Zoho Analytics Turns Any Manager into a Smarter Manager

| May 21, 2019, By Bob Ritter.

Zoho Analytics Turns Any Manager into a Smarter Manager

Zoho Analytics empowers management and enables better decision making.  Analytics rolls up your data and presents it in visual ways that bring meaning and understanding to the information in your Zoho database.


Zoho Analytics is a robust and deep tool with a long list of features, but here are a few highlights:



Zoho Analytics



Zoho Analytics



You can view your analytics in a list or as “preview cards.”


Zoho Preview Cards



Zoho Analytics provides you with a robust collection of ready to use analysis objects in well organized categories to choose from:

Zoho CRM Analytics



When you open any category you have a great selection ready to be used as is or modified if you wish.


Zoho CRM Analytics



On each analysis is the ability to personalize it.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics leads to better informed managers.  More knowledgeable managers are able to make smarter decisions.  Better decisions will lead to a more well run organization.  It all leads to greater success and a higher return on your CRM investment and your users time.


Here is a brief video overview of Zoho Analytics.  Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One customers receive Zoho Analytics.  It is one of the powerful reasons to deploy Zoho.  If you’d like learn about other reasons to implement Zoho applications or help with doing so, contact First Direct Corporation – Certified Zoho Authorized Partner.

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