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Zoho Announced Zoho Cliq 3.0 - A Complete Collaboration Platform for Hybrid Work

Zoho Announced Zoho Cliq 3.0 – A Complete Collaboration Platform for Hybrid Work

The future of work might be ‘hybrid’. Now, your business has the most effective collaboration platform – Zoho Cliq 3.0. Make communication and collaboration seamless for your team while working in a hybrid environment with the latest version of Zoho Cliq. Whether your teams are working from home or office, conversations are just a click away with Zoho Cliq 3.0.

Zoho Cliq is a business communication software that blends chat with video, audio, and group conferencing to create a unified communications system for organizations of any size. Weve put together a blog to highlight what hybrid work is all about and how its enhanced by the new Zoho Cliq 3.0. Here are the topics we will cover:

  • >> What is Hybrid Work Model?
  • >> Communicate Seamlessly with Cliq 3.0
  • >> Collaborate Better with Cliq 3.0
  • >> New Features in Cliq 3.0 for Hybrid Work Model

What is Hybrid Work Model?

Hybrid work offers the benefits of both fully remote and fully in-person models. The hybrid approach combines working from home and office for better employee satisfaction and productivity.

To reap the benefits of a hybrid work model, its important for organizations to use the right tools for productivity, communication, and collaboration. Zoho Cliq 3.0 offers a new set of tools that brings your entire team together, so you can communicate and collaborate effectively while working in a hybrid environment.

What is Zoho Cliq 3.0?

Zoho Cliq 3.0 is the best-of-breed solution for a hybrid workplace. It packs powerful features that include chat, meetings, recordings, whiteboarding, task management, notes handling, and much more. The new set of features in Zoho Cliq 3.0 is Zoho’s answer to Microsoft Teams and Slack. You get more features in Zoho’s business communication and collaboration tool at less price when compared to Microsoft Teams and Slack.

What is Zoho Cliq 3.0

Zoho Cliq creates a perfect balance between synchronous and asynchronous team collaboration by providing your business with single-view chats, group chats, or setting up topic-driven channels.

Zoho Cliq is available as a web or native app. Cliq can be purchased as a standalone app for streamlining team communication and collaboration in your hybrid workplace. Cliq is a part of the Zoho Workplace Suite that offers a complete set of tools for communication and collaboration for hybrid, remote, and fully in-person workplaces.

Even better yet, you get Zoho Cliq for free with Zoho One which gives you one suite of more than 50+ integrated business and productivity applications for your entire organization. Cliq’s unlimited plan with all the features is available as a part of the Zoho One bundle.

Communicate Seamlessly with Cliq

86% of employees and executives cite ineffective communication for workplace failures.

Communicate Seamlessly with Cliq

Zoho Cliq’s new set of communication tools will strengthen your team collaboration. Zoho Cliq simply goes beyond connecting people. Your employees can communicate better to turn ideas into reality faster than ever. Here is how Zoho Cliq 3.0 helps you communicate seamlessly:

  • Host audio conference for a wider audience

With Zoho Cliq 3.0, you can host a conference with up to 1000 participants and stream the meeting to 10,000 viewers in the stage view.

  • Record audio and video calls

With the new Cliq, you can record your audio and video meetings. Share the recorded audio or video calls with your colleagues and revisit the recordings whenever you need.

Record audio and video calls with Zoho Cliq

  • Co-host meetings or assign teammates as hosts

You can make a participant as a host during the meeting or let other teammates co-host meetings with you.

Collaborate Better with Cliq 3.0

Effective team collaboration is crucial for your team’s success. Cliq 3.0 offers a new set of team collaboration tools that help you create high-performing teams.

Collaborate Better with Cliq 3.0

  • Streamline collaboration with Channels

Use Channels in Cliq to share ideas and resources, and align work with your team. Keep the context of any conversation with different teams and teammates intact with threaded replies.

  • Brainstorm together with group calls

Group audio or video calls will help your team to brainstorm together, share ideas, or just discuss a new project.

  • Connect over chat

If you want to call a teammate, make a call directly from any chat. Start sharing your screen and work together.

  • All-new Whiteboard

The new virtual Whiteboard in Zoho Cliq will support your real-time brainstorming discussions. You can choose attendees, restrict permissions, and even share your whiteboard over chat or save it as an image.

New Features in Cliq 3.0 for Hybrid Work Model

As businesses are going hybrid, Zoho upgraded its most popular communication and collaboration tool to enable businesses to make work happen anywhere. Zoho Cliq 3.0 is equipped with the right tools for higher productivity and better collaboration.

New Features in Cliq 3.0 for Hybrid Work Model

Zoho Cliq 3.0 streamlines communication, makes cross-team collaboration easier, and increases transparency and visibility. We have listed down the new features in Zoho Cliq 3.0 that makes it the go-to collaboration tool for hybrid work models:

  • >> Record your calls and meetings for future use
  • >> New grid view in video meetings
  • >> Co-host meetings with teammates
  • >> Collaborate in real-time using Whiteboard
  • >> New background filters for team meetings
  • >> Zoho Cliq-Zoho People integration for requesting leaves
  • >> Manage your projects inside Zoho Cliq with Zoho Projects integration
  • >> Access all your notes from Zoho Notebooks in Cliq
  • >> Schedule events and meetings across calendars
  • >> Record and send video messages through chats
  • >> Use Cliq from your laptop or your mobile phone
  • >> Pin chats into different folders for better organization


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Zoho Cliq 3.0 is a complete collaboration platform that connects everyone across your hybrid workplace. Cliq offers real-time messaging with voice and video calls and file and document sharing capabilities to foster rapid decision-making. Get Cliq today to streamline your business communication or purchase Zoho Workplace Suite to unify and centralize your team’s workspace, no matter whether you’re working from home or office.

If you want to see how Zoho Cliq works for your organization, request a free demo from First Direct Corp. As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we will show you how great team communication can make a difference to your team and business performance. Contact us at (845) 221-3800 or fill out our online form here to send your queries to us.

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ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
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