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Zoho Show: Create Inspiring Presentations Online the Smarter Way

Zoho Show: Create Inspiring Presentations Online the Smarter Way

Zoho Show is a cloud-based software that lets you create, edit, share, and publish presentations, the smarter way. Whether you need to give a sales presentation to a potential client or engage students for your online course, Zoho Show helps you craft inspiring stories, slides, and ideas to captivate your audience. This browser-based online presentation tool comes with real-time collaboration capabilities to enable you to work remotely with your team in creating and editing presentations.

Zoho Show Options
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Check out this short video to know everything about crafting your inspiring presentations using Zoho Show:


Zoho Show Features List


Animations & Transitions
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Collaboration Tools
Customizable Templates
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Mobile Apps
Chrome Extension
Zoho Docs Integration
Remote Broadcasting
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Email Notification


Zoho Show: Features in Detail

Zoho Show Features

1. Create with Shapes, Styles, Animations & Charts

Zoho Show features an extensive range of pre-designed templates, themes, and styling tools. You can use shapes and smart elements, such as Silhouettes, Demographics, Time, Percentages, and much more. To let your presentations do the talking, you can add images from your phone’s image library, tweets from your Twitter account, or insert videos from your YouTube channel.

Zoho Show Customizable Tools

Zoho Show’s customizable collection of shapes makes it possible to design your own infographics, flowcharts, and roadmaps without hiring a designer. You can even design your own vector graphics to represent your idea if Show’s collection of shapes does not fit your need. Show provides scribble to let you draw shapes that resemble hand-drawn arts. Change colors, shadows, and animations of shapes to reflect different groups and categories.

There are 45+ animation styles and 30+ transition effects to choose from to make your message on the slides even more appealing. These animation styles can be used to show the importance of certain words and texts on your slides. Or create captivating slides with realistic motion paths like line, curve, and squiggle. The animation styles in Zoho Show also let you change charts and tables into moving presentations.

Zoho Show Animation Styles

It lets you add 25+ types of charts, such as Flowcharts, Pie Charts, Line and Bar Charts, and more to give better insights into your data. If the pre-designed charts do not fit your requirements, you can customizedata sets using overlap features, colors, pictures, gradients, and more. If you want the audience glued to your presentation, transform charts into animations that make the flow of information effective.

If you already have .ppt or .pptx presentations, upload them to Show and start editing it. All styles, features, and characteristics of those files will be retained when you upload them to Zoho Show. See this video.


2. Collaborate with Anyone, from Anywhere

Zoho Show Collaboration

When you work together with your team, things get done easier, faster. As we mentioned, Zoho Show is a cloud-based tool, it lets you collaborate with anyone, from anywhere on presentations in real-time. Discuss with them how to improve the presentation, share ideas, and encourage discussions to deliver better presentations, every time.

How to share? Sharing is easier with Zoho Show. No need to attach large files on email. Send the presentation as a link to a team, department, or your entire organization. You can even set permission access by assigning roles like Read Only, Read/Write, Read/Comment, and Co-owner.

Team members can comment their ideas and feedback on your slides. Irrespective of where you and your team members are located, real-time collaboration is possible with Zoho Show. The tool has a separate comment view section where you can see comments, reply to them, notify users, add online references to make discussions easier, and lock slides to prevent further changes. With the Check-In feature, you can make edits to slides without letting others see it or use the Check-Outoption to make edits available to your collaborators.


3. Broadcast Your Presentations, Remotely

Zoho Show Broadcast

Zoho Show Broadcast lets you broadcast your presentation to any number of people across the world. As a presenter, you can share a broadcast URL to invitees over email and they can see the slides over their browser, give their feedback, and even interact with you in real-time.

How to start broadcasting?


1. Once you’re done creating your presentation, click the Share button in the top right corner of your dashboard and select Broadcast from the drop-down menu.

Broadcast Your Presentations to Remote Audience

2. To invite participants to your broadcast, you can send an email or share the broadcast URL link. Click the Share button to copy the link and post it on social media or website. To invite participants by email, click the “Invite Participants” icon on the right side of the dashboard and enter the email address inside the box. Click + icon.

3. Click “Start Broadcast” when you’re ready.

Zoho Show Remote Sessions

4. During a remote session, you can give control to a collaborator during the broadcast. The collaborator has an option to request control over the broadcast. You will get to see a glowing green color over the participant button. Click to see the request. You can either click the “tick” button to let the collaborator control the presentation or click the “cross” button to reject it.

5. To chat with participants, click on the participant icon and type on the chatbox. Click enter and all the active participants can view your comment and reply to yourqueries.

Zoho Show enables you to let your participants download the presentation after the broadcast is over. It lets you keep track of the broadcast and blacken slides to make the audience focus on what you’re saying rather than on the slide content.

4. Publish Your Presentations, Internally or Externally

Zoho Show Presentations

Zoho Show has a feature to manage your published versions. You can publish your presentation within the organization or externally on a website or social media to let the audience view and download it. Even after publishing your presentation, you can edit it and republish the new version when you want. You can allow users to download the presentation in .pptx or .pdf formats.

Zoho Show App for Android TV and Smartphone

The Zoho Show app for Android users provides the same features as you get with the web-based Show software. You can edit, design, and refine your slides, from anywhere, anytime.

The Show app for Android TV lets you stream presentations on your conference room TV and control it through your phone or Android TV remote.


Zoho Show App for Apple TV and iPhone

With the Zoho Show app for iPhone, you can either deliver slides on your smartphone, wherever you’re or wherever you go. You can use Apple Pencil to highlight important pointsor use 3D Touch interaction to make presentations visually appealing.

Zoho Show App for Apple TV & iPhone

There is Zoho Show app for Apple TV. Your presentations will come to life with Apple TV’s 4K HDR display. You can run multiple sessions on one Apple TV or present your show to a larger audience using multiple Apple TVs.


Zoho Show Chrome Extension

Zoho Show Chrome Extension

Use the Zoho Show Chrome extension to create drafts and convert them into presentations from anywhere. Collaborate with your team to share ideas, review slides, add comments, and make interactions on presentations in real-time. The Chrome extension for Show also helps you publish slides on websites, blogs, and social media and broadcast to any number of participants with ease.

Zoho Show Integrations

Zoho Show integrates with a number of third-party apps like Confluence, Slack, Jira, Unsplash, and Giphy.

Zoho Show is included in the Zoho Office Suite. If you subscribe to a paid plan of Zoho Show, you will get access to other Zoho applications as well.

Why Choose Zoho Show?


• Ease-of-use: No need to install software to get started with presentation making. No need to learn how to use Zoho Show. Just sign up and get started with your work. It is easy to use and has plenty of resources available for your help.

• Cloud access and secure: When you’re operating remotely, you rely on cloud solutions. Zoho Show is a cloud-based presentation tool that stores all your content and data on the cloud that you can access from anywhere, anytime. You can provide secure access permission to various users for safe collaboration with your team.

• Real-time collaboration: When you want to get things faster and better, you need real-time collaboration with your team, no matter if they are located six miles or 6,000 miles away. With Zoho Show’s web-based software, you and your teammates can work together on a presentation project and share, comment, and work in real-time.

• Apps for all devices: You can take your presentations anywhere you want. From Android smartphone, Android TV, iPhone to Apple TV, Show offers apps for each platform so that your remote work doesn’t get interrupted. You can create, edit, share, publish, and broadcast presentations, from any device if you have an Internet connection. Show also recently released a Chrome extension for its users.

• High user satisfaction: Zoho Show is for everyone, whether you’re a sales rep, manager, online trainer, or business professional. It has a high user satisfaction because it is cost-effective, full of dynamism, and rich in creative tools.

Zoho Show User Satisfaction

• Feature-rich and value-based tool: It has multimedia capabilities, lets you import and export popular file formats, add audio and video components, and do much more, all at an extremely affordable price. See the pricing plan below.

Zoho Show Plans
Free Trial
$5/user/month (billed monthly )
or $4/user/month (billed annually)
plus tax
100GB/User, 5GB file upload limit,
unlimited file versions, 
audit trail, group sharing, etc.
For a free trial, 
First Direct Corp.
$8/user/month (billed monthly)
or $6.4/user/month (billed annually)
plus tax
1TB /User, 25GB file upload limit,
unlimited file recovery,
email notification, etc.
For a free trial, 
First Direct Corp.


Zoho Show is a presentation software tool that is increasing in popularity because of its comprehensive set of features, affordable subscription plans, and intuitive, easy-to-use collaboration interface. Whether you work alone or with your team on presentations, it lets you create magical presentations that will entice your audience for sure.

If you’re looking for a free trial of Zoho Show, let us know how we can help you. As a Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct Corp. knows each Zoho product well and can help you get started with them with ease. Contact our Zoho experts at (845) 221-3800.

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