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ZOHO One - Best Software for Small Businesses

Zoho One: The Ideal Solution for Small Business

ZOHO One meets the challenges of small businesses with enterprise-level solutions:


  • Acquiring new customers
  • Retaining customers
  • Maintaining profitability
  • The high cost of technology
  • The difficulty in implementing technology with best practices
  • Managing operations with disparate non-integrated applications



Zoho One solves those challenges and many more!


Zoho One is an Award-Winning, Comprehensive Suite of Solutions 


Zoho has been applauded by online critics, review aggregators, and existing users. From PCMag’s Customer Choice & Editor’s Choice Award, Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Award to Gartner Magic Quadrant – Visionary in CRM Lead Management Award.

ZOHO One - The Ideal Solution for Small Businesses
ZOHO One – The Ideal Solution for Small Businesses

Zoho’s applications are Enterprise-level in their features. They are offered on a unified platform to run the entire business for all sizes of organizations.

Zoho One brings together ALL of Zoho’s applications into one low-cost price of just $45 per month (billed annually) per employee. This makes Zoho ONE the greatest value for small businesses of ~3-50 employees. It is a one-of-a-kind software suite available at a one-of-a-kind unbeatable price with unbeatable value!

Zoho has the lowest churn rate in the software industry. In fact, Zoho One has negative churn. Zoho One is helping their business to grow and as they add more employees that are adding more users!

Zoho One is an Award-Winning, Comprehensive Suite of Solutions
Zoho One is an Award-Winning, Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Zoho One helps organizations win and profitably retain customers.  


The Operating System for Small Business – Zoho One


Sales | Marketing | Finance | Operations | Data Intelligence | Automation | Mobile-Ready


7 Ways Zoho One Grows Businesses:


1. Work from a strong foundation

2. Sell more, sell across multiple channels

3. Move leads through your pipeline

4. Finance and CRM are a perfect combination

5. Automate routine tasks to save time

6. Unified business intelligence is transformational

7. Scalability is critical for a growing business


  1. Work from a strong foundation

Managing a business is no easy task! The key to small business success is to lay a strong foundation that can support the ups & downs effectively, economically and simply.

Zoho One replaces the patchwork of scattered cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based processes with one operating system for your entire business.

“A suite like Zoho One typically costs hundreds of dollars and even then customers have to do software rationing. With Zoho One, not only are we doing away with the problem of disparate software but also making enterprise applications available to small businesses at consumer prices,” said Sridhar Vembu, founder of Zoho.


Zoho One features all the applications a business needs to acquire and serve customers.  Zoho One includes solutions for marketing, sales, and customer support, finance, collaboration, communications, and personal productivity.

Zoho One is an all-inclusive software powerful platform for business that provides a strong foundation for operating your business and reaching your goals


2. Sell more, sell across multiple channels


Zoho One gives you tools to sell across channels and close deals faster. Structure and automate your sales process for faster growth.

Zoho One includes applications to create quotes, sales orders, and invoices.

With ZOHO One, Sell more, sell across multiple channels
Sell more, sell across multiple channels
Zoho One enables your organization to stay connected and be more productive.
Sell efficiently across all channels:  CRM | Mobile | Social | Telephony | Email | Chat | Online Meetings | Team Collaboration and Communications 


3. Move leads through  your pipeline 


Zoho One addresses the struggle with lead nurturing and lead conversion and enables your sales team to focus on better opportunities.

Zoho One’s sales tools help you collect leads from different channels in one central CRM system. CRM’s features can score leads and prospects so you can give better greater attention to where it is most needed.

With ZOHO One, Convert Leads into Cash, Faster
Convert Leads into Cash, Faster

CRM has tools to help you qualify leads, increase responsiveness, and follow-up on a timelier basis.   Zoho One tracks conversations at all steps in the sale process.

With Zoho Invoice and Books won deals can be managed by the back-office. With integrated payment gateways in Zoho One, your business can even accept payment online.


“We really saw growth in the start of 2019 when we ramped up our use of Zoho One and this year [2020], we’re on track to turn over $20 million” – Aaron Ware, owner of Pedley’s Solar


4. Finance and CRM are a perfect combination 


There are plenty of very good accounting applications and there are very good CRM applications too.  Zoho One features a rare combination of finance and CRM.

ZOHO One, a perfect combination for Finance and CRM
Finance and CRM are a perfect combination

Zoho One finance includes functions for:

  • Creating quotes, invoices, and tracking receivables
  • Managing your payables, vendors, and employee expenses
  • Categorizing transactions, tracking cash flow, and monitoring your financial health
  • Managing customer subscriptions, recurring bills, and much more
  • Integration with CRM


If your business has not integrated its CRM with accounting and finance operations, your business lacks the 360-degree perspective that is essential for rapid growth and better decision making.


5. Automate routine tasks to save time


Automation is not just for big corporations. Unfortunately, many small businesses are at a disadvantage because they lack the technology for automating recurring functions. With Zoho One even a small business will have enterprise-level capabilities.

Business process automation will increase performance, productivity, growth, and profitability. What small business doesn’t need that?  The more limited your business’s resources are the greater reason you have to leverage Zoho One’s automation features.

Zoho has built automation capabilities into the applications on the Zoho One platform.


Zoho CRM | Zoho Campaigns | Zoho Social | Zoho Projects | Zoho Books | Zoho Cliq | Zoho Expense | and more.


With Zoho one your business can automate your sales, marketing, billing, accounting, and most of the repetitive and tedious tasks.  Automation raises your focus from running your business to making your customers happy.


6. Unified business intelligence is transformational


 Having all your business applications on the Zoho One platform is an advantage for analysis. In addition, Zoho includes enterprise-level Business Intelligence which small businesses rarely can afford otherwise.

Zoho One’s business intelligence capabilities are powered by Zoho Analytics. Analytics provides the right data at the right time for better decisions. Better decision making at every level in your business will transform your business like nothing else can.

With ZOHO One, Unified business intelligence is transformational
Unified business intelligence is transformational

Management will love Zoho Analytics, but analytics isn’t only for management. Empower every employee with real-time insights across every line of business. Zoho Analytics can even incorporate data from external sources including third-party services, spreadsheets, databases, text files, cloud services, and more.  Zoho Analytics pulls together your data and creates a single platform for business intelligence.


“To us, Zoho One is one source of truth for our business. As a tool, it’s a must-have in any business to manage the whole day!” – Jacqui Attard, CEO of Realise Business”


Eliminate data silos, make more informed decisions, and optimize the tricky data analysis process all with Zoho One’s Analytics application.


7. Scalability is critical for a growing business


Businesses that want to plan for growth should choose business platforms that can meet that growth. Otherwise, the business will be disrupted by changing applications.  Such disruption is time-consuming, expensive, and sets a business back.  With Zoho One you are set for the future!

Zoho One is flexible, customizable, and scalable. Since all applications reside on Zoho’s highly secure cloud servers which meet the highest standards for performance and security, the hardware is never an issue with Zoho. Zoho One eliminates many on-premise IT costs, hardware costs, and other expenses.


When you grow, Zoho grows with you. When you move, Zoho moves with you.


There is No Greater Value for Small Businesses than Zoho One! 


Zoho One offers a unified technology platform that is customizable, extendable, and integrated for one low price per employee of $45 monthly (billed annually).

Zoho includes over 45+ apps integrated into one software suite. Whether your business uses 5 or 35 of the applications, it’s still one low price. Your business decides which applications to use and who can use them! Add and remove as you see fit when you see fit.

There is No Greater Value for Small Businesses than Zoho One!
ZOHO One – Great Value for Your Small Business

Now you can start to appreciate why Zoho has the best customer retention in the software industry.

Plus, with the exclusive Zoho Integration Marketplace, you’ll have access to hundreds of integrations between Zoho and third party-products including virtually every best-of-breed business application on the market!

All applications, integrations, upgrades, and add-ons, come with one simple invoice for the entire company with a single sign-on and centralized administration.


Zoho’s affordable pricing for small businesses, integrated apps, and powerful tools, provides you greater capabilities while saving you money.  


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As Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct is here to help you implement Zoho applications and realize better results. As your implementation partner, we work with you closely and integrate your business processes with Zoho One. First Direct provides talent, skill, and human resources to augment your own internal team.

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