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    Why Zoho One is a Winner: Reviews, Features, Pricing & More

    | June 3, 2021, By Bob Ritter.

    ZOHO One Price, Features & Reviews

    What is Zoho One is the Operating System for Business

    Zoho One is a comprehensive suite of 45+ business applications that help you run an entire business from a unified platform at an unbeatable price of approximately $1 per day per employee when billed annually. 

    Zoho One is an all-inclusive business management software suite that streamlines all aspects of your business, from sales, marketing, accounting, human resources, operations, team collaboration, customer service, analytics, inventory management, and more. 


    Zoho One Awards 

    Zoho is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with over 50 million users in 180+ countries. 

    Zoho One has received the Expert’s Choice 2019 award from FinancesOnline. It also received the Great User Experience Award and Supreme Software Award from FinancesOnline.

    Zoho CRM, which is included in Zoho One, has received the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award with a 4.5/5 rating. According to a survey by PCMag survey, Zoho is the most recommended CRM with a positive NPS score.


    Zoho One’s many applications are repeatedly recognized:

    • Zoho Social has been named a February 2020 Gartner Peer Insights CustomersChoice for Social Marketing Management
    • Zoho Assist tops two categories in G2 Crowd for the fourth time in a row
    • Zoho CRM named an April 2019 Gartner Peer Insights CustomersChoice for Sales Force Automation
    • Zoho Desk has ranked #1 in Highest Satisfaction, #2 in Top 50 Products for Small Business, #4 in Top 100 Software Products, and #32 in Top 50 Products for Mid-Market by G2’s Best Software.
    • Zoho Payroll has received the Great Usability Award 2019 from SoftwareSuggest


    What size businesses use Zoho One?

    Zoho One’s enterprise-level applications offer a unified solution and unbeatable value to organizations of all sizes. Zoho’s applications are used by businesses small to large.  

    But Zoho One’s one-of-a-kind “all-inclusive” pricing is an idea ideal for small businesses looking for affordable, comprehensive software for business operations management.  


    Zoho One Features

    With 45 specialized solutions for a wide range of business functions, the features list of Zoho One is frankly too long to list.  

    The reason Zoho One is called “the operating system for business” is because it includes applications for almost everything a business needs. Below is a breakdown:

    Sales and Marketing Apps

    Bigin SalesIQ
    CRM Social
    Campaigns SalesInbox
    Forms Sites
    Survey Commerce
    Backstage Marketing Automation
    Bookings PageSense

    Email Collaboration

    Mail Sheet
    Cliq Show
    Docs Projects
    Writer Connect
    WorkDrive Sprints

    Finance Management

    Books Subscriptions
    Invoice Payroll
    Expense Inventory

    IT & Help Desk

    Catalyst RemoteAccess
    ServiceDesk Mobile Device Management
    Identity Management Log Management Cloud
    Patch Manager Plus Desktop Central and Site 24×7

    Customer Service

    Desk Assist

    Business Intelligence & HR Analytics

    Recruit People
    Workly BackToWork


    Reports Quadrants
    Charts KPI
    Anomaly Comparator
    Cohorts Funnels
    Target Meters Capabilities

    Custom Solutions

    Creator Flow
    Orchestly Office Integrator


    Zoho Goes Beyond

    In addition to Zoho applications’ native capabilities, there is a robust community of integrated third-party best-of-breed software providers that have integrated with Zoho products. Zoho has created an Integration MarketPlace with 150+ applications to choose from.  

    When the need calls for it, Zoho’s platform can be extended to entirely custom applications and special integrations using Zoho Creator and/or Zoho’s APIs.  First Direct can provide certified Zoho Creator developers for those situations. 


    Zoho One: Reviews and Ratings

    Businesses love Zoho One. It has received top ratings and reviews from users on different review platforms. Check them out below: 

    The Ultimate Choice for Small Businesses. Zoho One has helped us stay on top of all the things that are important in our business. From managing customers and leads to staying on top of our finances. It has been very useful in streamlining a lot of the processes we had in our company and finding new and meaningful ways to improve upon them in both time and cost.” (Source: Capterra)
    Chad M., CEO Design, 1-10 employees, used the software for 1-2 years
    Overall Rating 5/5     Ease of Use 5/5      Customer Service 4/5       Features 5/5       Value for Money 5/5

    Everything all in (Zoho)One. It is so nice to have everything in one place and connected. It has increased our efficiency by automating some processes and integrating with some of our existing software.” (Source: Capterra)
    Kim B., Senior Account Manager, 11-50 employees, used the software for 2+ years
    Overall Rating 5/5     Ease of Use 3/5       Customer Service 5/5       Features 5/5   Value for Money 5/5

    “The best suite solution to manage your business. Overall: The cost compared to Salesforce and other suite softwares.” (Source: Capterra)
    Verified Reviewer, 11-50 employees, used the software for 2+ years
    Overall Rating 4/5     Ease of Use 4/5      Customer Service 4/5        Features 5/5        Value for Money 5/5

    “Great product & more importantly Great customer service!!!” (Source: Capterra)
    Jason F., Director & Producer, Music, 11-50 employees, used the software for 6-12 months
    Overall Rating 5/5     Ease of Use 5/5       Customer Service 5/5        Features 5/5       Value for Money 5/5

    “Zoho One is a bundled form of all Zoho services. All services of Zoho are integrated with each other. It gives an all-in-one solution for business needs. Customer Support gives a very quick response.” (Source: SourceForge)
    Kunal R., Manager, used the software for 1-2 Years, 26 – 99 employees

    “From last financial year to this year, we have doubled our turnover and I can guarantee you that Zoho One has had a major impact on it.” (Source: Zoho)
    Ryan Baker, Director, UC Wireless

    “We were losing so much time being on two or three platforms. Being on Zoho One helped us scale way, way faster.” (Source: Zoho)
    Francis Jobidon, Co-founder – Project Management at Rablab

    “There doesn’t exist another platform as robust and versatile as Zoho One. It has centralized the data and operations of nearly our entire company.” (Source:
    Janet Livingston, Founder and President, One

    “With Zoho One, our process has now become data-oriented and we just love it because we can see what we’ve done and the impact it makes all the way down on the revenue stream.” (Source: Zoho)
    Bob Sullivan, co-founder of MedSpa

    “Before Zoho we used Salesforce. But the intuitive nature of Zoho makes it very easy to work with. Since we use Zoho One, every time we want another application, we can do so at no extra cost.” (Source: Zoho)
    Micha Smit, Commercial Director Yuki


    Zoho CRM Pricing

    The cost of Zoho One starts at $37/employee/month, billed annually. Flexible per-user pricing is available at $90/user/month, billed annually.


    Summing Up Why To Choose Zoho One

    • Easy-to-use user interface with centralized administrative control
    • All-In-one pricing model, best for all types of businesses
    • One platform with one invoice for your entire company
    • 45+ integrated business apps at one price
    • Desktop and mobile apps & add-ons all included
    • High-level data security and integrity
    • Scale-up and scale-down anytime
    • Transparent pricing plan, no long-term contracts
    • Tightly integrated with the business apps you use every day


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    As a Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct is here to help you evaluate, acquire, implement and better utilize Zoho One. As your implementation Partner, First Direct will work closely with achieving improve your business with Zoho One.

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