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    Zoho Marketing Automation: Your Go-To Marketing Automation Software

    | April 15, 2019, By Bob Ritter.

    Zoho MarketingHub

    “Zoho MarketingHub was rebranded to Zoho Marketing Automation on 5/21/21. “


    Zoho has introduced an all-in-one marketing automation software – Marketing Automation – that will help you manage all your marketing activities, from lead management, customer engagement, behavior marketing to campaign planning, all within one solution.

    Modern marketers are in a continuous juggling spree with the proliferation of marketing tools and changing dynamics of the digital world. Zoho is trying to make sense out of the mayhem out there with its new software that offers applications for every possible marketing channel. Built on the same technology stack used in other marketing apps of Zoho, Marketing Automation combines a number of marketing applications across various channels to help marketers focus on campaign creation, lead management, and conversions instead of juggling with data, technology, and channels.

    Why Marketing Automation is Your Go-To Marketing Automation Software?

     Get your marketing and sales teams to work together to grow your business. They both have the same goals – more leads, more conversions, and more profits for your organization.

    The Marketing Automation offers a common ground to bring your sales and marketing teams closer. Here is how it can drive amazing results while keeping marketing activities in your control:

    Zoho Marketing


    1. Complete Lead Management – Get More Leads and Engage and Earn Them
    • From contact forms, social media posts, landing pages to webinars, capture as many leads as possible from different sources.

    Zoho Marketing

    • Track all the touchpoints which bring visitors to your website. When you know the sources, you can optimize them well and revise strategies to bring more traffic to your site.
    • Engage leads with personalized and most relevant content so that they feel more connected with your brand.

    Zoho MarketingHub

    • Filter out leads based on their engagement levels, common interests, and journeys so that you forward only the best ones to your sales team.

    Zoho MarketingHub

    • With the best leads in hand, sales team will spend less time researching about leads and can prioritize follow-up emails.

    Zoho MarketingHub 

    1. Behavioral Marketing – Get a Complete Picture of Your Potential Customers
    • Your teams can convert more leads if they get real-time reports on the behavior of your website visitors – new or recurring visits, what pages they are reading, what type of content they are downloading, and much more – to prepare customized and targeted campaigns for better results. This is how behavioral marketing works in Zoho’s Marketing Automation platform.

    Zoho MarketingHub

    • Identify why visitors are leaving your site and have unfinished purchases on your page so that you can create specific pages or campaigns to better engage these types of visitors.

    Zoho Marketing

    • With Marketing Automation’s in-app tracking feature, get to know how users are navigating your app, using different features, and moving to other pages. This would help you develop context-based marketing content and actions to engage app visitors.

     Zoho MarketingHub 

    1. Multichannel Marketing – Create Contiguous Customer Experience
    • The Marketing Automation supports more than 20 marketing channels, including email, SMS, social, website, ads, and more, which allow you to work conveniently across multiple channels with less efforts. Create customized email campaigns based on customer journeys and follow-up accordingly. Send relevant, short messages to leads and see how they are interacting with them to improve future campaigns. Post enriching social media posts and enhance your brand outreach.

    Zoho MarketingHubZoho MarketingHub

    Zoho MarketingHub

    1. Personalize Customer Journeys – Nurture Leads From The Beginning
    • With the Journey builder feature of the Marketing Automation, you can create personalized engagement plan for every lead and nurture them in a way that drives them towards the end of the sales funnel.
    • Choose a pre-designed template from its gallery and create messages easily to save time. Add conditions to your marketing program to make better decisions.

    Zoho MarketingHub

    • Generate detailed reports on the journeys of your leads and use them to customize your future strategies.

     Zoho MarketingHub

    1. Marketing Campaign Planner – End-to-end Marketing Planning
    • The purpose of a successful marketing campaign is to identify relevant, integrated marketing activities that drive higher ROI. Now creating and promoting a marketing campaign for your business is easier than you think with Marketing Automation’s Campaign Planner. Set budgets, calculate investment vs profit, and realize your campaign’s true ROI.

     Zoho MarketingHub

    1. Advanced Analytics – To Turn Marketing Insights into Customer Value
    • You need accurate reports and advanced analytics to take marketing decisions faster and smarter. Visualize the performance of your marketing campaigns with reports, graphs, and analytics.
    • From lead analysis to conversion study, Marketing Automation lets you do everything without any hassle. You can generate web attribution reports, lead behavior analytics, website behavior reports, web application behavior reports, which are required in turning your leads to customers.

    Zoho MarketingHubZoho MarketingHubZoho MarketingHub


    Make your work easier and simple with Marketing Automation integrations. This software integrates with a number of Zoho apps, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Survey, Zoho Backstage, Zoho Social, Zoho Docs, Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and more to help you gain most out of your marketing efforts.

    It even integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as third party apps such as Google Drive, Twilio, Salesforce, Office 365, PayPal, Eventbrite, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey to name a few.

    Pricing Details

    1. Standard Plan

    Perfect for: Small Marketing Teams

    Price: Starts at USD 240 per year for 1000 leads (plus tax)

    Zoho MarketingHub

    1. Premium Plan

    Perfect for: Growing Marketing Teams

    Price: Starts at USD 480 per year for 1000 leads (plus tax)

    Zoho MarketingHub


    Whatever your business size is, the Marketing Automation platform will prove beneficial in orchestrating coordination among sales and marketing teams and centralizing your marketing efforts. This unified marketing automation software has all the essential marketing features plus extra capabilities and integrations to help you maximize your marketing returns. With Zoho’s new Marketing Automation solution, manage and track leads, automate customer journeys, personalize marketing, engage more customers, access built-in support, and leverage sophisticated analytics tools to transform the way you do marketing today.

    With a 15-day trial, get access to all the advanced features available in its Premium Plan. Call our Zoho experts to request for a free demo at (845) 221-3800.

    As a Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct Corporation can assist you to implement Marketing Automation and help you learn how to use it to your advantage. Contact us today!

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