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Introducing Zoho Cliq 5.0 Elevating Team Communication with AI Integration

Introducing Zoho Cliq 5.0: Elevating Team Communication with AI Integration

Zoho Cliq is an all-in-one team communication and collaboration software that acts as a central hub for communication and productivity. Recently, Zoho introduced new features and enhancements to this already great solution.

Introducing Zoho Cliq 5.0—an enterprise-ready, AI-driven solution designed to enhance team communication efficiency. Zoho Cliq 5.0 has advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features for smarter meetings and a revamped developer platform. Read the blog to learn more about the new AI enhancements and features.

Key Features and Enhancements to Cliq 5.0


For Enhanced Administration:

  • eDiscovery and DRP: Seamlessly handle litigation or regulatory inquiries with provisioned evidence and maintain accurate records through eDiscovery and Data Retention Policies.
  • Audit Trails: Gain swift and precise oversight with Audit Logs, offering a snapshot of user activities across chats and channels.

Key Features and Enhancements to Cliq 5

  • Usage Reports: Admins can measure adoption rates, track hours spent on interactions, and gain insights into organizational interactions for refined communication strategies.

Centralized Channel Management Zoho Cliq

  • Status Configuration: Admins can oversee status settings for the entire organization, customizing availability text, setting time limits, and mandating activity statuses.
  • Centralized Channel Management: Admins gain granular control over every channel within the organization, performing detailed actions from a single centralized location.


Additions to Calls and Meetings:

  • Cliq Rooms for Hybrid Teams: Turn any room into a smart conference room with Cliq Rooms, bridging the gap between in-office and remote teams.

Cliq Rooms for Hybrid Teams

  • Live Events Feature: Host virtual live events seamlessly, allowing organizers to manage presenters and intermissions while employees join directly from the Cliq mobile app or Cliq for TV.


AI-Driven Features for Intelligent Communication:

  • Meeting Summary and Action Items: AI-generated meeting transcripts ensure critical points are captured, detecting follow-up tasks within the content.

AI-Driven Features for Intelligent Communication - Zoho Cliq

  • Tone Analysis and Auto-Correction: Understand the tone of messages and receive feedback for refined communication.
  • Summary of Unread Messages: Generate message summaries for unread messages, providing a quick grasp of conversations.


Collaboration Enhancers:

  • Auto-Replies: Set auto-responses for when you’re away, keeping colleagues informed about your unavailability.

Workflow and Productivity Enhancements

  • Pin Multiple Messages: Effortlessly pin multiple critical messages in a chat, ensuring important information stays on top.


Workflow and Productivity Enhancements:

  • Images and Cards in Widgets: Your widgets in Zoho Cliq now support images and cards with which you can create image galleries or carousels, product showcases and other immersive visual content.

Images and Cards in Widgets

  • Unfurl Handler in Extensions: Configure link unfurling for specific domains with custom options within an extension 

Unfurl Handler in Extensions with Zoho Cliq

  • ChatGPT: Access settings and make changes to your ChatGPT bot.
  • Other enhancements: New Database Fields, Webhook Token Revamp, New Bot Subscription Model, and Toggle Input in Forms.


Additional Enhancements:

  • One-on-One Call Recording
  • Pin more than one important message in a conversation for quick access
  • Experience interactive widgets in the Cliq mobile app just like you do with the web version.


New Subscription Plans:

Zoho Cliq introduces four plans—Free, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Existing customers on the unlimited plan can enjoy the features of the professional plan while retaining their current unlimited pricing.

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The Cliq Enterprise plan is incorporated into the Zoho One bundle. The features of the Cliq Standard and Professional plans are integrated into the Standard and Professional plans of the Workplace bundle, respectively. Additionally, the Cliq Standard plan is also a part of the People Plus bundle.


Zoho’s never ending dedication to R&D has brought significant innovation to Zoho Cliq. The new Zoho Cliq 5.0 is an all-in-one communication solution for in-office messaging, team chat, collaboration, productivity, interaction, and much more. If you’re new to Zoho Cliq, sign up today to experience the future of intelligent team communication.

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