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    Get a Better CRM for a LOT Less!

    | May 15, 2018, By Bob Ritter.

    There is an alternative to the expensive CRM gorilla in the room. Before you commit to Salesforce, to begin with or for another year, take a look at Zoho!

    Coming up strong from behind is this powerful suite of business solutions from an established firm with over 5000 employees, very deep development resources, over 40 business applications, a great selection of integrations with popular products businesses are already using, and much more.

    On Software Advice’s website, where there they have a comparison between Zoho and Salesforce, the author points out that Zoho is recommended by 93% of users, compared to 79% for Salesforce. A reviewer wrote, “This software is so robust, inexpensive and has so many additional modules that can be added on.”

    But you won’t see the clutter people complain about in Salesforce. A Zoho reviewer wrote, “It’s easy to use, can accomplish most all sales functions and is constantly being enhanced by the developers at Zoho.”

    At nearly ½ the cost as Saleforce, Zoho requires NO contract, whereas Salesforce that will lock you in for at least a year. And, unlike Salesforce where you have to pay for phone support, with Zoho toll-free support is included in their subscription. Zoho also has a very strong help website, knowledge base and online community included in subscription fee.

    The Marketing Automation Insider site which also compared Zoho and Salesforce, gave both products the same ratings down the line overall. Similarly, G2 Crowd, another community that publishes comparisons, gave both Zoho and Salesforce the same 4 star rating. Comparable value for a lower cost works out to a better value with Zoho.

    The website FitSmallBusiness compared Zoho and Salesforce and made it’s “Buyers Guide recommendation Zoho. Why? “… They said, “because it offers all of the same key CRM features a small business is likely to use at a much more affordable cost than Salesforce.” As the analyst put it, “We recommend Zoho CRM because, for the vast majority of small businesses, it will provide all the features you need at a fraction of the price of Salesforce.” The writer went on to say, “We conducted a detailed comparison to identify what differences exist to justify the extra cost of Salesforce. What we found was that for most small businesses, both systems can complete all of the core activities equally well.”

    Another comparison was performed by “AppseConnect.” They looked at:

    Ease of Use and found, “Zoho CRM with its clean layout, modular approach is easier to use and configure. The current Zoho CRM UI is easily navigable, and you can effortlessly filter your data based on Potential Amount, Potential Stage, Closing date, Country and numerous others. In short, it feels like Zoho has done their proper research on how Sales Reps need to view their data. The learning curve is much simpler, so it is easy to get a hang of the CRM quickly.
    Features and found the both application pack in loads of amazing features.
    Ease of customization and found that with Zoho you can customize standard modules and add additional functionalities in those modules, create new modules, add custom fields, design layout, edit permissions. Both Zoho and Saleforce come with powerful out-of-the box features. Zoho also boasts of a complete suite of business applications such as: Zoho Campaigns’ email marketing, Zoho’s own project management system aka Zoho Projects, Zoho Support for customer support and satisfaction, Zoho Survey for customer feedback, Zoho Reports for BI analytics, Zoho Invoice, etc. In addition, Zoho also has a tremendous selection of marketplace integrations.
    Contract terms are much more flexible with Zoho. There is NO contract!
    Great Reviews! Analysts and users have been saying many great things about Zoho CRM and related applications. Click here to see Reviews. (make that a link to

    Here’s a fact that may surprise you – Zoho states they have over 300K organizations managing their daily operations via Zoho CRM. But given the fact that they have over 5000 employees and an extremely productive development road map and major releases coming out on a regular basis, it may not be such a surprise after all.

    So why pay more for Salesforce when you can get CRM software that helps you sell smarter, better, faster for much LESS with NO long-term contract?

    While this article ends here, the reasons to choose Zoho don’t end! Speak to First Direct implementing Zoho in your organization. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation. (Put a link to the request for Free Consultation.)

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