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Zoho’s WorkPlace Suite Has Unprecedented Growth

Zoho’s WorkPlace Suite Has Unprecedented Growth

An integrated collaborative environment – this is the future of work. As the offices are adopting remote working and telecommuting practices, businesses are rethinking traditional ideas surrounding productivity, collaboration, and communication.

Companies, whether it a small one or a big organization, are seeking a collaborative cross-functional workplace that prevents organizational silos. When you use business apps for different tasks that are not integrated or equipped to work together, it inherently creates silos in your organization. To help solve this problem, Zoho Workplace provides an application suite for unified communication, collaboration, and productivity for remote workspaces and offices both.

Zoho Workplace

According to the latest study by Beagle Research, it was found that 67.2 percent of employees in North America believe that non-integrated systems make their work chaotic. Zoho Workplace provides a connected, unified experience with the best-of-breed apps that work together seamlessly. This is the reason why more and more users are switching from collaborative tools like G Suite, Microsoft, etc. to Zoho Workplace. This enterprise collaboration platform has recorded an unprecedented growth in the last quarter with 15 million users globally. More than 25% of G Suite and Microsoft users have switched to Zoho Workplace.

“Collaboration apps too often don’t collaborate. Today, you use one vendor for chat, another for email, one more for a meeting, another for managing documents and office suite etc. Each vendor sells its own nicely branded silo. This approach to collaboration is deeply flawed,” said Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, Zoho Corporation.

Apps Included in the Comprehensive Suite of Zoho Workplace

Mail (Mail Suite)
Cliq (Communication)
Sheet (Spreadsheet)
Show (Presentation)
Connect (Social Network)
Meeting (Online Conferencing)
Writer (Word Processor)
WorkDrive (File Management)
ShowTime (Online Training)

These Zoho Workplace tools help your teams to be more communicative, more intuitive, more collaborative, and more cooperative than ever before. They are designed to better facilitate teamwork, both in-office and remote. Let us take you through the details of each application and how you could use it to improve your teamwork, collaboration, and communication.

1) Take your office suite wherever you and your team are


(i) Zoho Writer: It is not a word processor but a work processor. You can create word documents and share them with teams for comments and contributions. Other extensive sets of tools available in Zoho Writer 6 are:

Zoho Writer

• Engagement Insights

• Access Controls

• Comment Formating

• Document automation

• Content structuring

• Publish documents as PDF

• Add custom fonts and style

(ii) Zoho Show: Your online presentation tool that lets you create, publish, broadcast, and share interactive presentations with your audience. Zoho Show provides amazing presentation creation and collaboration tools:

Zoho Show

• In-built themes and fonts

• Powerpoint capability

• Create animations and charts

• Collaborate with team to work together

• broadcast your presentations online

• Apple TV and Android TV support

(iii) Zoho Sheet: This is spreadsheet software that makes sheets interactive and enables collaborative data analysis. What you can do with it?

Zoho Sheet

• Create and edit spreadsheets online

• Automate your everyday tasks

• Build reports together in real-time

• Add access control

• Work with Microsoft Excel files

• Share with your team and work together

2) Make business communication effortless


(iv) Zoho Mail: A secure business email software that comes with Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Bookmarks. It offers:

Zoho Mail

• Domain-based email addresses

• Privacy with extra protective layers, such as 2FA, EAR, S/MIME, and TLS.

• Collaborate with teams to make announcements, assign tasks, share notes, and do much more

• User management and group management features

• Two-factor authentication

• Apps for Apple and Android devices.

(v) Zoho Cliq: This team communication tool comes with instant messaging and audio and video call capabilities. Zoho’s study revealed that the usage of Zoho Cliq’s messaging feature increased by 225 percent while the usage of calling feature increased by 1200 percent since March 2020. What features it provides to business users:

Zoho Cliq

• Conduct virtual meetings with audio and video calls, from anywhere

• Chat with teammates and search conversations if you need

• Build bots to automate your day-to-day activities

• Share ideas with everyone using an online whiteboard

• Carry team conversations where you go with Cliq apps

(vi) Zoho Connect: It is a modern social intranet solution for your company that lets you keep workplace communication organized and secure. Bring people and resource in one digital space with this collaboration tool. Here’s what you can do using Connect:

Zoho Connect

• Give an exclusive space to each team for communication

• Build workflows to save time and effort

• Plan and assign tasks to the right people

• Exchange ideas and updates with co-workers

• Encourage multi-directional communication

3) Work Together, from anywhere, seamlessly


(vii) Zoho Meeting: This is an online meeting and conferencing application with a 772 percent increase in its usage since March 2020. It is encrypted and follows internationally accepted security and privacy standards. How it helps your business?

Zoho Meeting

• Conduct online meetings using audio and video calling and screen sharing

• Get chat and remote access

• Send an email and embed links

• Record, replay, share, and download recordings

• Train and engage your target audience online

• Host webinars and view engagement reports

(viii) Zoho ShowTime: It is an online training and virtual classroom platform. The usage of ShowTime has increased by 1100 percent. This all-in-one training assistant comes with many features:

Zoho ShowTime

• Provide on-demand training

• Conduct paid training

• Add co-trainers and record sessions

• Share screen with users

• Use a whiteboard to explain things

• Use engagement analytics and email stats

• Schedule sessions, register users & conduct polls

• Manage content and audience

(ix) Zoho WorkDrive: Work as a team and organize and manage all team files in one place with Zoho WorkDrive. Its usage has grown by 300 percent since March 2020. How does WorkDrive act as a collaborative space for your team?

Zoho WorkDrive

• Work on documents, sheets, and presentation together using Zoho Office Suite

• Create public and private folders to save files

• Store up to 1 TB of files and upgrade as you grow

• Upload bulk files faster

• Share files with partners and suppliers

• Sync files from WorkDrive to desktop

• Manage file access

• Track access stats and file usage reports

• Customize Zoho WorkDrive according to your business policies


Zoho Workplace Suite provides a business ecosystem to help organizations meet, communicate, collaborate, and work together as a team and collaborate remotely. Zoho’s platform reduces organization silos.

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