Canvas for Zoho CRM: Change the Inherent ‘User Experience’

| August 30, 2021, By Bob Ritter.

ZOHO Canvas - The User Experience Management Solution

Organizations invest in CRM applications to empower their salespeople, accelerate the sales cycle, and organize business workflows. Unfortunately, investment in a CRM alone doesnt equal broad user adoption. According to a survey, only 40% of businesses claim a 90% CRM adoption rate, while the majority of businesses struggle to encourage system adoption. 

Users in an organization will have a low CRM adoption rate when they aren’t working with a system that truly fits their needs. Introducing Canvas – Zoho’s solution that can transform your Zoho CRM user experience.

Canvas – The User Experience Management Solution

Zoho Canvas is a design platform that features a simple drag and drop builder to create functional layouts. Zoho users can organize their data components the way they want. Canvas CRM design studio is built to help you design your own unique CRM for your industry, methods, and styles.

Here is a comparison of the default CRM layout vs customized layout made using Canvas

Canvas for Zoho CRM

Why Use Canvas?

Usage challenges that often occur when deploying a CRM. Users find it difficult to navigate through the complex interface of a CRM. Zoho Canvas helps to create usable designs that CRM users love to work with. Here are the features that can drive a higher CRM adoption rate:

  1. Simple to Use

 Just drag and drop any item to create a personalized layout in Canvas. No need to write any line of code. It also comes with a lot of formatting options so you can customize every little detail.

Why Use ZOHO Canvas

2. A library of templates

Canvas comes with a library of templates. You can pick what you like and customize the CRM layout the way you want.

3. Design multiple variants

Your CRM users may need multiple designs to hide/show information based on set criteria. Create dynamic styles for a cleaner and relevant look.

4. Complete control of data organization

Organize key fields and sections on the record details page for better visibility. You can even add actions that are relevant to your business operations.

5. Better visual representation

A picture speaks a thousand words. With the Zoho Canvas builder, you can use images and icons to visually represent numeric data.

ZOHO Canvas offers better visual representation

Canvas Creates Experiences that Drive Usage

Canvas lets you build a beautiful CRM that’s personalized and customized to your exact needs. No more boring database styles. No more bad interface that ruins CRM adoption. The Canvas builder makes your CRM layouts look more attractive and reorganize key details. It becomes easier for your organization users to find what they are looking for. CRM users get more control over data. They don’t have to spend time looking for data, making it easier for them to sell smarter, better, and faster.

Canvas Creates Experiences that Drive Usage

Canvas Comes Free with Zoho CRM

You do not have to pay anything extra to use Canvas. It comes free with all paid editions of Zoho CRM, CRMPlus, and Zoho One.

ZOHO Canvas lets you build a beautiful CRM that's personalized and customized to your exact needs



The design of Zoho CRM can be dramatically improved with Canvas. Greater design leads to better adoption, more complete data, and a better user experience overall. Zoho CRM keeps getting better … Zoho Canvas is a big leap forward.  




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