alun Rafique, Director, Market Dojo, 1- 50 employees

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    Zoho CRM Pricing

    Zoho’s pricing, features, and editions makes it the best for small businesses, an entrepreneur, or a large enterprise. 


    Summing up Why To Choose Zoho CRM?

    • Simple, easy-to-use user interface with a minimal learning curve
    • World’s favorite CRM based on critics and reviews for customers
    • Transparent pricing plans; flexible, month-to-month contracts
    • Sell on the go with our Zoho CRM apps for both iOS and Android 
    • Conversational artificial intelligence (AI), Zia, for smarter selling
    • Deployment, consultation, onboarding, and training programs available
    • Tightly integrated with the business apps you use every day


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