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    How To Engage With Prospective Customers To Optimize Conversion and Retention

    | May 24, 2018, By Bob Ritter.

    Certified ZOHO CRM Professional

    The main aim of every marketing and sales team should be to guide their respective target audience through each stage of the sales funnel. But what is the process to go from one stage to another? And what is the right push at each step?

    A certified Zoho CRM professional or Zoho Authorized Partner can help you map your sales and marketing process into the tools that Zoho offers. Each stage calls for a means of direct engagement and a system for tracking and analyzing interactions. At any point, a lead can be converted or lost.  And at each stage may call for relevant workflow, some of which can be aided or augmented with the automation tools that Zoho has to offer, let alone add-on products from the “Integration Marketplace.” Ultimately, and for as long as possible, loyalty and customer retention must be reinforced.  With that retention comes opportunities for cross sales, referrals, and other ways by which the Life-time Value (LTV) on the customer is enhanced.

    Certified ZOHO CRM Professional

    Awareness –  As you promote your products, services and brands in general, your lead capture engineer in your Zoho CRM database.  Zoho Forms, Zoho Chat, Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Analytics each come into play so that no lead is lost and your marketing and sales processes can kick into gear.

    Consideration – Once you’ve created awareness, attracted visitors/inquiries, and captured a lead your team has to continue to mature the lead into a contact relationship.  Zoho Campaigns, Templates, Tasks in your CRM system are all deployed to develop an Opportunity based on the suitability of your products & services to the prospects needs you’ve identified.  Using your Zoho CRM system capabilities effectively is a powerful strategy for differentiating your offering from your competitors, as well as your professionalism and commitment to a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Conversion and Retention – If the fit is right, your ultimate objective is to convert your Contacts to Accounts and your Opportunities to Sales.  Zoho empowers your sales professionals and management to stay on top of their pipeline.  Timely follow-up requires attention to needs of your pipeline.  Overlooking an opportunity can result in a lost sale to a competitor who may have surpassed your sales process even though their products & services are inferior to your own offerings.  By the same token, a well-managed pipeline will yield a greater closing ratio.

    Each step of the way, from lead capture to opportunity to conversion, essential information for your workflow must be captured.  With Zoho Workflow tools your CRM system can guide you.

    The Zoho Desk application gives your services team the tools ensuring greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.  As a workgroup solution, your entire team is on the same page.

    With Zoho Live chat you’ll have the quickest, simplest, most accessible medium of support with the highest satisfaction rates.  Best of all, it is integrated to your CRM database so these interactions are easily shared and referenced.

    And with Dashboards and Reporting tools your teams can stay on top of the business.  With the powerful sales and marketing tools in Zoho CRM and the full suite of applications, you have the functionality an organization needs to close sales and build lasting relationship.

    The more you know and easier you can access that knowledge about your leads and contacts the more prepared you are at any step in your process.  Zoho seamlessly tracks everything from website visits to live chats to interactions with your campaigns.  It builds a personalized view of all the relationships in your Zoho CRM database.

    Below are just a few of the many features of Zoho SalesIQ:

    • This all in one website engagement platform is suitable for engaging prospects from their first visit to conversion to supporting them in long term.
    • The Zoho SalesIQ also includes leads scoring and automation feature for highly targeted engagement with insightful data that helps in personalizing interactions with visitors.
    • Zoho SalesIQ can be used for marketing, sales and support. For direct prospect and client engagement, it is considered to be the versatile tool.

    Advocacy – The last stage. The happy customers are the flag bearers that will grow your business.  And advocate is like a sale person you don’t pay.  In addition to championing your within their company, they can lead you to new opportunities in their network.  Many of your best deals should be coming from referrals.  But I think it is fair to say that without the tools and abilities that superior CRM system like Zoho CRM provides, it’s is extremely difficult to nurture advocates.  With Zoho CRM your return on investment is derived from the satisfied customers, as much as new leads.  Converting leads to accounts will grow your business.  But turning your accounts into advocates will optimize the lifetime value of those accounts, and generate the maximum ROI from your marketing efforts.

    Sell smarter, faster, better with Zoho.  Contact First Direct Corporation, an Authorized Zoho Partner and leverage our Zoho CRM professional expertise to build your business.

      The latest news, tips, and best practices on Zoho, in your inbox.

      Bob Ritter


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