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Zoho SalesIQ — An All-in-One Customer Engagement Platform

Zoho SalesIQ — An All-in-One Customer Engagement Platform

Transform Your Sales Growth

Customer engagement is the process of interacting with customers through various channels. SalesIQ provides companies with a two-way communication tool that will take your organization’s customer engagement to a higher level and result in greater lead conversion. 

With Zoho SalesIQ, your business will have a unified and digital customer engagement tool to understand, interact, and initiate the right kind of conversations in real-time as they are on your organization’s website. 

SalesIQ is an all-in-one customer engagement, live chat, and analytics software that promotes proactive customer engagement. The software is designed to help you improve your consumer’s experience and satisfaction and boost sales as a result. 


SalesIQ is Built for Your Sales + Marketing + Support Teams

With SalesIQ, your marketing team can expand its market reach and interact with different prospects across various sources in one place. Your sales team can rapidly convert leads with minimal effort. And your support team will be able to provide smooth, real-time assistance to your customers. By using SalesIQ, your business can:

  • Generate more leads
  • Engage potential customers 
  • Generate sales enriched data 
  • Built for both B2C and B2B
  • Intelligently target prospects
  • Get a 360-degree view of your business 
  • Provide the best support to customers


Features of SalesIQ At a Glance:

Activity Tracking Alerts/Notifications
Auto-Responders Campaign Analytics
Chat/Messaging Contact Management
Content Creation Content Management
CRM Integration Custom Chatbot
Customer Database Customer Experience Management
Customer Segmentation Customizable Branding
Customizable Forms Customizable Reports
Document Storage Email Management
Engagement Tracking Event-Triggered Actions
Feedback Management File Management
File Sharing Geotargeting
Interaction Tracking Live Chat
Mobile Access Mobile SDK
Real-time Lead Scoring Surveys & Feedback
Third-Party Integrations Transcripts/Chat History
Transfers/Routing Website Visitor Tracking
Widgets & Forms Zoho Analytics Integration


Powerful Benefits of SalesIQ:


  1. Qualify and Generate More Leads

Automate your lead generation process through SalesIQ’s Zobot. It provides real-time lead scoring and helps in website visitor tracking. 

a)  Zobot

Zobot collects visitor details through automated triggers, providing deeper insights into your leads and enriched customer data. A robot automatically connects the visitors to respective departments in your organization for further actions. Zobot performs the below functions automatically:

  • Live Chat Transfer: The Zobot can transfer the customer chat to a customer support executive inside the chat window itself.
  • Schedules meetings: The Zobot can ask the lead their preferred time slots and schedule meetings.
  • Providing updated info to prospects: The Zobot collects information from customers and sends them product updates automatically.

b) Real-time lead scoring

Lead generation becomes even easier with real-time lead scoring. Categorize visitors at four levels based on the time they spent on the website, last active time, number of past visits, and 20 other criteria.

Segment these visitors into hot, warm, and cold prospects based on their levels of interest. Prioritize prospects and spend more time with the ones that can convert easily, while following up with cold prospects with a personalized approach.

c) Website visitor tracking

Zoho SalesIQ comes with a built-in website visitor tracker that provides detailed visitor information and segments them into hot, warm, and cold prospects. Gauge your visitors’ sales readiness with lead scores and find out the website visitors with the highest chance of conversions.


2. Engage Customers through Multiple Communication Modes

Your business needs to cater to customers’ needs using the method of communication that best fits their situation. Zoho SalesIQ offers multiple communication channels that help you improve the customer’s experience.

a) Use SalesIQ Live Chat Software

Live chat is the most efficient method of customer engagement. SalesIQ’s live chat software helps you build better relationships with your prospects and customers. The live chat software greets them on landing on your site, connects them with the right support staff, and answers the questions. 

SalesIQ has the power of Zia-powered profile enrichment capability that enables your business to reach out with an automated proactive chat. Reduce response time during live chat support. Provide multilingual chat support with real-time chat translation option in SalesIQ. In addition, Zoho SalesIQ allows you to audio call customers and share their screens to aid customers visually. With SalesIQ’s mobile app, your team members can answer customer queries on the go.

b) Resource Library Integrated with Live Chat

SalesIQ live chat software comes integrated with a resource library. You can even build a knowledge base with FAQs, articles, and information about your products and services. It helps you save time with ready-made replies and links while engaging customers in live chat.

Make use of the data in SalesIQ’s Resources module to respond to your prospects quickly without the need for any extra coding. The faster you communicate with customers, the higher the satisfaction will be.


3. Generate Sales Enriched Data with Widgets and Zoho CRM Integration

a) Zoho SalesIQ seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, providing you with better context about a customer’s journey. SalesIQ captures leads data and pushes them into Zoho CRM for better engagement. 

The chatbots in SalesIQ transfer chats to the people in your sales and marketing teams for conversion based on data such as interests, chat history, and more.

Zoho offers ClearBit integrations with SalesIQ and CRM for a more personalized engagement. Your team gets access to personal details about a prospect such as a name, role, location and social media details, and more.

With integrated SalesIQ and CRM, your teams get notified when a prospect visits your website or performs actions. Real-time lead scoring in SalesIQ helps your team target prospects based on sales readiness through Zoho CRM.

You can use your CRM data to reach prospects at the right moments when you can influence their purchase decision. With synced chat transcripts between Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM, you get to add context to the customer conversations.

b) SalesIQ lets you build custom app widgets so you can do more in a single interface. Gather more data from widgets and manage them inside SalesIQ. The auto-sync feature prevents double entries, saving time for your team. 

c) There are Form Controllers in SalesIQ that are triggered once a user submits a form on your site. Integrate your application with SalesIQ through webhooks to perform actions such as sending targeted emails to leads or providing information on product or service updates.

“Is this magic or just a really smart progressive team, offering an amazing product… It works! #zohosalesiq #magic #awesome #bettersales” – Tod Sutcliffe

4. Built for B2C and B2B

Recently, Zoho unveiled Zoho SalesIQ 2.0 that is now optimized for both B2C and B2B segments.

Zoho developed one platform that enables both B2C and B2B brands to manage and engage customers through multiple touchpoints. B2C and B2B companies can use SalesIQ for contact management to access information when they need them the most.

a) For business-to-customer companies, SalesIQ makes it easier to categorize website visitors as leads and contacts. You can view the lead’s or contact’s recent activity and past chats in the interface.

b) For business-to-business companies, SalesIQ comes with ClearBit and Leadberry integrations that help you to easily identify visitors’ work email addresses and categorize them based on the organization they work, activity, and chats.


5. Intelligently Target Leads

It becomes easy to target leads based on their CRM data with personalized messages and special triggers. With a customized flow of actions, turn prospects into customers. SalesIQ’s automated triggers and bots help you intelligently target prospects based on their behavior on different web pages and route each prospect to an agent depending on their likelihood to convert.


6. A 360-Degree View of Your Business with Zoho SalesIQ Analytics

Zoho SalesIQZoho Analytics integration gives you a 360-degree view of your sales, marketing, and support teams’ performance and gets key insights into your website engagement data. With SalesIQ analytics, you get:

  • Extensive reports like website traffic, visitor interests, detailed chat reports, team performance, and lead generation reports, customer feedback, and more.
  • To keep tabs on all-important KPIs, such as missed chats, closed chats, chats converted to tickets, etc.
  • To import information from Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Zoho Desk, and other applications to monitor all business parameters in one place.
  • To use conversation data to train chatbots and plan staffing schedules for handling high volumes.
  • To measure the ROI of your marketing efforts with detailed reports on pages visited by leads, actions taken, campaign source, and more.

After embedding Zoho SalesIQ on our website and operational platform we are closing deals faster and the customer support never was so efficient. With Zoho “ SalesIQ we raise the bar of the customer relationship. – Rodrigo Ferrer CTO | Pró-Laudo


7. Provide Best Support to Customers

Whatever your business might be, SalesIQ can help you provide the best customer support while growing your company. Here is how SalesIQ enables all your teams to meet customer expectations:

  • Mobilisten, SalesIQ’s mobile SDK, enables you to extend all the capabilities of Zoho SalesIQ to your mobile app. This means your users get to connect with you from your mobile app through in-app messaging, chats, knowledge base, and much more.
  • Integrating Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho Desk helps you add context to your existing support interactions. Assist customers in real-time or convert chats into tickets – all from one place.
  • Any customer support staff can transfer a chat to another team member with the right answers, thus providing the correct information to customers right when they need it. The internal operator chat in SalesIQ lets your teams collaborate one-on-one or in a group setting to work well together.
  • Provide better support to customers by keeping everyone on the same page. Use the internal message board in SalesIQ to keep team members updated about new offers or updates.



Zoho SalesIQ is the all-in-one customer engagement platform for your sales, marketing, and support teams require. Your business can generate more leads, intelligently target leads, convert leads into customers, engage website visitors, provide better assistance, and generate actionable insights with advanced analytics. Start selling smarter and growing bigger with SalesIQ. You can purchase a SalesIQ subscription separately or get it with Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One bundles.


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