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TransMail by Zoho

Zoho TransMail – Deliver Transactional Emails to Your Customers Securely and Instantly

Emails play an extremely valuable marketing channel for businesses. Whether your company needs to promote new product and service offerings or send sales messages, you need to engage customers with marketing emails. But transactional emails are more valuable than your typical email marketing campaigns. Transactional emails are 1:1 emails that businesses need to send to facilitate a transaction requested by the customer. These are important emails that contain crucial and time-sensitive information. The deliverability of these emails depends on the reputation of the email sender. That’s why your business needs a reliable and secure transactional email sending service.

Introducing Zoho TransMail

Zoho Mail has introduced Zoho TransMail to help you deliver transactional emails quickly and directly to the customer’s inbox. It is a cloud-based transactional email service that ensures high deliverability and reliability for your emails. Check out this blog to better understand what are transactional emails, their importance, and what’s the difference between marketing and transactional emails and why do you need transactional sending services of Zoho TransMail.

What are Transactional Emails?

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are personalized and customized emails that are usually triggered by some user action.

Some of the common transactional email examples include account creation emails, invoice, order & shipping confirmations, welcome emails, tracking emails, password resets, purchase receipts, billing emails, account notifications, and social media updates among others. These emails need to be sent within seconds after a user takes an action on your website, web app, or mobile app.

TransMail Dashboard

When you deal with customer relationships via email, you must optimize the customer experience at every level. You need to reach your customers’ inboxes when it matters most with event-triggered emails. Transactional emails result in an 8x increase in opens and clicks and up to 6x more revenue. Here are the detailed benefits of transactional emails:

1. Build Trust: As a business, you must build trust with your customers. You must send transactional emails with their confidential and personalized information about their account, activities, or purchases in a timely.

2. Engage Customers: When you send transactional emails securely to the email inbox when the customer needs it the most, it encourages continued engagement with your brand. It is an opportunity to open more communication and marketing channels for your business as customers start to trust your brand and get the required information right on time.

3. Better Customer Experience: Any delay in sending a transactional email or if such emails are delivered to the spam folder, it can lead to a poor user experience with your brand. You need a secure and trusted transactional email sending service to establish reliable communication with customers.

4. Customer Loyalty: Delivering mission-critical emails in a timely manner, you can prove your value to your customers and increase brand affinity and advocacy.

Understanding the Difference Between Transactional and Marketing Emails

Marketing Emails

Marketing Emails

Marketing emails are sent strategically to your recipient/subscriber list.

They often include newsletters, offers, lead nurturing emails, infographics, listicles, discount emails, special sale emails, blog or content emails, seasonal emails, or bulk marketing emails. Your business needs marketing emails to inform the recipients and move them throughout the customer lifecycle.

Marketing emails are an effective sales driver, but when it’s done wrong, it can come across as spam that annoys customers. You cannot send emails with crucial information for customers through marketing emails.

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are automatically triggered when some sort of user activity or action takes place. Since these communications are based on user intent, they are inherently personalized and relevant based on the user’s interaction with your business.

Your business needs to send transactional emails to confirm that an action took place.

You must separate your Marketing and Transactional Emails between different, dedicated IP addresses to ensure all important emails get delivered. Sender’s IP reputation matters the most when it comes to the speedy delivery of transactional emails. Your business needs a dedicated IP and an authenticated server to ensure a higher chance of email deliverability.

Marketing emails are sometimes marked as spam by customers. If you send transactional emails from the same IP address that is used for marketing emails, it can ruin the reputation of your IP address. It can pose a security threat for customers, which would indirectly disappoint them. It will ultimately affect your business reputation and bottom line. Zoho TransMail is built to tackle the challenges of sending transactional emails.

Why Use Zoho TransMail for Transactional Emails?

Zoho TransMail enables you to send transactional emails automatically as a result of action-based triggers.

Why use Zoho TransMail

It provides administration tools to help your team track emails sent, opens, clicks, soft and hard bounces, and more in real-time. Not just great email deliverability, TransMail sends you instant notifications on recipient activity. You even get to know emails opened across devices like mobile, desktop, and tablets.

Flexible Application Programming

With Zoho TransMail, you benefit from flexible Application Programming Interface (API) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) setup for easy transactional email Integration. This means you can connect to TransMail from your website or application, directly via SMTP or using APIs to send emails. TransMail also offers plugins for WordPress sites.

TransMail supports industry-standard authentication mechanisms such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). This ensures timely and secure delivery of all-important emails.

TransMail supports industry-standard authentication

TransMail helps you add and verify your domain before sending transactional emails. This prevents the flagging of your emails as spam. You get to maintain the authenticity of your emails as well as domains used for sending such emails.

What’s even more interesting about Zoho’s transactional email sending service is that you get pay-as-you-go payment system. No need to buy monthly subscriptions. Just purchase credits and use these credits when you need them. There is no monthly expiry of your credits. You can use them for up to six months from the date of purchase.

You can get started with free credits today. Contact First Direct Corp to get a free trial of Zoho TransMail.


Your business needs a transactional email service that successfully reaches users’ inboxes, and TransMail delivers right on time and to the right place. With Zoho TransMail, you can boost the reach and increase your email open rates, which in turn will boost customer trust, increase customer loyalty, and improve your bottom line.

If you are an existing user of any of the Zoho applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho One, Zoho Desk, etc., you don’t need to connect TransMail with your Zoho apps. All emails will be automatically sent by TransMail.

If you are a paid user of Zoho Mail and Zoho Workplace, you get a 30% discount on all TransMail email credit purchases until October 31, 2021.

Request a free trial or demo for Zoho TransMail to know more about this service and improve your email practices and ensure great email deliverability.

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