Smart yet easy. Intuitive yet flexible. Simple yet robust. That’s what makes our web-based Zoho CRM Plus an all-in-one customer engagement software that will help your business grow.

Zoho CRM Plus unifies your customer-facing teams with a single all-in-one software and provides them with visibility of every customer interaction. Empower your teams with the technology they need to give your customers a better experience.

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Zoho provides a better way to go mobile. Mobility is no longer an option – it is now necessity! Zoho recognized this early and designed all their applications with mobile capability. All of their applications features the mobility users have come to expect from Zoho.

Mobile functionality is designed into Zoho products from the start. The user can transition between their desktop and mobile devices seamlessly. The interface remains familiar and your capabilities, both in terms of the application as well as your job responsibilities go with you where you go. As a result, Zoho applications are more popular than ever.


Software manufacturers across the world are striving to make all applications accessible for usage and administration from a central console. Zoho has already achieved this.

Whether you are a small business or you a large enterprise, Zoho's central cloud access to all it's solutions enables software administrators to support their organizations more efficiently. Zoho does more than reduce set-up and administration time. Because Zoho applications are integrated, you're immediately able to share data between the various solutions.

Zoho recognized that many organizations have to deploy other "best-of-breed" applications for special purposes. In Zoho's marketplace you will find ready to go integration available for many of the world's most popular third-party applications. Zoho's robust API and development tools

The advantages of Zoho become even more compelling when looked at from an administrator's point of view.


It is an understatement to say that Zoho's solutions increase productivity. Zoho's features help all the members of an organization to do their job more efficiently and effectively. The ability to collaborate over Zoho leads to synergies and benefits that simply can not be achieved otherwise.

Zoho offers workflow and automation features that an organization can use to map their business processes into any of Zoho's applications. Zoho can truly be the operating system for business.

Insights and Intelligence

Zoho's analytic and reporting features turn any manager into a smarter manager. With Zoho's business intelligence and analytic tools you can create insightful reports and dashboards that enable better understanding of your business and markets so management can make more informed and better decisions.

As soon as you log into Zoho your homepage presents quick insights, metrics and need to know information. Zoho provides a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface for creating dashboards in minutes.

With other features in Zoho like "Feeds" and "Zia" the makers of Zoho have taken information technology to the next level. With Zoho's built-in artificial intelligence your Zoho system is literally learning ways to help users be more efficient and productive.

Multichannel Engagement

Today's customers find you and interact with your organization through various channels - phone, email, live chat, surveys, and social media.

Zoho CRM Plus seamlessly connects all channels together, so you can provide the best customer experience, no matter the medium.

With Zoho your prospects and customers can connect with you and have meaningful interactions. By centralizing the way your firm handles these engagements your entire team can provide a unified custom experience.

Inter-team Communication

A common theme for all Zoho applications is the importance of collaboration. Zoho products are rich with features that enhance an organization's ability to work together and communicate. There are tools for sales & marketing, email & collaboration, business process, finance, IT & help desk, Human Resources and more.

In one sense, all roads lead to CRM which is why Zoho CRM is at the center of the Zoho family of products. Collaboration is essential for a firm to achieve optimum synergy, maximum productivity and a unified consumer experience. Geater adoption of Zoho is a winning strategy.

Operating system for your business

Zoho CRM helps streamline your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system.

An all-in-one platform for customer engagement. Zoho CRM Plus gives your team 360-degree, contextual view of every customer interaction.

Zoho ONE with its six sets of applications is a revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire business. There are over 45 different applications included with Zoho ONE!

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