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    How a BluePrint Helps in Making Your CRM Implementation Better

    | May 8, 2018, By Bob Ritter.

    ZOHO Custom CRM Configuration Services

    The success of your CRM completely relies on the sales process. A process is effective only when it is followed properly and when you have deep insight of how each part is performing. Knowing your process is implemented exactly as you’ve designed can be a cumbersome task.  We, at First Direct Corporation, help you solve this challenge with BluePrint – a new feature of Zoho CRM. Blueprint helps you align your sales process with your CRM efficiently and also makes sure that your team follows it rigorously.

    First Direct Corporation is a Authorized Zoho Partner. We provide Zoho custom CRM configuration services and implement those products that are best for your organization’s needs and budget. The CRM software, when turned into a business system, augments business processes, empowers greater teamwork, and generates a Return of Investment (ROI). This is how BluePrint can help you streamline your sales process in Zoho CRM:

    Signboards For Easy Navigation – Not all leads, prospects and customers are always at the same stage in the sales funnel. Based on which stage each one is at, the BluePrint’s signboards help you decide what next step the sales representative should take or what they need to do next to convert the prospect. This makes the process easy to follow and repeatable.

    A Guided Process – The BluePrint Editor is where you organization is able to define the details you want to record at every stage of the sales process.  Then Blueprint will automatically prompt your associates to fill in the needed information.

    Uniform Data Entry – BluePrint helps ensure that your salespeople capture their interactions through each stage in your workflow.

    Better Insights Helps You Take Better Decisions – The visibility gained with BluePrint and Zoho will provide your team with the better insights into the sale process, status of your leads. BluePrint’s reports and graphs enable you to analyze your sales representatives input and productivity.  Greater visibility is achieved for more informed decision making.

    The First Direct Difference – ZOHO custom CRM configuration services from First Direct help your organization get the greater results from your CRM system.  Greater results will translate into a higher return on your CRM investment.

      The latest news, tips, and best practices on Zoho, in your inbox.

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