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Zoho Offers to Support QuickBooks Customers in India

Zoho announced that it is open to supporting and serving customers of QuickBooks in India after Intuit’s QuickBooks announced its discontinuation from the Indian market effective April 30, 2023.

I’m in America . . . Why should I care about a QuickBooks announcement in India?

This is a good question since First Direct Corporation is doing business in the United States, rather than India. As I see it, the fact that QuickBooks is raising the flag of surrender to Zoho Books in a nation with so much business potential it is a testament to the success of Zoho as a company and Zoho Books as an accounting product. With QuickBooks giving up all of India, businesses in the USA may want to give Zoho Books a look. One of the obvious advantages of Zoho Books is that it is integrated with Zoho CRM!

Why Intuit Decided to Shut Down QuickBooks in India?

“Offering a product that our customers can depend on for their business is our top priority. After careful consideration, the decision was made that we can no longer continue to deliver and support QuickBooks products that serve the needs of small businesses and accounting professionals across India.”

For businesses, software migration from one vendor to another is a very complex and cumbersome process. The critical aspect of software migration is ensuring there’s no data loss and accuracy is maintained. With this unexpected move from Intuit, Zoho said it is open to supporting and serving Intuit’s QuickBooks customers in India. Zoho is fully prepared to help businesses in India switch to Zoho Books without any hassles.

Zoho Books in a tweet said:

“We are here to cater to your accounting needs and help you navigate through this new challenge,” said Prashant Ganti, Head of Products – Tax, Accounting & Payroll, Zoho.

Prashant Ganti, Head of Products - Tax, Accounting & Payroll, Zoho

Switch to Zoho Books. Switch to smart accounting software.

Zoho Books - Powerful Accounting and Finance Platform for Your Business

Switch from QuickBooks to Zoho Books – one powerful financial platform for your business. Zoho’s tax-compliant accounting software simplifies the way you manage your receivables and payables, handle estimates and invoices, manage inventory, track project hours, and monitor your financials. With Zoho Books’ simple dashboard, you can get a clear picture of where you spend your money and how much money is coming into your accounts. Integrate Zoho Books with your bank or payment gateway to fetch your transactions or accept secure online payments from customers. Here is a quick overview of features in Zoho Books:

  • Invoicing: Create customized invoices and get paid faster.
  • Estimates: Create professional quotes, then convert them to invoices in a click.
  • Expenses: Upload your receipts to stay organized and track where your money is going.
  • Bills: Generate bills to track the payments you owe to your vendors.
  • Banking: Fetch your bank transactions, categorize, and reconcile your accounts with ease.
  • Projects: Keep track of every billable minute with timesheets and turn time into money.
  • Inventory: Monitor inventory levels to identify fast-moving items and keep them well-stocked.
  • Sales Orders: Send sales orders and confirm each sale before shipping goods to customers.
  • Purchase Orders: Communicate your requirements to your vendors with clarity.
  • GST: Know your GST liability, file returns, and make payments through a single platform.
  • Online Payments: Accept simple, swift, and secure online payments from customers.
  • Vendor Portal: Empower your vendors to self-manage their transactions with you through Zoho Books’ vendor portal.
  • E-Invoicing: Directly upload your invoices to IRP and stay e-invoicing compliant.
  • Mobile Apps: Do your accounting on the go using the mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Reporting: Schedule reports and get the real-time data needed to optimize your business.


I'm in America . . . Why should I care about a QuickBooks announcement in India?

Zoho Books is easy to set up, scalable, and customizable. You can buy Zoho Books as a standalone application or you can even get the Zoho Finance Plus suite that includes Zoho Books, Invoice, Inventory, Expense, Checkout, and Subscriptions.

The best advantage of using Zoho apps is that you get a suite of apps that are integrated seamlessly with each other. For instance, Zoho Books is included in the Zoho ONE suite! For one unbeatable price, your organization can have all Zoho applications, including Zoho Books. Books is also integrated with Zoho CRM so you won’t have to spend time transferring your data from one app to another. One login, one dashboard, and one place to keep a track of all your finances, customer data, sales, marketing, performance, productivity, and much more.

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Get Started with Zoho Books

Zoho is fully committed to helping businesses take care of their finances and fulfil their GST and any other regulatory-related obligations. If you want to switch to Zoho Books and learn more about how it can help you manage your finances, get in touch with Zoho experts at First Direct Corporation. As a Zoho Authorized Partner, First Direct will help your organization implement the world-class, future-proof financial management solution which you can rely on while growing your business.

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First Direct Logo - ZOHO Partners
ZOHO Authorized Partner

Bob Ritter
(845) 221-3800