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Zoho Updates Its CRM Plus Suite with AI, Analytics and Zia


On November 16, Zoho unveiled the next generation of Zoho CRM Plus – an all in one customer experience platform, (dubbed Cx) that empowers all teams including marketing, sales, customer support and operations to work as one. Now, the Zoho Administrators and users can have a complete view of the other departments and collaborate and communicate better.

This new Zoho CRM Plus interface pulls together all the “Plus” applications into one Administrative console. In this updated CRM Plus platform, many of the applications have significant new enhancements from UI to technical features, and general functionality.  The following article goes into more detail.

We have provided all the relevant links in the content related to the latest ZOHO Cx platform announcement.

Zoho is making major leaps in enabling Artificial Intelligence to power it’s applications giving firms and users unparalleled benefits in productivity and ease of use.

The features of Zoho CRM Plus empower your organization to deliver a superior customer experience.  Below are just a few highlights of the hundreds of added features in the new Cx Platform:

We have added links to the “What’s New” sections of all the Zoho products mentioned in the blog content as well as from the Zoho Cx releases along with the screenshots.

Zoho Social Updates

New version of Zoho Social offers deep analytics into social media metrics such as reach, impression, and engagement.

Facebook Lead Form is now integrated with CRM field-mapping to map and sync leads from Facebook leads form into Zoho CRM

Zoho Leads

CustomQ feature allows greater control over how users manage and schedule content on social media channels as well as Google my Business listings and reviews

Zoho Desk integration with Zoho Social which will provide better visibility into social conversations across all channels – marketing, email and sales and support.


zShare Browser Plugin in Zoho Social makes it easy for users to customize posts according to diff social platforms, schedule and publish them. Video Link –

Zoho Reports is now Zoho Analytics

What’s new in Zoho Analytics 4.0

Get powerful insights to do more, do better, and do faster. New intuitive analytical experience with exciting features in Zoho Analytics that will change the way you drive and use business analytics.

Zoho analytics

With six themes and multi-column layouts, add cool customized features to your Dashboard in Zoho Analytics

Zoho Themes

New charts, widgets, palettes, interactions and lots more for enhanced visualizations.

Zoho Charts

Transform raw data into actionable insights to uncover patterns, trends, and track business metrics. Video link:

Get a smart AI assistant in the form of Zia Voice. It is powered by powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

Zia Voice

Get contextual data alerts for the achievement of your key business metrics Zoho Analytics has taken collaborative analytics to the next level as you get to comment in real-time and make data-driven decisions
Video Link:

Zoho Leads Trend

Zoho Analytics offers advanced analytics connectors for deep cross-functional analytics.

Zoho goes On-Premise! Users can deploy Zoho on their private network or cloud and get all options and functionalities of Zoho cloud.

Zoho Analytics offers flawless omni-channel support with seamless integration with Social, SalesIQ, Desk, CRM and Survey.

Zoho Desk Updates

Zoho Desk Now Comes with Zia and Deep Analytics

Zoho Desk Updates

To accelerate Zoho Desk’s enterprise momentum, the company introduced enterprise-first capabilities for higher capability, better collaboration and communication and good integration of customer service with other business processes.

Zoho Capablity

The BluePrint feature makes the Process Management simple and stress-free.

Zoho Desk has now been listed on Zoho Marketplace, therefore it becomes easy for developers to build, host, and sell extensions.

Zoho Marketplace

The Radar provides a comprehensive overview of the important customer service stats. Video link:

The ASAP plugin for Zoho Desk helps provide customer service just at the tap of a fingertip. To improve the navigation experience, Zoho Desk UI enhancements have undergone a change.

SalesIQ Updates

Zobot™ by Zoho SalesIQ helps you create your own custom chatbots. With Zobot, there are no limitations for customization.

Zoho CX

Zobots offers a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface with drag-and-drop widgets and a Deluge editor.

Zobots are built on three types of handlers: trigger, message, and context. These are code snippets that get triggered at various points while the visitor interacts with your website.

Zoho Handler

Zobots can help in CRM-integrated lead qualification, calendar-integrated scheduling. At the same time, they are real-time troubleshooters and your personal shopping assistant.

Pricing – All the new features are available on Zoho CRM Plus immediately. Zoho CRM Plus is available for $50/user/month when billed annually.


The value of Zoho CRM Plus is unmatched in the CRM industry, and so are it’s capabilities.  With the new unified Cx Platorm roll-out for CRM Plus, the best has gotten even better.

Add up the features in the CRM Plus application suite which include: Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Social, Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho and compare price to competitors, and it becomes pretty obvious why Zoho has the fasts growing software packages in the industry.

You can sell faster, market smarter, and analyze better with Zoho!  Start a FREE trial of Zoho CRM Plus today – click here.  Speak to First Direct Corporation, Authorized Zoho Partner for a sales and implementation assistance call us (845) 221-3800 or submit a request at

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