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Zoho products integrate with 1000+ extensions that are available through Zoho Marketplace.

Zoho’s Best-of-Breed Integrations: 1000+ Ready-to-Use Extensions

What are Zoho Extensions?

Extensions are pre-built applications and software components that can add a set of custom features and enhance the functionality of Zoho products. Zoho follows a flexible approach to business management, which means it supports a wide range of third-party applications that your business needs. Zoho products integrate with 1000+ extensions that are available through Zoho Marketplace.

About Zoho Products and Extensions

Zoho gives you one integrated system to transform your business’s disparate activities into a more connected, collaborative, and productive environment. Zoho’s powerful suite of 45+ SaaS applications and best-of-breed integrations make it the operating system for business.

Zoho has a product suite across the spectrum of sales, marketing, customer support, HR, finance, and operations. Businesses can extend the power of Zoho applications with 1000+ ready-to-use extensions from Zoho Integration Marketplace.

• There is a Zoho extension for every business function
• Easily connect 1000+ apps with Zoho products
• There are custom apps for different businesses
• There are tremendous benefits of Zoho extensions
• No coding knowledge required for integrating extensions with Zoho

Zoho users can connect their Zoho CRM accounts with outside services such as RingCentral, Google, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc. With an integration enabled, connecting your favorite business tools with the Zoho products becomes easier. When all your business apps are integrated, they work seamlessly as part of a holistic system like a unified data model. By having a unified data model, companies get a true 360 customer view, which means more sales, more revenue, and business growth.

Zoho Extensions for Every Business Function

Zoho integrations help businesses to create an application integration network that allows all applications to communicate with each other, making work processes more effective and efficient. Zoho Integration Marketplace makes it easier for you to maintain, manage, and keep all your applications up to date while eliminating data duplication and redundancy. Currently, 139,000+ users use Zoho extensions across 40+ categories to solve their unique business needs and get more work done every day. Here are the categories for which you can find a number of extensions in Zoho Marketplace.

Zoho Extensions for Every Business Function


“Zoho CRM integrates with both Outlook and Google’s calendars, making it easy to schedule, and send invites to clients or customers outside of your organization.” -Tony Bredin, NMC Inc


Connect 1000+ Apps with Zoho Products

Zoho is trusted by more than 50 million users globally. Why? Because ONE integrated suite ties together every corner of business operations. With 45+ easy-to-use Zoho applications and 1000+ ready-to-use integrations, Zoho continues to provide immense value to businesses of all sizes and verticals. You can easily connect other business applications with Zoho. Zoho Integration Marketplace features a host of handpicked extensions for Zoho applications and here are the extensions available for each Zoho product:

ZOHO Extensions

  • From calling to closing, sell better, faster, and smarter with 500+ Zoho CRM extensions.
  • Build stronger customer relationships and drive customer retention with 130+ Zoho Desk integrations
  • Manage your recruiting process with extensions for Zoho Recruit
  • Communicate and collaborate better with Zoho Mail extensions
  • There are 45 advanced analytics add-ons available for Zoho Analytics
  • There are 57 extensions for Zoho Cliq to complete tasks right from your chat window
  • Build contextual conversations with prospects from different sources with SalesIQ extensions
  • From Zoho Books, Campaigns, Projects, Assist, Orchestly, Sites to Inventory, there are extensions available for different Zoho products.
  • Zoho also offers 40+ custom apps for various business needs.


Custom Apps for Different Businesses

Zoho offers 50+ custom apps across event planning, libraries, pharmacies, tutoring, vehicle rentals, restaurants, legal firms, corporate travel, and academic institutions. These custom apps are FleetHub, Schooling, Visitor Management, Assignment Tracker, Call Logs, and Order Management among others.

How Zoho Extensions Benefit Your Business

How Zoho Extensions Benefit Your Business

With an integrated business operation, companies can create a more agile working environment, where teams can do more, better, faster, and smarter work. You need Zoho extensions as you get to:

• Improve customer experiences
• Automate tasks and processes
• Optimize workflow
• Boost collaboration
• Break data silos
• Enhance tracking
• Increase ROI and more

No Coding Required

It is very easy to integrate Zoho products with third-party applications, there is no coding required. No matter what kind of business apps you are using right now, just integrate them with Zoho and solve all your business requirements from one platform. The best part about Zoho integrations is that 70% of extensions are available for free.


The best-of-breed integrations available in the Zoho Marketplace help you create a comprehensive system. Your business can focus on increasing sales & delivering quality services to their customers rather than managing different third-party applications and reaching out to multiple vendors for support. Your team can do their best work and bring better results. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose applications of your choice and integrate them with Zoho. With Zoho and 1000+ extensions, you can operate your business from one platform, which ensures data consistency across your departments.

With Zoho extensions, you do not have to manage Zoho and the integrated applications. It is done for you. You do not have to maintain the integrated applications, eliminating your IT budget and taking a huge burden off your company.

As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we help you identify the right extensions that your business requires and successfully deploy them. Choose First Direct Corporation to be your Zoho partner to help you deploy Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho One, and more apps as well as marketplace integrations for better results.

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First Direct Logo - ZOHO Partners
ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
(845) 221-3800