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Email Templates in Zoho CRM Now Follow Responsive Design

Email templates in CRM are now responsive on desktop and mobile devices. A responsive email template is an email template fully optimized for any device (i.e. desktop, mobile, and tablet). Now, the email templates you create in Zoho CRM will be automatically optimized for the convenience of your customers every time they open your business emails on any device. They will get the same experience that you wish them to have.

Enhance your email marketing efforts with the Zoho Campaigns’ new mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV app. You can create, send, and track marketing emails from your phone, anytime, anywhere.

As Zoho Creator turns 15, Zoho has released a new video to announce the newest iteration of the Creator platform—Creator 6! The all-in-one Creator 6 includes process automation tools, BI and augmented analytics, a no-code AI builder, and a lot more exciting features to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation and modernization efforts.

Zoho Introduces Zillum

Zillum is an integrated bundle of seven applications to help families communicate, share and collaborate between themselves. Zillum includes Zoho Mail, Zoho WorkDrive, Cliq, Writer, Sheet, Show, and Vault.

Now add more breadth to your regular virtual events by giving sponsors and exhibitors an online space to reach attendees with Zoho BackStage. Create a page titled “Exhibitors” to your event website and set up a virtual booth where exhibitors can feature videos and brochures relating to their product or service. You can also generate real-time reports to get a better understanding of how your virtual booth is performing.

A Number of Features Added to WorkDrive in 2021

Zoho has widened WorkDrive’s capabilities in 2021 while building a more robust platform to help teams organize their work. Some of the new features include customized access to the files clients need, secured access to documents, email sharing with team members, new templates for sales deck, invoice and order forms, custom domain, and device management among others.

Enhanced Control over Zoho CRM Fields and Reporting

Zoho CRM has introduced some interesting updates to the record accessibility feature and reporting hierarchy. Users can now change access to records to restrict certain users from modifying any record or data. A new field called “Reporting To” will be automatically available in various places in CRM. Admins can choose to retain the field or remove it individually from each place.

Welcome Improvements to Zoho CRM Templates

Several updates have been made to Zoho CRM templates. Now, users can associate subform data to templates and save templates as draft and revise them when required. Templates available in Zoho CRM gallery are now supported in multiple languages to provide more flexibility, better usage, and users’ convenience.

ZOHO Ones Contract Lifecycle Management - Enterprise Grade Features

Zoho Contracts is a feature-rich contract lifecycle management platform that lets you streamline your contract processes and stay compliant with reduced costs. Zoho Contracts is now included in the Zoho One bundle. Now, you can manage everything from sales and marketing, IT, finance, legal, help desk, and business processes from one integrated, comprehensive software.

Email Preferences in Zoho CRM will now allow admins to set a role based email sharing preference. Organization users will automatically abide by the pre-configured sharing permission. The other two updates are a mass update of sharing settings and better UI experience. 

The new Zoho Learn is an all-in-one knowledge and learning management solution that can help organizations create, manage, and share organizational knowledge, training programs, and measure progress. Zoho Learn will make employee training a breeze and boost learner engagement.

Introducing All-new Unified Operating System for Business - Zoho One 21

Zoho One 21 unifies apps, services, and interface to ensure consistency and continuity of experience. The new unified Zoho One 21 adds new apps like Zoho Commerce, TeamInbox, Lens, Learn, Mobile Application Management, and more. The new operating system can empower innovation and sustainable growth by unifying every aspect of your business.