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Zoho WorkDrive: Part 1 – Make Accounting Paperless

Zoho WorkDrive is a secure, online file sharing, management, and collaboration tool that helps every team work together and be productive, no matter what is your industry or team size. From ideation, conception to finalization, your team can create, share and collaborate on everything using WorkDrive.

Zoho WorkDrive is a terrific low cost alternative to MS Office, or can be used in conjunction with your Office applications.

Zoho WorkDrive Features

Private and public space Team Folder access Instant notifications Access Control/Permission
Feedback in Context Draft before publishing Lightning-fast uploads Supports 160 file formats
Share files externally Sync files and folders to desktop Zoho WorkDrive mobile apps Integrate with Zoho Office Suite
Advanced Analytics Custom branding Discover lost files Manage users and ownerships
Drag & Drop Real-time data synchronization Encryption & electronic signature Document management


Zoho WorkDrive – A Secure Option for File Sharing

Industries and business such finance, banking, insurance, and investment all demand protection of their sensitive data.  All financial companies require secure file storage systems to maintain the relationship of trust and security. With Zoho WorkDrive, you get a single platform to store, secure, and manage your financial documents, data, and processes securely, while maintaining compliance and adhering to industry standards. Here’s how Zoho WorkDrive makes accounting paperless for the finance firms.

  1. Data Storage on Cloud, Securely


Zoho, the makers of WorkDrive has been awarded ISO 27018 Certification, ensuring firms the highest standard in file and data security.

Zoho WorkDrive comes with Zoho Office Suite that includes Zoho Sheet, Zoho Docs, and Zoho Show. You can create and store spreadsheets, documents, and presentations on vendor contracts, budget projections, profits, financial plans, invoices, bills, and marketing strategies in one secured place.

WorkDrive lets your share password-protected files with external parties like shareholders, clients, etc. Share links for a file/folder and share them with a specific group. You can stop sharing externally when you don’t want anyone to excess your confidential documents.

  1. Set and Work on Financial Goals

Use Zoho Sheet to for your spreadsheet needs.  In Zoho Sheet you can apply complex formula to draw a comprehensive picture of your business capabilities and financial trends. Draft a detailed report, prepare an appealing presentation using Zoho Show, and share it with your team members through WorkDrive.

  1. Monitor Files and Their Usage

Track file usage of sensitive documents. Control access to classified items. Keep a check on file movement.

WorkDrive lets you control access to important files like balance sheets, invoices, etc. In order to prevent unauthorized access to them, you can see who has accessed your stored files and prevent data loss with one click.

Zoho WorkDrive Pricing

Zoho WorkDrive is included in Zoho application bundles such as Zoho One.  It can also be obtained separately.  There are four editions of Zoho WorkDrive. The plans and Zoho pricing are given below:



Zoho WorkDrive is a file management system that works across all business applications. It provides a unified platform for searching files, sharing them, storing them on the cloud securely, and collaborating with teams. It is a part of Zoho One and Zoho CRM Workplace.  Zoho WorkDrive fits business small to large.

Want to learn more? Contact First Direct Corp., a Zoho Authorized Partner, for Zoho WorkDrive and Zoho’s other applications such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Marketing Hub and Zoho Campaigns. Zoho offers over 45 applications.  If you want to learn more about the Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho pricing, or how Zoho applications can be used in your organizations contact First Direct at (845)221-3800.

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First Direct Logo - ZOHO Partners
ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
(845) 221-3800