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Zoho SalesIQ now supports 30 languages for both Zobot and Answer bot. By speaking your customers’ language, you can enhance engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and break down language barriers to provide seamless support. 

We are thrilled to announce that First Direct Corporation has once again been honored with the esteemed “Top Partner Award” for the year 2023 by Aspire Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of QuoteWerks software. For over two decades, First Direct Corporation has exemplified excellence, consistently earning this prestigious accolade year after year. This remarkable achievement solidifies First Direct’s position as a leader within the QuoteWerks community, surpassing all other partners worldwide in maintaining this exceptional standard of performance.

Effective February 28, 2024, we will deprecate the Activities tab in Zoho CRM. While ensuring no loss of sales activity records, users can continue managing tasks, meetings, and calls individually. This strategic move aims to optimize CRM performance, offering enhanced organization and efficiency. To safeguard data, users are advised to recreate associated reports, dashboards, and custom views within the new modules before the deprecation date. Further details, please click below.

In this reflective journey through 2023, Zoho celebrates a year marked by gratitude, rewarding challenges, and memorable moments. From impactful visits to schools, impressive headquarters in Chennai, to crossing 100 million users globally, the year was filled with significant milestones. Launching unique apps like Aula and Trident, hosting over 30 events across 47 countries, and achieving 500+ meetups showcased Zoho’s global presence. The emphasis on generative AI and fostering independent teams in technology shifts reflected the company’s commitment to innovation. As the year concluded, Zoho looks ahead to further market momentum and continued success in 2024.

Stay ahead in your daily schedule with the latest updates from Zoho Calendar. The auto-suggest slot feature ensures efficient event planning by highlighting participant availability and suggesting alternative slots, avoiding scheduling conflicts. Meanwhile, the out-of-office sync function enables you to set notifications in Zoho Mail, syncing with your calendar to automatically decline events during your specified time off. These thoughtful additions aim to elevate your calendar experience, emphasizing Zoho Calendar’s commitment to keeping pace with the dynamic demands of modern scheduling.

Experience enhanced collaboration with Zoho Cliq as Zoho introduces enterprise-focused features such as conference room meetings, large-scale live events, audit logs, usage reports, and eDiscovery. The recent updates also incorporate tone analysis, auto-correction, and AI-enhanced features that provide meeting summaries and transcripts, making your work effortlessly efficient!

Zoho Marketplace reaches a significant milestone with 1 million installations, offering 1,800+ extensions for 27 Zoho products. Supported by 500+ ISV & SI partnerships, it serves 800K+ business users, welcoming 6M website visits and 30K average monthly installations. User testimonials showcase its impact, with 85% of extensions rated highly. CEO Sridhar Vembu emphasizes the importance of interoperability, collaboration, and seamless user experiences. This achievement is powered by user trust and partner collaboration, adding new functionalities to Zoho for smarter work. Explore Zoho Marketplace for solutions to address every business need.

Zoho Marketplace offers over 1,800 ready-to-use extensions, empowering 800,000+ business users to enhance customer experiences, automate tasks, break data silos, optimize workflows, collaborate efficiently, and boost productivity within Zoho’s suite of products. With 1,000,000+ installations and 70% of free extensions, it’s a valuable resource for optimizing your Zoho experience.

Zoho celebrates reaching 100 million users across 55+ business applications after $1 billion in annual revenue last year. CEO Sridhar Vembu expresses gratitude to users and announces a 10-year innovation plan, with a series of global events to celebrate this achievement. 

Zoho Corporation has announced its strategic integration of OpenAI’s generative AI technology with Zia, its own AI engine. This integration represents a significant step in Zoho’s AI strategy, combining external intelligence with Zoho’s secure cloud infrastructure. The result is an enhanced customer experience, providing valuable insights while upholding the core tenets of privacy and data protection.

Experience Ulaa, the privacy-first browser, is designed to safeguard user privacy by incorporating built-in data and activity blockers that effectively prevent tracking. It offers multi-device syncing and features built-in user modes, catering to the needs of different user profiles such as kids, developers, and individuals seeking a seamless browsing experience for both work and personal use.

Zoho Corporation, a global technology company, has announced significant investments across go-to-market services, new products, platform extensibility, AI, and privacy and security to drive upmarket growth. With a three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 65% in mid-market and enterprise segments, Zoho aims to accelerate its momentum in these areas. Currently serving more than 90 million users across 600,000 businesses worldwide, Zoho is committed to delivering strength and value through various initiatives.

Zoho, a company that offers unified cloud software to run your entire business, reported that revenue last year exceeded $1 billion – with any external investment. Zoho’s product catalog exceeds 50 products, covering everything from a traditional office suite to business intelligence, sales, marketing, finance, and more.

In the 19th annual CRM Watchlist award, Zoho CRM emerged victorious with the highest overall score among strong competitors like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and more. Zoho’s focus on building a unified platform and making more investments in research & development has helped it to provide great customer experiences.

Zoho Calendar now consolidates all of your to-dos in one place and helps you tick them off quickly. Zoho Calendar is now inside your mailbox so you can take a quick peek at your calendar while drafting your response. You can view meeting recordings in the Calendar. Now, it’s also possible to allow forwarding in your event so participants can bring in their friends who are interested in attending.

In 2022, Zoho Assist won a number of awards and has been recognized as a leading remote support software solution. Recently, Zoho Assist Enterprise was highly recommended under the business software category by PC Pro. Zoho Assist received the PC Pro Technology Excellence Awards 2022 because of being the most feature-rich remote support software and excellent customer service.
Zoho has been positioned as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Next-Gen ADM Solutions: Low-code/No-code Development Platforms, 2022. Zoho’s capability to produce industry-specific prebuilt solutions, seamless unifying of apps, integrations, BI capabilities, drag-and-drop actions, and integrated development environment have earned Zoho Creator the Leader position.
Zoho CRM has received the Editors’ Choice award for Best CRM Software from PCMag for four years in a row – from 2019 to 2022. Zoho CRM topped the list in several categories and is the only software vendor with a positive NPS score.
RingCentral is now ranked highest in all four use cases in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Unified Communications as a Service, Worldwide report, including Midsize Enterprise, Large & Multinational Organizations, Mobility and Remote Working, and UC With Integrated Contact Centers. This report is a comparative analysis that scores competing products or services against a set of critical differentiators.

Zoho Meeting, with its quality audio and video conferencing capabilities, has become a leading platform for secure virtual meetings and collaboration. Zoho Meeting has been shortlisted by Constellation Research for Virtual Events: Webcasts and Meetings. Constellation Research has evaluated over 30 products in the virtual events market and shortlisted 11 of them for final recognition.

Zoho Campaigns is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and our CEO Sridhar Vembu talks about the investment the company has made on R&D to make this product an integral part of Zoho’s extensive Customer Experience suite.