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    How Zoho One Helps Small Businesses Make More Sales

    | February 24, 2021, By Bob Ritter.

    How Zoho One Helps Small Businesses Make More Sales

    The success of your small business depends on overcoming common sales challenges that small businesses face:

    • Competing with big companies
    • Generating and prospecting leads
    • Maintaining customer relationships post-sale
    • Spending too much time on non-selling activities
    • Not having the right sales and marketing tools


    Zoho One helps your business grow sales, build lasting customer relationships


    Zoho One provides a comprehensive set of sales tools to drive leads to closed deals, faster. It is designed to make the sales process more effective, data-driven, outcome-focused, and efficient.

    Zoho One helps your business grow sales, build lasting customer relationships
    Grow Your Business Sales with ZOHO One

    Zoho One’s features help your business to:

    • Build a structured sales process
    • Automate tedious sales and marketing-related administration tasks
    • Sell across various channels
    • Track and score leads
    • Better collaboration leads to more sales


    Sell efficiently, close more deals, streamline your sales process, achieve faster growth for your small business by just investing $1.5 per employee per day (billed annually) on Zoho One.


    Improve Sales with Feature-Loaded Zoho Tools


    Even with limited resources and a tight budget to invest, you can still possess a full-fledged, tightly integrated sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

    According to recent studies, the successful implementation of sales management software for small businesses can boost sales by 29%, increase sales productivity by 34%, and sharpen sales forecast accuracy by 42%.

    With ZOHO One’s fully-featured, comprehensive suite of 45+ applications, you can reach more prospects, grow sales, balance your books, and make your sales team work in productive ways.

    Zoho One gives your sales team the perfect set of apps to close more deals in less time including Zoho CRM, Campaigns, Survey, SalesIQ, Social, SalesInbox, Analytics, Commerce, Marketing Automation, Bookings, Sign, and more.


    Zoho CRM is the Best CRM Software for


    Zoho CRM has received Gartner “Magic Quadrant Visionary” award and PC Magazine’s Business Choice award.  Zoho has been applauded in numerous analyst and end-user reviews.

    Zoho is the best choice for your business
    Zoho One – Best CRM Software for SMALL BUSINESSES

    As a small business with a small sales team, you need the best small business sales and marketing software. Some of the reason why Zoho is the best choice for your business:

    • Is easy to use
    • Can be customized
    • Is scalable, secure, and reliable
    • Integrates well with other apps
    • Is easy to implement
    • Offers the most affordable pricing
    • Provides value for your money


    From Collecting Leads to Closing Deals – How Zoho One Helps You to Sell More


    1. You Can Build. Sell. Repeat

    40% of businesses don’t have a defined sales process. Those who have are 33% more likely to make more sales.

    Zoho One offers powerful tools to design and build your business processes. Zoho Blueprint lets you design your sales process visually.

    From Collecting Leads to Closing Deals - How Zoho One Helps You to Sell More
    You Can Build. Sell. Repeat

    Time matters in selling. 50% of sales go to the companies that respond first. With Zoho One’s Blueprint and a better process improve response and grow your sales.

    What’s the use of a sales process if you can’t measure it? Zoho has built-in reports and analytical tools to see where your sales team has been, where it is heading, and what are the bottlenecks. Make better decisions and manage more effectively with Zoho.

    “From using spreadsheets to Zoho CRM, we have managed to capture data in a more versatile way and have also minimized our sales cycle. It gives us more visibility of how our business is moving and makes us much more efficient.”
    – Sreeparna Roy, Manager – Business Marketing & Strategy at Chai Point


    2. Use More Channels to Sell More

    Customers and salespeople are using multiple channels to interact and do business. Zoho One gives you tools to close more deals across different channels.

    Sell anytime, on the go with Zoho.  All Zoho’s applications are fully mobile.

    With ZOHO One Use More Channels to Sell More
    Use More Channels to Sell More

    Whether it is using email, social media, a website, or personal interaction via phone or chat, Zoho’s platform gives you ubiquitous access to the tools and information your sales team requires.

    With Zoho’s SalesIQ you can even observe your prospects and customers navigating on your website and engage them in a chat.

    Zoho is equally effective with tracking, planning, and delegating traditional interactions such as calls, tasks, and meetings.  Zoho gives you tools for scheduling, reminding attendees, and conducting online meetings.

    “I’m generating more leads, converting them effectively and growing my business with Zoho CRM.” – Ana Garcia, Nature and Portrait Photographer at Ana Garcia Photography


    3. Move from Collecting Data to Business Intelligence

    As a small business, you are often challenged with resource constraints, specifically shortages of time, money, and staff to focus on business analytics.

    Zoho One’s business intelligence capabilities are powered by Zoho Analytics. Whether you gather data from spreadsheets, databases, text files, cloud services, or third-party services, Zoho can bring information in to provide your business with the insights to make better sales decisions.

    Zoho One automate follow-up emails, invoicing, payments, and marketing.
    ZOHO One Uses Business Intelligence to Collect Data

    Measuring is improving. Monitor your sales pipeline, service delivery process, and review the overall performance of your sales team to keep improving. While you focus on bringing new sales, let Zoho One automate follow-up emails, invoicing, payments, and marketing.

    Track sales targets, deal sizes, pipeline history, expected revenue, leads overview, sales reversible, and other KPIs – from one dashboard with out-of-the-box Business Intelligence of Zoho One.

    Zoho provides AI-powered sales assistant, Zia, that acts as your virtual sales assistant to complete sales activities more quickly, accurately, and effortlessly. You can ask Zia for recommendations, make data-driven sales predictions, analyze customers’ emotions in every email, and do tasks like setting reminders, taking notes, or updating records.

    “Zoho artificial intelligence, Zia, is extremely impressive. As a CRM manager, I can plug myself indirectly to the sales team and make sure they never slip out of deals, with the help of working tips provided by Zia.” – Ivya Sundaraju, Asst. Manager at Fundsindia


    4. Track and Score Leads

    Scoring or ranking your leads and prospects is one way to focus your valuable sales time and marketing communications.

    With Zoho CRM sales management can define criteria for scoring leads and prospects in your system based on events and actions.  As contacts in your database visit click on your emails, provide information, and interact with your sales team your CRM system automatically adjusts a contact’s score.   

    Scoring helps your sales team prioritize the efforts and attention.  Scores can be used to trigger automation.

    When your team performs better, they can serve customers better. With Zoho One’s automated functionalities, you move leads to customers to promoters, faster.


    5. Better Collaboration Leads to More Sales

    Every minute that you’re not selling is a potential loss of money. If you want your salespeople to focus more on sales and generate more profit for your company, you need to empower your small team with productivity tools.

    Zoho One gives you and your sales team productivity and collaboration tools to stay productive and connected with everyone.

    Zoho One has everything – chat to online meetings to online video conferencing to assist your team’s communications.
    Better Collaboration Leads to More Sales

    Team Communication: Zoho One has everything – chat to online meetings to online video conferencing to assist your team’s communications.

    Native Office Suite Applications: Why buy costly office suites for your small business when it is built into Zoho One. Zoho includes word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools online and shareable.

    Sales Automation Intelligence: Find more sales opportunities by utilizing existing customer data for future up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Make data-driven forecasts, manage contacts, leads, and accounts in one place, and do much more with Zoho One’s sales automation tools.

    Collaborate, communicate, and automate tedious tasks to sell more with Zoho.


    Zoho One Is Beyond Being Your Sales Tool


    Zoho One is an operating system for your small business. It offers more than 45+ applications in One Platform at One Price.

    Zoho One Is Beyond Being Your Sales Tool
    Zoho One Is Beyond Being Your Sales Tool

    Zoho One’s tremendous CRM, marketing software, and sales automation software for small businesses are just the beginning.

    Zoho One offers one platform to manage your entire business process at one affordable price.


    Zoho One Pricing – Perfect for Your Small Budget

    Zoho One Pricing - Perfect for Your Small Budget
    Zoho One Pricing – Perfect for Your Small Budget

    Zoho has a simple and intuitive UI and integrates well with widely used apps such as Evernote, MailChimp, G Suite, Microsoft Office, Outlook, RingCentral, HubSpot, Quickbooks, and more.

    Zoho One includes sales CRM, sales process and engagement tools, quote functionality, reporting and analytics, business intelligence, invoicing, accounting, marketing, operations, and more — plus the ability to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of tools in Zoho Integration Marketplace.


    Skyrocket Your Sales, Your Business, Your Success with Zoho One

    Whatever you might need for managing your small business, you get them with a single platform of Zoho One at one affordable price.


    Contact First Direct Corporation

    Your sales numbers will increase when you have Zoho One and First Direct as your implementation partner.

    As Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct is here to help you implement Zoho applications and realize better results. As your implementation partner, we work with you closely and integrate your business processes with Zoho One. First Direct provides talent, skill, and human resources to augment your own internal team.

    Learn why ZOHO ONE is the Operating System for Your Business


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