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The Operating System for your Business

Turning Your Software into a System

As a Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct Corporation provides more than just Zoho software solutions. Software needs to be intelligently configured and deployed in alignment with an organizations business processes, objectives, and sales, marketing & service needs. We help your business TURN YOUR SOFTWARE INTO A SYSTEM.


Our Role As a Zoho Authorized Partner

ZOHO Authorized PartnerSoftware applications are not customized to your exact business needs. As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we have an important role to play for your business and how you can best utilize Zoho applications. Our Zoho experts help you reach your desired objectives using Zoho applications in the most practical and economic means. Working together we can Turn Software into a System by customizing, configuring, deploying, and implementing Zoho applications based on your business’s processes and requirements. We also guide, support, and train you through the best practices for the Zoho solutions you use.


Our Business Methodology

First Direct’s business methodology aims at adding value to your Zoho applications and accelerating your deployment, so you can achieve greater results and return from your Zoho investment.

Configuration Planning & Design

We begin by focusing on how you intend to use your Zoho applications from a marketing, sales, service, and workgroup standpoint. Scoping out the ways your system needs to be configured for optimum benefits, security needs, workflow, etc.

Technical Readiness and Support

Our Zoho expert works with your IT team on the technical requirements for your set-up and deployment. This helps to ensure that you are ready for an efficient and proper implementation of your new Zoho software and any relevant add-ons.

Training & Coaching

Your system is only as good as your users. Our training experts help you raise your users’ Zoho competency. This is key to optimum application usage, maximum satisfaction, and the ultimate value your organizations and users will derive. Training and coaching is the key to bridging the knowledge gap and getting off on the right foot.

Special Needs

Organizations have similarities, and that is why the basics and best practices apply to all software systems. By the same token, each organization has its unique needs and circumstances, and those can lead us into the areas such as advanced features, add-on applications, and even custom development. We provide Zoho services for your custom requirements and needs.

Our Zoho Services

Zoho Consulting & Best Practices

Your business is unique and so are your requirements. It does not make sense to make you use Zoho in a way that is not suitable for your organization. Our Zoho experts discuss your business and technology needs in a consulting engagement and ensure that your Zoho strategy is designed and executed professionally and cost-effectively. Get Started

Zoho Training

With Zoho applications, you get a feature-packed software system. We train your users and guide you on the best practices required for optimizing sales funnels, setting triggers, improving workflows, getting more leads and conversions, improving client communication and much more. Get Started

Zoho Configuration & Integration

As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we offer more than just consulting and implementation services. Integrating Zoho apps with third-party business applications and configuring them according to your business needs expert help. Leave the task of connecting third-party applications with Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus, and Zoho One to us. We will create a well-integrated, configured system where you can access your data easily and optimize processes effectively. Get Started

Zoho Administration & Support

We want you to focus on your business growth while letting us administer your Zoho software and doing all the back-end work. Our Zoho administration and support plans can take the burden off your IT team and help you save money, time and human resources to handle all that is required to support your system on an ongoing basis. Get Started

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Software is only effective if it is used correctly. The powerful features of Zoho applications combined with our implementation, configuration, and support services can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Get Free Consultation