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    Highlighting Zoho Email Functionality

    | June 30, 2020, By Bob Ritter.

    Highlighting Zoho Email Functionality

    Email is undoubtedly one of the most important communication channels today so its no surprise that Zoho has such rich functionality for email.  Email is a vital means of interaction for all departments and levels in an organization.

    Generally speaking email comes in to play in the context of types of situations:

    • Direct two-way interactions (e.g. sales, customer service, support, etc.)

    • Mass outbound communications (e.g. marketing, announcements, holidays, etc.)

    • Triggered Messages (e.g. notifications, events, auto responders, transactions, etc.)

    • Automated Series (e.g. a string/series of messages)

    Zoho’s mass email functionality is an efficient way to reach a target audience (a list).   You could think of Zoho mass email as a group email, but every message is able to be personalized.  The mass email feature can be used to target Leads, filtered Contacts and Contacts specifically with Deals. Zoho mass email has some limitations, so Zoho also provides email campaign functionality for larger broadcasts when more tracking and analysis is called for.

    Zoho provides many ways to build your list, including but not limited to filtering the list based on fields.

    Create Mass Email

    New Mass Email

    Zoho mass emails can be sent out immediately or they can be scheduled to go out on a specific date or time.  A scheduled mass follow-up email can be edited, stopped or deleted.

    Mail Server

    Because users expect actions to come from mass emails, Zoho provides functionality to automated the update of fields and scheduling activities based on the recipient’s handling of the message they receive.  Say you can automate a follow-up call based on the clicking in an email, that is possible with Zoho’s mass email triggers.


    Depending on the CRM edition, you can schedule follow-up emails to be sent after a set time frame.  For example, you could send another message to all those who have or have not opened your original message.

    Zoho provides statistics on your mass email to help you improve your effectiveness:

    Sent Email Statics

    Zoho’s email functionality is highly robust.  Conversely, most email services and email marketing/automation packages lack the CRM functionality you get with Zoho CRM.

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      The latest news, tips, and best practices on Zoho, in your inbox.

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