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Zoho WorkDrive Part 2: Driving Operational Efficiency For Healthcare & Other Industries

With growing digitalization and advancement in technologies, certain industries need to automate and streamline their document-related processes.

One such example of an industry that has very proactively made the switch over to digitization and secure shared access is healthcare.

Healthcare providers, professionals and facilities often struggle with a vast amount of paperwork and are not able to break down information silos unless they use a secured online document management system.

Requirements for Compliance is one of the drivers for online file storage and management software platforms like Zoho WorkDrive.

Below are other drivers industry drivers:

  1. A Consumer (patient) Centric Model

Consistent flow of data across all departments aid all professionals and touchpoints of a consumer’s data to be concentric within an organization and even beyond.

# Zoho WorkDrive lets you create a Team Folders were data, images, account reports, etc. are accessible when necessary according to set rules.

# When “time is of the essence” there is no time to gather information. WorkDrive ensures immediate and current access to information. In other industries delays and mistakes can cost a business a customer relationship.   In the healthcare industry this can be a matter of life of death.

  1. Maintain Patient Data Privacy and Security

In the US, there are stringent laws that protect patient health information (PHI). The cost of PHI data breaches can be high.  So your healthcare professionals will have to make sure that they keep patient data as safe as possible.

Zoho’s platform and WorkDrive adheres to ISO 27001 and SOC – 2 standards. This ensures that patient data stays secure digitally. It keeps your data safe when it is stored or transferred to your team. When data is at rest, it is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, and during transit, it is protected with Perfect Forward Secrecy. WorkDrive even provides the option to set 2-factor authentication.

Since Zoho meets the strict standards for data storage that are required by the healthcare industry, you rest assured that it meets your business’s standards.

  1. Disaster Recovery and Auditing

Outsider threats to data continue to increase and they present new challenges. But a study has found that 59% of all breaches in the healthcare sector are caused by internal members. WorkDrive lets you monitor all activities on your files and folders, from edits to reports. The file management software also helps you recover files that you delete accidentally.  Zoho has to be able to protect data in every industry.

 Zoho Workdrive

Zoho WorkDrive Pricing

Zoho’s pricing plan for WorkDrive is simple and affordable. Zoho WorkDrive pricing starts at $2.50 per month/per user. Apart from Starter, Team, and Business plans, there is an Enterprise Plan for big healthcare organizations that need unlimited storage. You can get in touch with our Zoho experts to discuss your needs and deployment process.

If you are using other Zoho products, WorkDrive can be easily integrated with them, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Connect, Zoho People, Zoho Projects, etc. Zoho WorkDrive is also included in Zoho One, which is a suite of 45+ business applications.


Studies suggest that healthcare professionals are the most stressed employees due to workload and paperwork. WorkDrive is a secure document management system for digital health spaces. It gives you control over information management while allowing you to cut costs on paperwork. With consistent, secure, and accurate information that is easily accessible by relevant persons, organizations in the health care and every industry can improve operational efficiency and reduce stress on employees.

Contact First Direct Corporation, a Zoho Authorized Partner, for implementing and deploying WorkDrive and enabling your employees to work collaboratively and efficiently.  Get in touch with us today!  Call (845) 221-3800 or contact us online.

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First Direct Logo - ZOHO Partners
ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
(845) 221-3800