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Zoho CRM Now Offering Remote Sales Office to Enable Salespeople to Work Remotely

Salespeople typically drive to a target sales quota. To achieve their goals, your sales reps need the best communication and collaboration tools. The places technology demands on the company when salespeople, their managers and administrative staff and others work remotely.
Zoho CRM provides the needed tools for collaboration, develop business and maintain relationships inside and outside an organization.

Zoho is continually releasing solutions to support the business environment and changing demands. The release of Remote Sales Office for Zoho CRM and Zoho Remotely are excellent examples. Zoho’s Remote Sales Office contains three essential applications including Zoho Cliq, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho ShowTime.

Zoho Remote Sales Office

Zoho CRM’s Remote Sales Office

From virtual meetings with clients, group conferencing with marketing teams to delivering engaging sales presentations to internal communications via chat, Zoho meets the needs of remote users. With Zoho CRM and Remote Sales Office a firm can manage a virtual office spread out in a state or around the world.

Zoho Remote Working

This easy-to-install toolkit comes integrated with Zoho CRM under one package. Remote Sales Office will be available for free till August 31, 2020. After August 2020, you will be charged $9/user/month for this add-on.

Zoho Remote Sales Offices Features:

1. With Zoho Meetings, Salespeople Can Host Online Meetings and Webinars

With the shift from face-to-face or in-person meetings to on-line meetings you’re covered.

Zoho Remote Meetings

A recent report by Gigaom Research finds that 87% of remote employees see video conferencing as a better way to connect with their team and clients during the meeting process.

Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing and webinar solution that provides security and privacy through en-cryption. It complies with the internationally accepted standards for security and privacy. This means your online communication stays protected with Zoho Meeting. It comes with the Lock Meeting feature and mod-erator controls to help salespeople conduct private meetings online with their prospects. They can control who can join the meeting. Only the meeting host can record, replay, share, and download materials during the online meeting or webinar.

Web conferencing becomes even more fruitful for the sales team with Zoho Meeting’s secure audio, video, and screen sharing options. They can send email invitations to clients or teams with all the information at-tendees need to know. The real-time collaboration becomes easier with the remote access feature.

Your sales reps get to organize webinars or online meetings, invite leads with email notifications, convert webinar registrants, watch recordings when they want, and get reports, all from their Zoho CRM software with Meeting integration.

2. Sales Team Gets a Unified Communication System with Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a business and team communication software that makes collaboration easier for remote sales teams. Whether salespeople need to discuss marketing strategies with marketing professionals or discuss tar-gets with sales managers, they can connect with team members with video, audio, and group conferencing.

Sales Team Gets a Unified Communication System With Cliq

Zoho Cliq allows you to create topic-centric channels to discuss ideas, chat with teams, highlight important lead information, and communicate everything in a dedicated panel.

What more you can do with Zoho Cliq?

Zoho Cliq Solutions

• Zoho Cliq is a business communication solution too. Not all communications happen between sales team members. Sales managers and reps need to constantly communicate with leads, business owners, vendors, and stakeholders. With Cliq, they can create different communication channels for different purposes.

• Salespeople must stay motivated to work toward their target and achieve more. Live stream your sales team’s achievements and accomplishments with live video streaming option in Cliq.

• Sales teams need to focus more on converting clients rather than wasting time doing repetitive tasks. Cliq allows you to automate simple workflows and save the time of your remote team. Cliq has built-in bot like Taz that saves files, sends invites, and so much more. Zia works as an artificially intelligent assistant that handles and manages webinars and online events.

3. Deliver, Engage, and Train using Zoho ShowTime

Zoho ShowTime is an online presentation delivery and training solution, perfect for sales and marketing teams. This cloud-based application lets sales professionals deliver presentations to prospective clients and leads and then manage leads through Zoho CRM integration.

Zoho ShowTime

You can prepare offline training courses for new clients and the global sales workforce, which can be view at any time, from anywhere. Salespeople can even conduct real-time training sessions to onboard new custom-ers.

ShowTime presenters can incorporate Q&As, polls, and contests are a great way to engage their audience.
Because Zoho ShowTime is integrated with Zoho CRM, all lead and customer information is automatically updated in the CRM tool to give your sales team greater insight that can be helpful with closing more busi-ness and maintaining customers.

How to Use Remote Sales Office in Zoho CRM?

If you’ve a Zoho CRM account, you can easily get started with your remote sales office.

Remote Sales Office

• Login to your CRM account.
• Go to the Setup section. Click on Zoho under the Marketplace category.
• Click the ‘Enable’ button on the right side of the Remote Sales Office banner.
• The toolkit, which includes Cliq, ShowTime, and Meeting, will be installed for all CRM users.

Zoho CRM’s Remote Sales Office helps your company to set up a remote work environment by leveraging Zoho’s online communication and collaboration tools. Your sales workforce will be able to build better rela-tionships with customers and close deals faster and better, no matter whether they are located.

Invest in a digital toolkit that improves collaboration, enhances communication, increases productivity, and creates effective remote sales and lead conversion experience. Contact First Direct Corp’s Zoho experts to learn more about this remote sales toolset and implement it for better results.

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