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Visual Visitor Integration with Zoho CRM

Visual Visitor Integration with Zoho CRM: Benefits and How-to Steps

On average, a website gets 98% of anonymous visitors, people who have not filled the contact form or shared their details with you. If you run an online business, you would like to know who is visiting your site, when they are visiting, what they are looking for, what they want, where they are coming from, and more. Without having a visitor tracking and identification tool in place, your business can’t convert these anonymous visitors into potential leads.

Visual Visitor

Knowing who are your visitors and what’s their needs and preferences can make a difference to your bottom line. With Visual Visitor, an anonymous website visitor tracking and lead generation tool, you can identify and then organize all website visitors to find sales-qualified leads. It helps you turn data into action.

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Studies show that an average buyer progresses 60% of the buyer’s journey before contacting a sales rep or contacting a vendor. This means when a visitor comes to your site, there is a high probability that he or she is interested in your services or products. If you don’t know about these anonymous visitors, that’s a lot of sales opportunities slipping away from your hands.

Visual Visitor: Overview, Features, and Benefits

Getting traffic but not generating good leads? That’s where Visual Visitor comes into play. This lead generation and tracking tool gives your sales reps a clear picture of the visitor’s browsing behavior, their interest level, what products/services they are interested in, and much more. Your sales team can optimize their strategies to nurture these anonymous visitors and get closer to the deals with these prospects.

Overview of Visual Visitor Features

# Lead Identification

# Lead Generation

# Multiple Client Accounts

# Multiple Location Accounts

# Prospect Notifications

# Lead Capture & Segmentation

# Reports and Analytics

# Email Tracking

# Integration with Third-Party Tools including Zoho

Benefits of Visual Visitor

1. Increases Sales Conversion: When your marketing team gets to understand their website visitors, they know where to focus their marketing strategies. They can implement more robust marketing campaigns to nurture prospects. Your sales team starts to get more quality leads that are ready to convert but need a little more nurturing. The sales reps can cut back on cold calling and other aggressive sales tactics to focus on converting these warm leads sent by the marketing team. With visitor tracking and identification, your marketing and sales teams get to work to build accurate profiles of customers, thereby increasing sales conversion. And, you will be surprised to know that when you align your sales and marketing teams, your sales win rates increase by 38%.

2. Real-Time Alerts: In sales, timing is crucial. Visual Visitor sends real-time alerts to your sales reps when a visitor comes to your site again. They get hot alerts that immediately notify the representatives when a particular person visits a specific page or performs a specific action on your site. Your sales team can combine the information from the entire browsing activity with the hot alerts to create customized sales tactics for that visitor.Visual Visitor Alerts

3. Customer Profiling: Customer profiling is essential because it helps you have a deep understanding of your target users, engage with the hot prospects, and keep interested users coming back for more. With Visual Visitor, you can create accurate customer profiles. The visitor tracking tool provides information like first and last website visit date, pages viewed, average time on site, monthly website visits, actions performed, email address, country, company name, etc. Use these data to create customer profiles and power your marketing methods.

4. Analytics and Integration: Visual Visitor integrates with your website contact form so data from the filled forms can be fetched directly for further usage. The analytics report generated by the Visual Visitor tool provides you deep insights into visitors’ information by location, by browser family, return visitors, bounce rate, sources, keywords, exit and entry pages, and more. Integrate this visitor tracking and lead generation tool with your email marketing, sales automation or CRM systems.

Visual Visitor comes at a low cost of $59/month. There isn’t a free version of this tool but it does offer a 14-day free trial.  Here is where you can start a free trial of Visual Visitor.  Or contact First Direct Corporation.

Direct Integration of Zoho CRM and Visual Visitor

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software that automates your sales and marketing processes. It lets you capture, convert, and engage with leads. Using this award-winning CRM platform lets you improve lead generation and sales and enable faster business growth. Integrating Visual Visitor with Zoho CRM can help you push lead information directly to the CRM! Follow these steps to integrate Visual Visitor with Zoho CRM (you need to have a subscription for both these tools in order to integrate them):

Direct Integration of Zoho CRM and Visual Visitor

# Log in to your Visual Visitor account. Visit and enter your email and password to log into it.

# On the left-hand navigation panel, click “My Account”

# Choose CRM Integration > click on the box ‘Enable CRM Integration’

# From the drop-down menu of “Select CRM System”, choose Zoho.

# Select “Link Account.” You will be redirected to a new window to enter your Zoho login credentials. If you’re already logged into Zoho account, you will be asked to “Accept”

# Then click “Update My CRM Integration”.

# Log out from your Visual Visitor account. Again login to see the changes.

Creating a Lead in Zoho CRM using Visual Visitor

# After integrating Zoho CRM and Visual Visitor, login to your Visual Visitor account. Go to the ‘Leads’ tab and click on ‘Search Leads’

# Click on any Lead and you will get to know the Prospect Information on the screen.

# Just below the Company Name of the Lead, you will find the CRM icon

# Click on the “CRM” icon and a Lead will be created in your Zoho CRM

Integration of Zoho CRM and Visual Visitor using Zapier

Zapier is an online service that lets you connect any tool with hundreds of best-of-breed web applications that you use every day, without writing a single line of code. Integrating Visual Visitor with Zapier lets you push leads and visitor information to 1,000 different applications that you use in your company’s daily operations. By automating data workflow, you can simplify your sales process, save precious time, fill your pipeline with quality leads, and convert more customers.

From adding a new lead to your Zoho CRM to updating the mailing list in Zoho Mail, integration of Visual Visitor and Zapier lets you automate important works and find productivity superpowers. Zapier automates any workflow in 2 ways:

1. Triggers: An event in your software system that triggers it to send data to Zapier for processing. In the case of Visual Visitor, an anonymous visitor to your site will cause a trigger.

2. Action: It is the activity that you want Zapier to take after receiving data caused by a trigger. In Visual Visitor, this could mean sending new visitor information to Zoho CRM or adding a new email address to the mailing list in Zoho Mail.

Zapier automates workflows using Triggers and Actions, also called a ZAP. A ZAP contains one trigger and 1 or more actions.

The following Visual Visitor Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


1. New visitor notification with company data only

2. New visitor notification with company and contact data

3. New visitor notification for a tagged visitor


1. Create Module Entry

2. Create/Update Module Entry

3. Add Tag

4. Update Related Module Entry

5. Update Module Entry

6. Add attachment

7. Convert lead


Find Module Entry

Getting Started with Visual Visitor on Zapier

# The first thing that you have to do is to log in to your Zapier account. If you don’t have an account, then create one and then create a Zap.Visual Visitor on Zapier

# Click to connect your Visual Visitor account to use with your Zap.

# Enter your Visual Visitor’s API key. You will find the API Key in your Visual Visitor account under Configuration -> Users section. Click on the user you want to enable and click on ‘Other Integration’ tab. Click on the box showing “Enable Zapier Integration”. Then copy your Zapier API Key.Visual Visitor Zapier Integration

# Paste this API Key back into your Zapier account and click “Continue”. You will get a “Success” message after enabling Visual Visitor and Zapier integration.

Integrating Visual Visitor with Zoho CRM through ZAP

Let’s take an example of how a Trigger in Visual Visitor causes an action in Zoho CRM and how to automate this process using ZAP.

Integrating Visual Visitor with Zoho CRM

“New Visitor Notification With Company and Contact Data” is a trigger that will cause an action “Create/Update Lead” in Zoho CRM for each available contact. Here is how to do it:

# Log in to your Zapier account and click “Make Zap”

New Visitor Notification With Company

# Type “VV with contacts to Zoho Lead” in “Name your Zap” textbox

Allow Zapier to access Visual Visitor

# Type “Visual Visitor”under the “Choose a Trigger App” section and then select “Visual Visitor”

# Select the trigger “New Notification With Company and Contact Data”and click “Save + Continue”

# Click “Connect a New Account”and enter your “API Key” generated from Visual Visitor

# Enter the “Email Address” of the user associated with the “API Key” from Visual Visitor

Select Visual Visitor Account

# Click “Yes, continue”

# You can click “Test” to test your credentialsand then click “Save + Continue”

# Click Fetch & Continue -> View Your Visitor to evaluate the sample data

Select Zoho CRM Account

# Click “Continue”

# Under “Choose an Action App”, type “Zoho CRM” and select “Zoho CRM” from the drop-down option

Choose an action app in visual visitor

# Under “Select Zoho CRM Action” select “Create/Update Lead”. Click “Save+Continue”

# Click “Connect a New Account”. Click the link embedded in the modal window to generate an “auth token”

Test Zoho CRM

# Cut and paste “Auth Token” into “Allow Zapier access to your Zoho CRM account” window. Click “Yes, Continue”and then click “Save + Continue”

Ready to turn on your Zap

# Map the fields of Company, First Name, Last Name, Email, Domain Name, Address, City, State and Zip. And, click “Continue” and click “Create & Continue”

# Click “Finish”. Now click the “OFF” switch to turn on your Zap. Now you can monitor this ZAP from your Zapier account.


Your website is a great lead generation tool, only when you know how to identify and track visitors. Visual Visitor helps you achieve your goal of finding qualified leads from website traffic data. By integrating it directly with Zoho CRM or using Zapier, you can streamline your sales pipeline, generate more quality leads, nurture prospects properly and timely, and convert visitors into customers.

At First Direct Corp, a Zoho Authorized Partner, we can help you integrate Zoho CRM with Visual Visitor for better lead capture and lead generation. With our Zoho expertise and Visual Visitor’s powerful features, we will help your sales team convert more prospects from 98% of anonymous visitors. We have hands-on experience in working with Zapier and other web applications that you use for streamlining sales and marketing processes. Contact our experts at (845) 221-3800.

Learn more about Visual Visitor

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ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
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