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Zoho Customer Relationship Management

Answer These Questions Prior Investing in a CRM System

In order for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software to achieve the results your organization desires, you must turn software into a system. Software is generic; a system is configured, implemented and maintained in ways that are aligned to your business’s objectives, processes and workflow. As a Zoho Authorized partner, First Direct’s methodology adds value to your Zoho CRM Software.

When considering a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for one’s business, most people devote their time in evaluating an application’s feature, cost, customization, scalability and how quickly it will get implemented.

CRM allows businesses to manage customer relationships and information associated with them. A CRM system gives you a clear overview of your customers. It helps you understand the pipeline of sales and prospective work coming up, thus making the forecast simpler and more accurate. CRM software makes the administration work easy and improves products and sales. But how can you find the best solution for your organization as per your needs and budget? Answer the below mentioned questions and you’ll succeed in knowing the best CRM solution for your business.

Question 1) Do You Have The Right Resources?

In the end, your CRM is simply a database – only if it is used in the right way. When most of your employees will access it, there will be a significant increase in productivity, profits, and sales. Just like an asset, it requires investment and like any investment it needs two main resources – time and money.

Moreover, the software cost is a small part of the overall investment. To make it run smoothly, you need to involve people. External partners, consultants, and specialists in the CRM application need to be hired. You will make your employees spend time on the system. You will require IT support, time and again you will have to organize training sessions and so on…

All these activities need time and time is money. This time will be utilized in learning something new which your employees would have otherwise spent on their respective jobs. You need resources to turn CRM software into your system, and First Direct Corporation will provide you customized Zoho CRM support. Our Zoho services range from consultation to training to customization and ongoing system support and administration.

Question 2) Will You Be Able To Earn Higher ROI?

To know whether you need a CRM system and whether or not the system will generate a satisfactory return on investment in the future, you need a clear cut way to evaluate your ROI. You’re in a business to earn the profit; therefore your CRM system should also help you generate profit.

The two simple ways to generate more profit is: increase your sales and/or decrease your expenses. Think about sales. In the recent past, how many opportunities you have lost just because you didn’t follow up on the task? How many customers you have lost just because you didn’t maintain a good relationship with them? Now think about the expenses. Will the CRM help you increase productivity? Respond to problems quickly and in a fast manner?

Zoho applications can become the operating system for your business. The Zoho CRM software helps you boost your sales and increases employee productivity. When you hire our Zoho CRM professionals, their technical expertise and product experience will enable you to achieve greater success and return on your CRM investment.

Question 3) Are You Really Ready For It?

CRM system can be bliss for your company. It can bring tremendous benefits to your company but at the same time, it can also take a tremendous amount of work. It is a powerful database but if you want it to be useful and productive, data needs to be accurate and complete.

To have a great database, people need to be trained. Internal controls over the data need to be established. Ask your employees to throw away those spreadsheets, stop making notes on the back of an envelope, and enter information after calls and appointments. All of this takes effort! People generally don’t like change particularly till they see a bright future and how it will help them.

Once you’ve decided to go down this path, don’t look back. Don’t give up for those who complain or just don’t want to give up the old way of doing things. Make adjustments and ensure that problems are fixed.

If the CRM is implemented in the right way, it will contribute much to your company’s profitability. So your job is to think and implement what is best for your company. Then make sure that you provide the right resources, have clear metrics to evaluate its ROI and then be confident that the system will ultimately meet and exceeds your expectations. First Direct Corp. offers a range of customized Zoho CRM support services to assist you with the implementation, usage and maintenance of your ZOHO system and solutions.

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Bob Ritter
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