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Zoho Office Suite

Zoho Office Suite – the Alternative to MS Office with the Power of AI

Zoho Office Suite is an online productivity suite containing word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and note-taking applications, integrated together to help improve productivity, collaboration, and communication in your team.

Zoho has made its Office Suite a smarter set of applications by integrating Artificial Intelligence. The office productivity space is largely dominated by Microsoft Office. Zoho Office Suite offers a less expensive alternative to MS Office and is included with Zoho’s CRM bundles.

Zoho Office contains Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, and Zoho Notebook, which have been enhanced with its AI assistant called “Zia” as well as Zia Voice. Whether your team works with a Chromebook, Windows or Mac OS systems, Linux computers. Like all Zoho’s applications, Zoho Office Suite is mobile ready – so it can be used on Apple and Android mobile devices

Zoho’s Office Suite Provides Contextual Collaboration to Businesses

Zoho Office is smart and dynamic.  Recently added and improved features further enhance productivity, such as artificial intelligence, collaboration capabilities and more.

Zoho Writer 5

This is a powerful word processor that lets your teams collaborate in real-time. The built in artificial intelligence Zia engineer works like a writing assistant which offers suggestions for grammatical errors, passive constructions, clarity, spelling errors, readability, and writing style to help your team create inspiring documents for every process, within minutes.  Zoho Writer 5 comes with other features that make word processing effortless.

Zoho Writer comes with document automation tools so you can create proposals and other important documents for customers and clients and use them across different processes without any manual intervention.  Zoho Writer will help you through task such as form creation.

With Zoho Sign, which is integrated with Zoho Writer 5 Zoho brings electronic signature capabilities to your agreements and form.

Zoho Writer has user friendly features such Night Mode, Offline Mode, and Focus Typing mode to help you keep writing without any interruption.  Sync data from Zoho Sheet to add charts, tables, bars, lines, etc. to your documents.

Go right to press – WordPress that is.  Zoho Writer can publish your content to WordPress and Blogger.

Zoho Sheet 5

Zoho Sheet is online spreadsheet software that lets you create and share interactive spreadsheets, build and publish reports together.

Files are safely stored to Zoho’s cloud for secure storage and controlled access.  Collaboration is a synch with all of Zoho Office Suite applications.

Zoho’s AI engine, Zia helps with making your data representation more intuitive and intelligent.  Zia acts as your data analyst – it scans data and puts them together charts and tables, and even answers your queries about your data. If you want Zia assistance for spreadsheets in your pocket, then Zoho Sheet 5 offers that too with its iOS and Android apps.

Zoho Sheet isn’t a traditional spreadsheet but much more than that. Recently, Zoho added new features to enable users to do more in less time, that too smartly.

You can create user-level and named filters and apply them based on their needs. Capture an image of your invoice, proposal, book, etc. and convert the data for instant use in Zoho Sheet.

Zoho Sheet has added nine new functions including CURRENCY, FILTER, TEXTJOIN, MAXIF, MINIF, IFS, UNIQUE, XOR, and DATEDIF.

Other features include format inheritance via cell referencing, templates, custom formats, UI languages, pivot charts, comments box, auto-detection and auto-expansion of the data range, automatic data cleaning.

Zoho Show

With Zoho Show you can create, edit, share, and publish presentations.  Bring in content from charts, images, videos and even tweets to prepare your presentation. Zoho Show offers various themes, contextual UI, animations and transitions that you can easily incorporate into your presentation.

Again, collaboration is easy with Zoho Show. Invite colleagues to review your file, offer feedback and improve your presentation in real-time. Show creates a stable URL for your presentation, so you can publish them on websites, blogs, external sites, and social media. The Chrome extension of Zoho Show lets you import presentations from anywhere and access them instantly. Select any image or content from the web and right-click to add to the Show draft.  Every draft can be automatically converted into presentations.

With the Zoho Show extension for Chrome you’ll be able to pull your material directly from web or your premise.  Show has been integrated with Apple-TV and Android-enabled devices to help you deliver presentations right away for a lasting impression.

Zoho Notebook is an Office Suite application for note-taking app that works across multiple devices. It provides Text Card to help you list, write, sketch, record, or snap things that you want to remember for later use. Share your notes with colleagues or friends through SMS, email, iMessage, and AirDrop. It offers a web clipper for clipping images and web texts. The web clipper lets you take notes from desktop or save articles with Clean View.

Zoho intelligently added context to this note-taking app. It can easily convert long articles into a to-do-list, change a recipe URL into a recipe with illustrations, expand a story from a news link, and open a player from a YouTube link.

Zoho Notebook works like Google Keep. You can migrate your notes from Google Keep to Notebook. Zoho’s note-taking app integrates with Cliq, Zoho Projects, Zoho Flow, Zoho Writer, and Zapier. It comes as an add-on in Gmail. Zoho Notebook supports Windows, iOS13, iPadOS,macOS Catalina, Linux, and Android devices.

Other features include deep search, business card scanning, smart cards, Apple pencil support, web clipper, document scanning, tagging, and more.


Zoho’s Office Suite is a big reason Zoho is the operating System for business.  It’s depth, functionality, powerful productivity and AI features make it an attractive alternative to MS Office or G-Suite.  It’s pricing makes Zoho Office and unbeatable values. Zoho charges $3 to small and medium-sized businesses and $6 per user per month for large companies. Zoho Office is a part of Zoho One, which is available for $30 per user per month.

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